A Queer Thing Happened to America by Dr. Michael Brown | Review

(Before switching servers, this post had over  7100+ read counts on it. Mr. Brown is quite a numbers aware man. Though he called the review “not a review,” the word is getting out about his wholly dismissive and poorly researched book.)


“There’s your truth, my truth and the truth.” Christians should make it standard operating procedure to stick closer to the truth. Too often, we tilt on over to the “my truth” side if it bolsters our fears. The tilt, however, has more damaging effects when the “truth,” yours or mine, is manipulated.

Dr. Michael Brown, director of the Coalition of Conscience, and host of the daily, nationally-syndicated talk radio show, “The Line of Fire,” self-published a 691-page book in March 2011 called A Queer Thing Happened to America | And what a long, strange trip it’s been. I contacted Michael and asked him for a copy of the book to review. I assured him I would be very honest in my assessments.

Dr. Michael Brown

I do not doubt that Michael Brown cares about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) communities. He says repeatedly that he wrote this book in tears with love for the past six years. I believe that. I believe that he is burdened to care about the GLBT community. He says God told him to reach out the GLBT community with compassion and to resist with courage. I have no reason to doubt he is earnest in this desire.

I used to live in the “you can’t be gay and Christian” camp. I pitched my tent firmly there until events in my own life, unrelated to this topic, caused me to wonder if perhaps the truths that I held about my faith were really as solidly written in the pages of Scripture as I believed. Questioning the rigid confines of the way things must be, allowed me to be open to doubt and reconsideration. It is not uncommon that difficulties cause both those scenarios; I emerged with a greater faith and a better understanding of law and grace.

So, yes, I have been there. Just ten years ago, I had almost no relationships with GLBT people, but simply a head full of opinions and “facts.” I, too, would have been right there with the followers of Dr. Brown quoting verses excluding GLBT people from God’s Kingdom. I would have been right there alongside those who wanted to tell gay people that they needed to stop being gay in order to please God. Until, that is, I allowed the discomfort of having my theology challenged. My buddy Netto, an agnostic, Native American lesbian, literally crossed my path on a hiking trail. God used Netto in the most profound way to confront me about my mistaken beliefs about gay people.

Over the past ten years, I have established relationships with over a thousand members of the GLBT community, and an overwhelming majority of them are Christians. I have attended conferences, worship services and seminars, gone to recreational outings, family events and parties, and shared meals and rooms together. And in the midst of all that, I’ve listened to thousands of stories. Thousands of them. I have personally received hundreds of letters in addition to tens of thousands of emails, tweets, Facebook messages and phone calls. I know this community. I have had the extremely unique opportunity to be on both sides of this debate, and as a mature Christian believer, I am not only privy to the innermost circles of the GLBT Christian community, but also have hundreds of non-Christian GLBT friends. I say all this to say: I get it. I understand the messy place in which much of the church finds itself.

So, what about the book? The stated purpose of A Queer Thing Happened to America (AQTHTA) is “to see how we got to this point in history, to examine some of the main lines of pro-gay thought, to consider the impact of gay activism on our society, and to ask the question: ‘Where is the current trajectory taking us?’”

Michael Brown’s book has 15 chapters, and in preparation for this review, I jotted down notes on about one third of the almost 700 pages. However, it is not possible to address all of my concerns and insights in a single blog post. Instead, I will state as best I can, the point of each chapter followed by my opinion and reaction.


"A Queer Thing Happened to America"Using 30 pages of documentation, Brown builds his case for the development and existence of a supposed “gay agenda.” Brown claims that the Stonewall Riots in 1969 sparked the beginning of the “Gay Liberation Movement”, bolstered by the publishing of Refugees from Amerika: Gay Manifesto by Carl Whitman. Whitman claims his book “never became dogma,” and no one I know has ever read it.

Brown then details the gay rights platform presented by 200 GLBT attendees to the Democratic National Convention in 1972, but thanks to the internet; you can Google anything. In all my searches on this 1972 event, the overwhelming majority of references to it were made by conservative groups repeating the tale over and over as if it were the seed of some major power play. One account even claimed there were 200 organizations represented. In 1972? Seriously? Actually, the truth is far less frightening; just five delegates presented their wish list to the Convention at midnight when almost no one was there to hear them, and more accurately, there were 200 GLBT people at that convention, not organizations, as several of Brown’s and other conservative references claim.

The book After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fears and Hatred of Gays in the 1990’s is referred to dozens of times in AQTHTA. According to Brown, this book lists a six-fold plan for the “gay revolution.” Sounds terrifying. Once again, a simple Google search reveals that it is only the conservatives who refer to this “plan” but not one GLBT organization. If it is so much a part of the nefarious “gay agenda,” shouldn’t at least one gay group be using it or alluding to it?

Out of all the claims made in this chapter, the one statement by Brown that stunned me the most was this: “Ironically, when it comes to denying the existence of a gay agenda, there is immense unity in the gay community. Why? It is because the denial of that agenda is part of the agenda (although for some, it might be a sincere, heartfelt denial).” What? When I asked my gay friend Jeff if keeping the “agenda” a secret is indeed part of the agenda he sarcastically remarked, “I can let you borrow my copy. I keep it behind my ear on microfilm for secret meetings.” (Gotta love Jeff.)

You can ask 100 gay people what the “gay agenda” is and you will get an almost unanimous answer: “equality.” The “gay agenda” that threatens America with what Brown claims is “the complete elimination of God and Christianity”—that “gay agenda”—was invented by Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority in the 1970s as a political fund raising tool. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the “evil communist empire” was no longer a threat, the Christian Coalition turned to a new enemy—”radical homosexual activists”—in order to play on the fears of religious conservatives and generate voter turnout. And it worked. It still works. That’s why Pat Robertson continues to warn viewers of The 700 Club about the “gay agenda.” So, please understand this: it was conservative religious and family groups that created this “threat.” No wonder the GLBT community did not get a copy of the “agenda”; they were never invited to the meetings. There is a real gay agenda, however—equality—and the Man from Galilee is actually on that platform committee.


This chapter is essentially a stockpile of heated exchanges of internet postings, counter-postings, Facebook comments and television excerpts from people behaving badly and calling each other names for calling each other names. It should come as no surprise that people respond angrily when they are repeatedly disrespected by being called “less than” or told they need to “change.” We all want the same thing–acceptance for who we are, not patronizing tolerance of our existence.

Brown writes: “Is it so hateful to believe that homosexual practice is harmful and that change is possible? (If a doctor takes issue with you or me being overweight, do we brand him or her an anti-fat, hate-filled bigot, or do we recognize that the doctor is expressing concern for our well being? Isn’t the doctor trying to be helpful rather hateful?)”

Brown’s analogy falls apart quickly. When you suggest that an overweight person cut back and deny themselves excess calories, they get healthier. When you tell a gay person to deny their sexual orientation, the essential core of who they are, that is when you get all the symptoms from shame to depression to addictions to suicide.

So yes, we see in this chapter that people on the internet call each other nasty names in heated dialogues that often disintegrate to screaming matches. That is going to happen on either side when you keep insisting that someone is unacceptable. Brown suggests we “bring the real issues into the light [so] that we can render the hate button obsolete. Isn’t it time?” While I agree with his sentiment, dialogue is impossible when you can’t even agree on what the “real issues” really are. Contrary to Brown’s attempts to paint otherwise, the “gay left” has not cornered the market on nasty-grams or behaving badly. Come read my e-mail from Christians who disagree with my theology and actions if you want to see angry bile. Lots of people behave badly in discussions of controversial topics., but when you insist upon treating them as second-class citizens, they will feel pushed to say some less-than-pretty things because they are tired of being treated that way. And this is news?


According to Brown, it is a bad thing that children are being taught in public schools about inclusion and the many variations of sexual orientation and family structures. This education is happening at a younger age, but then, so is puberty. Most gay or transgender people I know have told me that they knew anywhere between five to eight years old that there was something different about them. Same-sex parents exist and so do gay kids. If diversity is not something you want taught to your own children, then choose alternative education, spend more time talking about your family beliefs at home or make it a point to give your input during preliminary curriculum hearings in your school district. As for me, I home schooled my children for six years. I wanted my Christian imprint on them in their early years, so I made sacrificial choices.


Brown makes a big issue of the fact that young adults go to college and get exposed to all kinds of things that may shock parents. (Actually, maybe not. I don’t think my kids surpassed my antics.) He spends eight pages detailing that many of our American universities have Christian roots so he thinks you should be shocked that GLBT are visible on campus and have functions and study courses just like their fellow heterosexuals. Brown’s underlying assumption is that your college-age children will be pressured to be gay, as if that’s even possible.  (Of course, if you believe that one “chooses” to be gay, then this misguided fear is very real to you).  Then, Brown details all the kinds of perversions that take place during spring break. I certainly don’t support promiscuous behavior, but one shouldn’t be shocked that college students sometimes make some really lousy choices when they get their first taste of freedom. This is not exclusive to queer kids.


Gay people are becoming part of the mainstream on TV and in the movies. Brown prints lists of TV shows that either include gay characters, have plotlines that address gay topics or feature reporters who cover gay issues. (The gay community is about 5% of the population, so we can’t exactly hide them.) Besides, our world has changed considerably since Leave It To Beaver, and we’re not going back to the 1950s anytime soon.  Stupid sexual shenanigans by straight people are far, far, more prevalent on TV (just watch any episode of Two and a Half Men or Jersey Shore), so to blame the sexualization of TV solely on gay people simply because two boys in love shared a kiss on Glee is misguided and unfair. TV and movies are indeed more open about sexuality than when I was younger, but forcing gay people to go back in the closet will not make the media G-rated again.

Have you ever thought about why there are so many gay people on TV? Maybe it’s because they really are the most talented people in the entertainment business? I recently went to a gay karaoke bar in L.A. a few weeks back . . . and I have never seen such amazing “amateur” talent. Gay people are disproportionately extremely creative. We are going to find them on TV and in movies. As more gay and transgendered people come out of the closet and identify themselves, inquiring minds will want to know more about them.


While it is true that no one has yet found a single “gay gene,” being gay or transgendered is a result of a complex interaction of environment and biological factors. Brown argues that because other things are “programmed” into people–ruthlessness, violence, alcoholism, unfaithfulness and many other unfavorable traits–“I was born that way” is not a good enough excuse for accepting homosexuality.  But Brown presumes that your sexual orientation in and of itself can be an unfavorable trait.  I don’t accept that argument.

Until someone finds the gene that made me straight, I am not willing to insist that GLBT people find the “gay gene” so that they can be validated as acceptable.



However, the next FORTY pages are about pedophilia. This section of the book is so repulsive, it amazed me that Brown would include it. So, why did he?  Well, Brown argues that pedophiles claim they are born that way, so the “slippery slope” of granting homosexuals equal status will now open the doors to pedophiles wanting equality and acceptance, too.

This section made me ANGRY. You can’t proceed to publish FORTY pages of the most vile trash in the middle of a book about the “dangers’ of homosexuality and think that a simple “Oh, I really didn’t mean to say that” will be a sufficient excuse. That’s a cop-out of the highest order, because readers WILL make this association. This is one of the most disgusting ploys, intentional or not, in the entire book. Brown could have stated his concerns in one paragraph, yet, I was subjected to reading FORTY pages of explicit NAMBLA boy-love trash???

How many already anti-gay readers will duct tape this whole yucky mess onto the GLBT community? How many potential GLBT readers will you thoroughly offend by this most egregious, don’t-think-about-the-pink-elephant-in-the-room tactic? This use of completely gratuitous porn was not only offensive , but an incredibly subtle form of manipulation. No wonder no publisher would touch this manuscript. This likely was one of the two major reasons that Brown was forced to self-publish this book. The unspeakable should have been left unspeakable.  Absolutely horrid.


For many years, Gay Pride events weren’t particularly “family friendly,” but as the GLBT community has matured and become a more visible part of American life, that is changing rapidly.  These days, Gay Pride is less angry and more celebratory, and as a result, we see more married couples and families with children marching in Pride parades. (My daughter Sami, 24, was at San Francisco Pride with friends two years ago. She sobbed as gay families marched by with children in strollers decorated with rainbow-colored balloons. “Mom,” she said,“they are just families. They are no different.” Bravo, sweetie, you get what escapes so many others: they are just families.)

This isn’t to say that some Gay Pride parades don’t feature a healthy share of “interesting” outfits.  But to target the GLBT community for scorn because of this is profoundly unfair.  Just check out the predominately heterosexual Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans or Freaknik in Atlanta or the now-cancelled Love Parade in Berlin. We heterosexuals can also strip down and behave in  a shocking manner just like anyone else, and often be even more extreme about it. I attend San Francisco Pride every year. Are there pretty tasteless outfits or lack of outfits on display? Sure. But why does Brown only care about them when the wearers are GLBT?

Because of the popularity of all these events, including Gay Pride, it should not be surprising that corporate America will go to these events in order to make a buck.  They don’t care if the audience is gay or straight; all money spends the same.  So if Starbucks or Wells Fargo or Budweiser promotes their business in the sea of topless women at Mardi Gras, that’s okay, but if they show up to a relatively-tame-by-comparison Gay Pride parade, that’s “perverse”?


Learn the jargon; it’s a good thing. I’m a “cisgender heterosexual,”aka straight.


Oh, my. On a radio interview, I heard Brown say “the queer reading of Scripture will blow you away” and that he was “so sad and so pained by the end of the chapter that [he] cried.” Well, I fully agree.  However, I cried for entirely different reasons.

Almost everything Dr. Brown presented as “normal” belief/behavior for gay Christians, I have never ever experienced. Who did he speak to? What kind of fringe spiritual people did Brown dig up? Prayers for cruising? Fantasizing about taking off the loincloth of a crucified Christ? Come on! This is presented as what all gay Christians think about and do?

If I wanted to make my fellow evangelical Christians look bad, I could make a real effort to seek out and find a handful of fringe freak heterosexual Christians who have all kinds of crazy, vulgar thoughts and ideas , but that would not be a true example of what the overwhelming majority of heterosexual evangelical Christians believe. I cannot understand why Brown did not bother to go 2 1/2 hours up the road to Raleigh, NC to the headquarters of The Gay Christian Network (GCN) and speak with my friend Justin Lee. Lee is the founder of this organization and a fine gay Christian man of great integrity. GCN is an online community of over 18,000 GLBT believers and supporters worldwide. They’ve been featured on Dr. Phil and in the New York Times, so they’re not exactly hiding.  Instead, Brown went out of his way to find the guy fantasizing about making love to the Michelangelo Christ?  Are you kidding me?

Brown also did not call Todd Ferrell, President of The Evangelical Network, a group of gay affirming Pentecostal churches. He did not talk to Yvette Flunder of City of Refuge Church in San Francisco. Or speak with Rev. Troy Perry, who, aside from being the founder of the Metropolitan Community Church, is an amazing man of God. He did not sit down with Ralph Blair of Evangelicals Concerned or Ross Murray of Lutherans Concerned. Brown did not attend an affirming body of believers, much less get to personally know the pastors over a meal. He didn’t even bother to attend any one of several GLBT Christian conferences. Or even talk to me or Andrew Marin personally. This is unbelievably negligent.

This chapter and the pedophile chapter alone should completely disqualify anyone from publishing this book. This “research” is not only careless but deceptive. Is this a truthful and honest account of the day-to-day reality and theological beliefs of gay Christians? Simple answer? No.


In this chapter, Brown attempts to make the case that being gay is really all about sex.  And if you don’t believe him, he’s got lots of racy stories to share with you.  You see, if you view a gay person as a fully human person, then you’ll be more likely to “buy into” the call for equality. But if you look at a gay or transgendered person, and all you can think about is sex, sex, sex—especially extreme forms of sex that many gay people themselves would find disgusting—then it’s easier to feel justified in discriminating against the GLBT community.

All the familiar, damning claims are here. All gay men are promiscuous, gay men spread AIDS, gay couples are not sexually faithful. (Interesting that lesbians get almost no mention.) Well, if you’re so concerned about promiscuity and faithfulness, then you should be encouraging gay couples to get married!  Even the conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron recently stressed this. Any couple is more faithful in a marriage. Will gay men match the same “faithful” rates as the man/woman combo?  I don’t know, but that isn’t the issue. As a friend of mine says, “You put two penises in an equation and you get trouble.” Boys.

The juicy stuff in this chapter is sure to shock, but by this point in the book, I am realizing that this is one of Brown’s intents. Forget the average, boring, just-as-dull-as-me gay person. These other gay and transgendered people are so much more memorable. When Brown says, “Why should people be put into a special class of citizens equivalent, say, to race or ethnicity, based upon the way they have romantic and sexual relationships?” this tells me volumes about his demeaning view of gay people. Being gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgendered is not about the way someone has sex. That one sentence clearly demonstrates Brown’s severe lack of understanding of the GLBT community.


It is a fact that the ex-gay movement does exist. It is a fact that some people find some measure of reconciliation between their faith and sexuality in these groups. It is a fact that some gay people do get heterosexually married or remain celibate for the rest of their lives.

It is fiction however, that anyone can change their orientation. When I see the footnotes and quotes citing Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and his associates at NARTH or Dr. Robert Gagnon, I know Brown has reached to the discredited extremes for his “research.” Even Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, will tell Brown that no one can change their orientation… and Alan Chambers is supposed to the poster boy for “change.” Can anyone take NARTH seriously when one of its board members had to step down in disgrace after it was revealed he hired a gay escort off of Rentboy.com?  Please, Dr. Brown, call Michael Bussee and talk to him. As one of Exodus’ co-founders, he can tell you why he got discouraged by the lies of those around him. Why haven’t you spoken to Darlene Bogle, a former Exodus leader, conference speaker and author of two of their books, as well as counselor for fifteen years. She now lives with her wife in San Jose, a stirring testimony that “ex-gay therapy” does not work. Why not talk to John Smid, who ran the residential reparative therapy program Love in Action for 22 years?  He no longer believes in the “ex-gay” ideology.

Instead of focusing on the mountains of evidence against the claims of “ex-gay therapy,” Brown chooses to spend most of his time on the molehill fighting with activist Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out, as he recounts the tiffs the two of them have had .  This is neither helpful nor educational.


Another chapter filled with claims from discredited sources: NARTH, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (listed as a hate group A Queer Thing Happened to America"by the Southern Poverty Law Center), and the notoriously flawed study by Dr. Robert Spitzer which made the claim that some people could change their sexual orientation (although this was based on self-testimony, not empirical research.)  However, there is one claim I want to focus on: the “fact” that gay activists had a meeting shut down so that the discussion of sexual orientation and reparative therapy would not be held publicly.

My research shows that the events are quite different from the way that Brown presents them. The APA was hosting an open discussion of homosexuality and religious reparative therapy, and the panel included Rev. Gene Robinson and two Evangelicals. When Robinson heard that the moderator was from Focus on the Family—not exactly unbiased—and that they were going to use the event to push reparative therapy, Robinson canceled. Been there, done that. The program host then made the decision to cancel the event before any public outcry from the gay community. Sorry, gay activists didn’t stifle this one. Stuff happens.


This chapter is designed to scare you into believing that the GLBT community has unlimited power to punish anyone who crosses them, so Brown fills these pages with “this could happen to you” stories. A few examples:  two high school girls sent home for detention just for distributing fliers calling another boy “gay” along with a picture of him kissing another boy; Isaiah Washington of Grey’s Anatomy being fired for calling a fellow cast member a “faggot.”; Crystal Dixon, the vice president of HR at University of Toledo. fired for writing a personal letter to a local newspaper editor that was critical of homosexuality; Julea Ward expelled from a graduate program at Eastern Michigan University for refusing to counsel a gay person. And several others.

If you leave out pertinent facts, you can slant a story to say anything you want I researched all the stories that Brown referenced in this chapter, and could easily make a case for the opposite side of each story. When you read something that appears completely outrageous , be sure to check out the facts for yourself.  You’ll be surprised at what you’re not being told.


Brown believes that if we accept GLBT people for who they are, then we will be forced to accept all kinds of outrageous behavior.  Again, he’s appealing to your fears of the unfamiliar and the downright strange.  How about two women transitioning to men and having a baby? Not outrageous enough for you?  Brown than lumps transgenders into the mix, including children who know at very young ages they are trans. He then tries to make the case that marriage equality will inevitably lead to incestuous or polyamorous marriage. We are going to have to accept all kinds of people.

Is this really so so scary? There are seven billion people on the planet. I can sure account for lots of varieties of combinations in that mix. The world is just not pink and blue and if you need it to be, you will be very scared.


First, thanks for hanging in there for the long read. A 700 page book filled with information on a crucial topic is not a 500 word piece.

I can say this to Brown’s credit; he did not say any directly hateful things about GLBT people. When we agreed that I would review the book, he said, “Kathy, God knows that there is love in my words because there is love in my heart. And, he knows that the book was written with tears. Whether you recognize that or not depends on your own heart, and I do trust you will hear mine.” I tried. I did not sense or feel love in AQTHTA. I wish I did, I wanted to. I wanted to read compassion.

I think it is a grievous flaw to write about a group of people from a distance. I know Brown’s brother-in-law “struggled” and Brown has had meals with Matt Comer, a gay blogger from North Carolina, but nothing will ever substitute comfortable, regular everyday relationships. The rules all change when you like someone.

I know the Bible very well. I have been reading, studying and listening to it for 25 years. I love the Word of God and I am crazy about Jesus. When I see Him in the lives of gay Christians, who are committed to living for Him and doing the will of God and when I see the life changing power and fruit of the Spirit in them, it forces me to consider that indeed they are every bit as Christian as I am. No need to change or suppress orientation. No need to demand they be celibate for the rest of their lives. The same rules apply to them as me, and committed, monogamous relationships will have to stand in lieu of marriage for now.

The clear witness of GLBT believers in my life tells me, without question, that my former interpretation of Scripture was flawed. Brown can fight it all he wants, and he can write 700 pages telling me how far the GLBT community is from the blessing of God, but there will always be God’s truth. I see God’s truth in the lives of hundreds of gay and transgendered people’s lives.

A Queer Thing Happened to America will certainly feed the fears and biases of those Christian believers who are followers of Brown. I know they will thoroughly enjoy the validation of their misguided notions about GLBT people. But, is it God’s truth?

AQTHTA manipulates the facts, focuses on the worst aspects of situations, travels to the fringes to find the extremes and interjects damaging oddball situations and thinking to horribly skew and demonize an entire class of people: the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. If that isn’t enough, the cover is wildly offensive.

There are no solutions in the book that would practically engage the GLBT community to the higher callings of Christ, the ones that tell us to love and serve. I know that was not the intent of the book, but if forty pages can be devoted to detailed accounts of pedophilia, then how about some practical steps for the “love and serve” options?

I would NEVER, NEVER give this book to a gay or transgender person. NEVER. I could not imagine a GLBT person could sense love on any page. I wasappalled by the many comments about transgender people. I have an deep compassion for this community, and only God knows why. I never even knew a single transperson a few years ago. Now, I weep over the ignorance and abuse targeted at them.

Sentences like: “We would do better to concentrate on trying to fix [transgender people’s] minds and not their genitalia.” Or this:  “No doubt there are many beautiful people among them, but that hardly means that each of their sexual orientations and identities and proclivities must be recognized, endorsed and celebrated by society or that their sexual orientations or identities or proclivities are what make them beautiful. Really now, it is beautiful for a grown man to surgically mutilate his penis and wear a dress?” Wow.

Brown, no one is asking fora party to celebrate them; they just want to be treated like the human person of worth that they are. The GLBT community wants the same thing we all want: love, acceptance and dignity. If you cannot see how offensive these sentences are, then you do not fully understand the issues that transgender people deal with on a daily basis.

I absolutely believe Brown is convinced that his effort was done in love, but I was pained to read so much of this book. This struggle is one of the great mysteries we deal with when trying to understand God’s heart with our limited human mind. How can the same God possibly tell Dr. Brown that his attitudes are the truth, but those same attitudes make my heart ache? When I hit these walls, I ask, “Where is the strategy of God in each side of the debate? Do I “smell” Jesus in this one or that one? Is the calling from humility and service, or from ego and pride?” Everyone has heard the saying, “I have no dog in this fight.” It’s true. I am not a lesbian, I’ve never had one romantic thought about another woman, both of my kids are straight, I don’t have a ministry at risk, a church board to answer to or a book deal on the horizon. I am just one person, called by God to love, understand, listen to, encourage, serve and give voice to the GLBT community. I am not any less valuable because I only speak English and very spotty Italian. But I do know that with every ounce of me, I am convicted that God is orientation and gender blind. His people limit Him way too much. He has created beautiful people of every complexity imaginable.

Instead of spending the significant number of hours it would take to read this 700-page book, go befriend a gay or transgender person. Listen to them and really get to know them, not the “them” you think you know. A Queer Thing Happened to America feeds fear. Ditch your fears, your biases, your ignorance on this issue and go do relationship with gay and transgender people. I did, and it changed my life. If you need more into the reality of GLBT Christians, I am happy to help you. If I don’t have an immediate answer to a difficult question, I can help point you to answers.  I am here for you.

We really need to move beyond fear to greater understanding and unconditional love. God help us all.


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  2. Raymond Creed June 5, 2014 at 4:33 am #

    As a brief update my wife and I’ve found a lesbian couple in America we can engage heavily with on theological matters and we’re all having the time of our lives. It’s been GREAT! A real blessing so far! So Kathy has been spared all my theological missives and can heave a loud sigh of relief! Currently, thinking about linking up with CGN who’s dealings with me have been very courteous but I’ll only decide on that one after a prayer retreat I hope to begin at the end of this month.

    On a less happy note. Michael brown is making his presence in the UK with a conservative Anglican website promoting his book through reviews and interviews. Gagnon is speaking at conferences in Belfast and London. At least Gagnon has an intellect I can respect, but Brown will be a disaster for the conservative cause. They need him as much as a hole in the head.

    The problem with the conservative stance on homosexuality is its logical inconsistency. Conservatives rightly stress that all people are helpless sinners who need divine grace before they can even begin to make a right choice. Yet when it comes to homosexuality they switch track and argue that it’s a lifestyle choice we can snap out of (albeit with some struggle). The reality is that the ‘lifetime orientation’ view of homosexuality is far more in accord with traditional conservative teaching on original sin and the fall which in Luther’s words led to ‘the bondage of the will.’ Over this matter, ‘Gay’ Christians are far closer to the teachings of reformers like Luther and Calvin then many of their so called followers. These are points I could elaborate on at length but I will reserve that treat for my two lesbian friends.

    It’s perhaps rare for someone to attack the anti-Gay Christian conservatives for not being conservative enough on the stance they take towards homosexuality, but that’s the only conclusion I can draw from my extensive study of the issue in which I’ve looked closely at every viewpoint.

    Anyway, I hope that some readers here have found them useful.

  3. Raymond Creed April 15, 2014 at 3:20 pm #

    At present I’m going through what is perhaps what is perhaps one of the biggest Damascus Road turnarounds in my life. Consequently, I’m in a great deal of turmoil and perhaps in need of feedback. My intention is to share with you exactly how the good Lord has in recent days been kicking me in the posterior with a hobnailed boot. I’m taking my own advice to make absolutely sure that I am called to address LGBT issues. My posting here represents an application of Proverbs 11:14 & 15:22. I will now share exactly how the Lord is effecting this turn around. Some of you may find it of interest.

    Last Saturday evening having fully indulged in the vice of gluttony at my daughter’s wedding my wife and I were crossing a platform connecting bridge at a city center rail station when we saw two men two men locked in passionate embrace and I mean heavy kissing (one had a blond beard, the other was smaller and more in the shadows.) We both looked at one another and thought exactly the same thing. Our involvement in this issue was now becoming inescapable whether we like it or not. At the time, I muttered “something will have to be done,” although exactly what I didn’t know. (Subsequently, my wife wondered whether the passion of these two men would cause them to miss a train to which observation I replied, “That’s not exactly your worry.”) We discussed this matter the following morning as we lay in bed. Indeed it quite took over the subject of my daughter’s wedding as it became very clear to both of us that some kind of response was in order and action would have to be taken. The question was ‘what?’

    On a Sunday afternoon train ride to a nearby city I was trying to snatch some sleep when two young men with white wasted faces and baseball caps began chatting about some future pride event. ‘Not again’ I thought.’ However, it was in the early hours of Monday morning it became very clear what I was being called to do and equally important what I was NOT being called to do. A whole strategy unfolded as if it was written on some scroll. This was from about 3.00-5.30AM. Much of the next morning (and also some of this morning) was spent in making six sides of notes. After an initial mind map (with lines all over the place) the document assumed the format of a business report. Accompanying this development was a piecing clarity of mind and repeated surges of joy. Passages like Daniel 11:32b & Revelation 3:7b kept coming into my mind. The available evidence seemed to point to a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. In particular I realized how over recent years God had been preparing my wife and me for this work through heavy involvement in the local cultural scene. The upshot of this is that over the last three days I’ve gone from being a Jonah wishing to flee to Tarshish (Jonah 1:3) to being an Isaiah exclaiming “here am I send me Lord” (Isaiah 6:8b). There’s been a major shift of direction.

    Yesterday, I made my first approach to The Christian Gay Network and have had a very constructive exchange with one of its officials. After perusing its site I came to the conclusion that “these are my type of Gays,” i.e. creative, educated and intelligent – just the type you could have fruitful exchanges with. Indeed they were like some of those I’d met in our local cultural circle. For some reason my wife raised her eyebrows when I exclaimed “well at least they’re not bog standard gays” (or even worse of the pernicious English public school variety).

    However, the hound of heaven had still not let go. Today I was in the waiting room of a rail station waiting to be picked by some Muslim contacts for business reasons. (I am heavily involved in the Muslim Community through my profession. Today, I’ve spent several hours in three Muslim households – they make very nice curries by the way.) Anyway, while there an elderly couple started to talk to me. The man handed me a Christian tract whose bible passages clarified still further the work I was to do in relation to the Christian LGBT community. The conversation turned naturally onto the subject of new directions and the upshot was I’ve now got a Christian who’d I’d never seen before and whose names I can barely remember willing to pray about this issue. After they left to catch a train I slumped back on the waiting room bench silent in my amazement.

    Within the last forty eight hours many things have become very clear. It seems that the Holy Spirit has been getting at me from every direction. Having seen the full power of spiritual deception operate in the Church I usually hesitate to attribute any one experience, no matter how spectacular is of God. Instead all I will do is point out is that the same Spirit who appears to be leading me to engage heavily with the Christian LGBT Community is the same Spirit who boldly confesses that Jesus Christ came in the flesh to atone fully for all of our sins before being raised from the dead, (Romans 10:9 & 1 John 4:1-3). This call has as its bedrock biblical orthodoxy. Indeed my policy is not to accept any phenomena no matter how appealing it maybe unless it has this bedrock. Overall, the evidence is mounting that in April 2014 the word of the Lord came to me and said in relation to this section of this Church, ‘Go!’ So ‘Go’ I must.

    My next step is to get my thoughts together and perhaps inflict them on Kathy. In June I plan to have a period of prayer and fasting before making a start. My policy is to think and pray before leaping. This development is very exciting but totally unexpected. After Damascus Road must come a spell in the Arabian Wilderness, which for me is the neon lit basement of a certain library, (Galatians 1:16-18). I will need time to adapt, take stock and reflect on this matter. In this context, I can think of a certain preacher who’d think that God sending me to you lot is a sure sign you’re under divine wrath. He’d perhaps take the line that we deserve each other. Yet his excellent bible teaching has helped prepare me for this kind of work! Sometimes I think God has a big sense of humour, it’s only that we don’t get the joke. (I know Americans don’t tend to ‘dig’ English irony.)

    There are many other thoughts I could share. But enough! All I will do is close by suggesting that that both the Christian LGBT Community and I have the potential to enrich each other immensely no matter what ‘hissy fits’ there may be on the way. A new feeling of excitement has replaced the old feeling of dread. The time of lamenting certain cultural changes while cowering in a bunker is now over. The call is to ‘get out and be a faithful witness to Jesus christ.’

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    I appreciate your journey and update. I do not have time to engage on it with you . . . final writing stages of a book. I am on the Advisory Board of GCN and have been part of the organization for almost 8 years.

    Raymond Creed Reply:

    Many thanks for the time and patience you have managed to give me in what is obviously a very busy routine. Like yourself I’m in the final stage of releasing a book, so I know all too well the pressures involved. I’m also snowed under with professional commitments especially with a nearby Muslim Community. What I did not expect when I first contributed to this column was a full scale Damascus Road turnaround affecting both myself and my wife Indeed, It must number among one of the biggest turn around in my Christian life. Currently, things are still galloping ahead in terms of understanding the nature of this call. I now know that God has called me to engage in this area, I know exactly which sector of the LGBT sector to engage with and I’ve even got a name for the distinct emphasis I can bring. Not bad progress to make over a space of three or four days. Indeed, these have been days of revelation that have provided a flood of insight. For now the wisest course of action is to go into the wilderness, pray, fast, complete the mission document that’s already being drafted and explore relevant web sites. I do not intend to make any further contacts until June or July with you or any other party at the earliest. (I may even delay until after my Italian holiday in August.) I want to know exactly what I’m getting into before taking further action. My policy is to look before diving into what is a very contentious area. You really must know what you’re doing in it. By all means put me on your RSS feed and let me know when your book is coming out. (You risk though being sent a heavy tome in return.) Anyway I shall now pull a zip over my mouth and give you a much needed rest from my missives. A period of silence is now in order. Once again thank you for your help.

  4. Raymond Creed April 14, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    Dear Greg,

    Thank you for your courteous reply. I’ve now approached the Gay Christian Network with my inquiry. Ever felt like God is kicking you on the posterior with a hobnailed boot? That’s the position I’m in at present. Over the last few days both my wife and I sense we’re being chased by the Hound of Heaven. The fact that I’ve had as much enthusiasm for this direction as Jonah did when God called him to Ninevah is beside the point. Things have been emerging with incredible rapidity and some kind of response is required. In addition, I know exactly what the Lord could be wanting me to do. There’s that piercing clarity of mind which has only occurred when God has called me to do something quite significant. Every time I consider this direction there’s a surprising joy. It’s as if I’m receiving a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit. The same spirit who boldly affirms that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (1 John 4:1-3) appears to be calling me to engage with the saner elements of the LGBT Christian community. Forgive me for going on a bit but I sense that the Lord maybe applying a bit of divine shock and awe. It all is rather overwhelming. There’s a sense that I and my wife Martyr Creed could be at a major turning point in our Christian life. The words of Revelation 3:7b come to mind.

  5. Greg Allen April 13, 2014 at 6:17 pm #

    The above was supposed to be a reply to Raymond Creed. I’m not sure why it appeared above his post.

  6. Greg Allen April 13, 2014 at 6:15 pm #

    Here is the problem with what you hope for — if a web site has the kind of free speech ethic needed to discuss this issue, the anti-gay diatribers show up. It’s what comes with free discourse.

    To be fair… I do the same thing on Dr. Brown’s web site!

    I am constantly advocating for gay Christians and some people get really irritated with me. To Dr. Brown’s credit, he has never censored me. He’ s called me “anti-Jesus” but never deleted my posts.

    By the way — the “anti-Jesus” charge is just absurd. I’m a devout Christian, bible school and seminary graduate and clergy. I’m an Evangelical Christian, even. I’m not even gay.

    He thinks I’m “anti-Jesus” for nothing more than my belief that God is OK with the gays.

  7. Raymond Creed April 13, 2014 at 3:18 pm #

    Do any of you know any evangelical friendly LGBT Christian web site which has forums and discussion threads where one can enjoy a rational, educated and sensible debate about the kind of issues raised by Kathy without other parties throwing hissy fits at the first hint of disagreement? I’m not interested in ultra liberal or neo-pagan ‘we love trees because we have wooden heads’ sites. I’m looking for a site with good moderation and some sanity on it. An interest in cultural issues would also help.

  8. Greg Allen April 12, 2014 at 8:57 am #

    Thanks for the comprehensive review! I am active in the comment section of Dr. Brown’s radio show website where he and the users kept urging me me to read the book. So I did.

    The book is a mess. Here is my own review.


    By the way — I am a devout Evangelical Christian and Dr. Brown still considers me anti-Jesus because I disagree with him about the gays!

    (I just re-Googled it — to make sure I was remembering correctly. I am!)

  9. Raymond Creed April 11, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    Thank you for confirming my point. Brown highlights the danger that arise when one stays beyond one’s calling and ends up doing in the flesh a work that was began in the Spirit, (Galatians 3:3). This is a temptation that any ministry can fall into. My awareness of it explains why I’m very carefully tip toeing around the fringes of the Christian Gay scene. In my heart there’s a straining forward and also a shrinking back.

  10. Raymond Creed April 10, 2014 at 7:35 am #

    As a Christian author who’s written Book Reviews on Amazon I cannot help feeling that in Michael Brown you’ve chosen a rather soft target. I have my own issues with his ministry – most notably it’s connection with the Brownsville Revival which was an offshoot of the Toronto Deception of the mid-1990s. In reality, he appears to have fallen into a dangerous hyper-charismania and when the revivalist expectations associated with that deviation from faith go unmet it’s leaders tend to lash out and look for scapegoats. MB may have it in for Gays because his unrealistic expectations of a restored Christian America have not been met, (Proverbs 13:12). he also gives the impression of a man who’s wondered beyond his gifting. A far more intelligent representative of the conservative case is Dr Robert A J Gagnon’s ‘Homosexuality and the Bible.’ Now he would give you and your pro-Gay readers a run for your money. I read his book and took around 150 pages of notes. It can be found at http://www.robgagnon.net/

    The rather sad case of Michael Brown confirms that NO ONE SHOULD TACKLE THE GAY ISSUE IN A PUBLIC FORUM UNLESS THEY HAVE AN UNMISTAKEABLE CALL TO DO. At present I’m still working things out in this area. In my darker moments I view a possible leading with in that direction all the enthusiasm of a man who’s just been informed that he has a malignant tumor. However, if this call is genuine I will obey it wholeheartedly. It’s being subject to a prolonged process of discernment. I sense that there could be something there but I shrink back from it. However, if I do get going I will follow a very original and distinct approach. There is something about the whole Gay and Transgender Issue that gets my creative juices going. Don’t know why but that’s the way it is.

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    Advocacy is the full-time work that I do. Yes, I am one of several people watching Brown. He is a smooth kind of dangerous. He is releasing a new you-can’t-be-gay-and-Christian book next month.

    I do what I think is right in the work of justice in conservative churches. Perhaps I know more about the behind the scenes connections than I write about and see those as immensely dangerous?

    Again, advocacy is not a pastime for me — it is also the work, albeit ministry work, that I am involved in.

    Thank you for reading my blog.

    Raymond Creed Reply:

    Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply. My own impression is that MB has moved beyond the boundaries of what had once been a genuine calling and as a result has become the proverbial bull in a china shop. There must be a saner way to respond to the Gay issue. Having been on the receiving end of its ferocity, I also concur that the kind of hyper-charismatic Kingdom Dominion Theology he espouses could well be following a very sinister agenda. I make these comments as a happily married man who has no Gay Agenda to pursue. Indeed, my long suffering wife ‘Martyr’ creed says I’m more miserable than Gay!

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    I assure you I am VERY familiar with Gagnon.

    I can have an intelligent conversation with him but he insists on holding assumptions as truth. Complementarity? It cannot be proven with Scripture. Read Brownson’s excellent book Bible, Gender, Sexuality. It is now 15 months old and Gagnon has not taken one step to refute it– VERY uncharacteristic of him.

    Matthew Vines’ book will be out in two weeks — get that one too. “God and the Gay Christian”. My book will be out in late May.It is heating up. If the gospel one uses causes destruction, it is not a correct interpretation of the Gospel>
    Gagnon = haughty and contemptuous. Brown = smug and self righteous and demanding of gay people to change. He is ATROCIOUS on gay people.
    HERE with a board member of mine.

    There was no use speaking Scripture on the Queer Thing review — Brown used two verses in the whole book –maybe three. My review commented on his cultural inaccuracies and posturing as an expert on human sexuality that he knows very very little about.

    Raymond Creed Reply:

    After 35 years of gloriously happy marriage to a women I would say that the complementary thesis stands up pretty well. She’s the nice one and I’m the less nice one! She restrains my ego and I soothe her emotions.If that is not being complementary I don’t what is. We also has distinctive roles when dealing with our sons and daughter (who’s getting married tomorrow). She would do the nice Mumsie Wumsie stuff and I would prod them in the area of education which included taking two of my sons to some remote Scottish Isles in August 1999 where I had long thoroughly enjoyable debates with a Messianic.Jewish Kabbalistic Mystic.(My intention was to familiarize them with some of the spiritual influences in the world they were growing up in. In October 2011 I visited Auschwitz with my oldest and youngest son who were, by then, young adults.) The Gay issue is a lively debate in our household as it has come close to our family. my sons seem to think I’m marginally less awful then the late and unlamented Fred Phelps! (Lets be thankful for small mercies.) To confirm the complementary role my wife ‘Martyr’ has just brought me a cup of tea, lovely, big long slurp!!!.(I’m English by the way.)

    Returning to a more theological note, I almost think both you and Gagnon are both right, it’s just that you’ve grabbed different ends of the same stick. If we follow the example of Christ (Matthew 19:3-12) and return to the Genesis creation account when discussing issues of sexuality, we find in Genesis 1:27 men and women were created as two distinct but complementary entities . Unfortunately the fall messed things up to such an extent what had been complementary becomes a sources of discord (Genesis 3) and the long term result was a blurring of once distinct boundaries between the sexes and disorientation replacing orientation in the sexual drive. Hence we have the situation we face today where the old complementary distinction between the sexes has in many places completely broken down.In short, Gagnon sees relationships as they were meant to be and you see them as they are.

    In this context my heart goes out to the transgenders. Due to an inherited condition I find it difficult to tell my left from my right, to write legibly or even to have a proper sense of direction or perception of my body. It took years learning to manage what was an unusual form of dyslexia. (Poor ‘Martyr’ still sometimes thinks she’s my nurse maid.) The ultimate cause of this condition is the fall. All I could do was get out of denial, face the mess I was in and bring it to Christ. Did he cure it? No, instead he taught me to manage it and has redeemed it in the sense that I’ve been used to help those with similar problems.

    Hence, for what it’s worth my advice, to those whose read this piece is BRING EVERYTHING TO CHRIST, sexual orientation, relationship issues, the hurt caused by a divorce or a feeling of disconnect between your body and your mind. (I know that one.) Once you’ve done this ask for His wisdom in dealing with those areas and also ask Him to redeem them in his own way and time. I cannot in this post explore all the ins and outs of the Gay issue but what i can do is apply 2 Timothy 4:5 point any open minded readers here to Christ.

  11. Noland Price November 11, 2012 at 9:57 am #


    Being an Expat American for over 20 years now, has left me out of the loop on many aspects of this multilayered debate. Nevertheless, I have to agree with Richard’s opinion, as well as your response, that basically all “spurious ideologies and movements” often need a scapegoat victim so sustain their salacious momentum. There is however, a whole level of geopolitical and spiritual intrpretation here that has not been discussed at great length and is an absolute angry hornet’s nest of a topic! I only recently came across Dr. Brown’s “Ministry” when trying to understand to a greater extent the pejorative dynamics of “Replacement Theology” and its repugnant effects on the behavior of the “Christian Church” towards those of the Jewish faith and tradition over the last thousand plus years of recorded history.

    In a very Swashbuckling kind of way, Dr. Brown has risen from with in the ranks of “Messianic Judaism” over the last few years to be a true intellectual champion and biblical scholar of this fledgling movement. And, I enthusiastically applaud his exegetical expertise in debating and confronting head on some of its most staunchest critics! His books, lectures and various publications have been thought provoking, intellectually stimulating and theologically astute.

    However, here is where the “Mutual Admiration Society” stops! It didn’t take me more than a couple of days of listening to his “In the Line of Fire” pod casts online – via his website, to realize something was amiss. It became readily apparent that he (or his screening staff) were “cherry picking” caller after caller whom either had some personal vendetta against homosexuals or the LGBT community. He himself was very clever not to articulate anything directly derogatory in these conversations but would rather first set the stage and let his audience play the roll of “hate-monger” and then conveniently stand back and give his inflammatory post-dramatic review – claiming to “Only be a voice for Jesus”. This excrement stirring strategy has served him well and seen the number of his followers exponentially swell – but at a cost! He has unfortunately attracted to himself the lower echelon of an American Christian subculture (void of intellectual acumen) that is disproportionally fixated on attacking homosexuality, gay issues and other LGBT members – i.e. Westboro Baptist Church. When someone of his current scholarly caliber engages in (PAF) Pejorative Association Fallacy and Shadow Casting the professional merits of his ministry will not last long and he will find himself relegated to the lunatic fringe along with the likes of David Koresh, Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite.

    Why someone with his degree of intelligence and scholarly knowledge is expending his time within the Kingdom, writing such puerile drivel as “AQTHTA” is not only greatly depressing but philosophically disturbing. I believe that Dr. Brown has definitely placed himself in a corner with the publication of this negative diatribe. This quasi-academic behavior is indicative of a severe ego-displacement that so many experts in their respective fields go through when they reach a kind of mid-life crisis professionally. They are no longer sustained mentally or spiritually by their youthful passion for knowledge and wisdom, but rather go looking for a fight (or to stir one up in this case) as some sort entertainment to their otherwise boring and tedious life.

    He has claimed that he wrote this book in an attempt to, “Reach out lovingly with the message of Jesus to the Gay Community”. Well, he certainly has reached out alright, but he has served the “Bread of Life” with dirty hands! Which brings me to the real core of this criticism. You see, Dr. Brown counts on the unequivocal support from the “Christian Right” because…… Well together – they’re fighting for Israel – God’s People/God’s Nation! And if anyone or anybody might have a slightly different take on this, well then it’s obvious scripturally that they must be on the side of “Satan”! This eschatological bull$hit formula is part and parcel of hard core Right-Wing Neo Con Fundamentalism that is essentially trying to socio-politically bring about the “forced” return of Jesus to the holy land. If there is any “secret agenda”out there to be labeled and identified, then this is it!

    Jesus is going to come back when he’s damn good and ready and not a moment sooner! Not when humans contrive artificial geo-political borders, rebuild monuments or set up broadcasting stations on the Temple Mount with cameras and live Internet feed ready to go. As if…..give me a frick’in break!

    I want to make it perfectly clear here to all who might read this, that I am in no way being Anti-Semitic! I absolutely support the existence of Israel as a sovereign nation with the right to defend itself and protect its borders! Judaism is the Foundation of the big three monotheistic faiths and should be respected, preserved and supported. If they were building a synagogue on my street, I would help them lay the corner stone! But having said all that, I believe that The Palestinians cannot continue to be subjugated as a people and a solution to their unique situation is desperately needed. Nor am I ignorant of the horrific abuse that the Jewish people have suffered over the centuries at the hands of supposed “Christians” culminating in the hellish horror that was the Holocaust.

    I also clearly know what the Bible teaches about Homosexuality and am not the least bit confused or bewildered where someone stands under the grace and blood of our Savor! – Exactly where I and the rest of humanity do! There are a multitude of reasonable, Conservative and intelligent Evangelical voices out there today whom are absolutely nauseated by Brown’s obsession with Pederasty.

    Tony Campolo for one, is someone whom I have great respect for. Although I certainly do not agree with him on every point of scripture and theology, he has put forward a few very insightful You Tube videos out there on the subject and really nails the problem on the head. He mentions how the church for years has wasted its time chasing homosexuals, sussing out supposed agendas, and engaged in general Gay bashing instead of doing what the Lord has commanded; helping the poor, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, etc…. Sure, reaching out to the Gay community with the Gospel in a calm and respectable fashion is totally part of “The Great Commission”, but following Dr. Browns method and example one can only see potential converts to the faith sprinting away in revulsion.

    It is colossally unfortunate that Brown has fallen into such disreputable tactics by self-publishing this theological refuse. His integrity as a scholar, a father and a dear friend, will forever be tainted with a kind of dysphoric mania that cannot be trusted. Dr. Brown is a BIG Guy, both physically and mentally and I’m pretty sure that he is used to getting his way more often than not, that’s why it’s going to take someone to not only spiritually and theologically rebuke him, but maybe even “physically” knock some sense into him. He claims to be a messenger for Christ but “The Good News” barely shines through his thick layer of homophobic Machismo!

    Being as Expat American has kept me out of this “cultural war” to some degree and my personal faith has become more crystalized over the years in that I see God’s Grace and Love for humanity, as the central tenant and pillar of the Faith! (Ephesian’s 2:8-9) All else is “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” speculation.

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    This is one of the FINEST pieces on insights into Brown. I COMPLETELY agree that he stays “clean” while he incites. I have said this to the Doctor on MANY occasions. One need only look at the commentaries under his writings on Townhall, Charisma or other fundamentalist onlines.
    THANK YOU for taking the time to write this. I will be linking in on my FB wall in the next few days.I put a new post out today that I am focusing on pushing out.

  12. Dave June 18, 2012 at 6:07 pm #


    I have a growing interest in entering the minefield that this subject is set loosely in. I’ve just begun reading your blog, and am intrigued by your assertion that there are perhaps millions of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites who are truly converted to faith in Christ; to the Person and Spirit of Christ. You state this as though it is a fact, so that disagreeing with the assertion and others you make regarding scripture essentially disqualifies a person’s credibility on the issue. Apparently, the “true” test and proof of your positions on all this is the thousands of GLBT friends you supposedly have made, and unless a person has this credential they cannot know (as you do) what they are talking about. No doubt, given your positions, you have many in the GLBT community for whom you are a champion, as well as a “friend”.

    While I agree that there are many inaccurate (even hateful) and hurtful stereotypes of homosexuals, and equally wrong notions of this or that cure, or what it takes for homosexuals to “please God”, the best comment about the subject of sexual identity (or just identity) was made recently by a man who for years found his identity in his sexuality–his homosexuality. He said that as he studied the scriptures and sought God’s guidance about how to resolve the confusion in his own mind about who he was and what (in his new and growing faith) God both wanted him to be and to do, he said it became clear to him that God’s desire (clearly stated in the Bible) wasn’t a matter of hetero vs homosexuality to define who he was, but that his identity was to be found in Christ and in living a holy life as defined by the Word of God, interpreted by the Spirit of God.

    Of course, if a person believes that God’s (written) Word–what it means, that is–changes for the times (so to speak), then “holiness” can mean almost anything, including being set apart entirely to some sexual orientation. Actually, what happens in such a view is that holiness is defined not by God, but by whoever decides for themselves what they think or feel is “right” for them.

    The word “Christian” like the word “gay” means something quite different now than it did 40 or 50 or 1000 years ago. This hasn’t happened by accident nor is it the result of some natural maturation process. It was by design, multiple designs really and organically, and by both division and multiplication. A curious and difficult to identify phenomena, but not impossible to see or understand.

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    I do not see a question in this statement. And YES, I do asset that there are MILLIONS of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the US alone. Profession, fruits of the Spirit, changed lives. We perhaps disagree on what being a Christian is and that is okay. Thank goodness your restrictive definitions, whatever they may be do not limit God or those HE seeks to have relationship with. I know thousands of gay and trans Christians. I did not know one (that I knew of) until about 10 years ago. Your circle of relationship is probably quite restrictive. The comment you see as “best” on the issue is not what I see as “best”. That is okay, I get, I was there and then I stepped away from what I believed to be the truth. The likelihood is, if you are a devotee of Brown’s, we will disagree on this issue. His information is SEVERELY twisted. SEVERELY.

  13. Kathy | Canyonwalker June 10, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    I think if you would read more in my blog you would see that I am indeed a devoted and serious believer. And no, WHENEVER the pedophile connection is made on ANY level, it is ridiculous. Children are protected. Women have been deemed likewise in SCOTUS to be treated unequally in polygamy. NEITHER argument is good rhetoric.
    My authority IS God/Jesus/Holy Spirit/BIble. Not agreeing with your interpretation or understanding does not lessen that revelation in my life. We just disagree. And that is okay. Any person that believes they do not bring their own influences and experiences to the Scriptures is not being honest. We have over 250 denominations in the US alone. Clearly, interpretations vary.
    Having been on both sides of this issue, I actually do understand both sides of the issue. I see the fruits in my life and the life of gay believers. If I indeed can line that up with Scripture, that differs from your views, we will have to respect each others’ views.
    I would suggest you allow gay believers to live their lives before God and let God do what He needs to do. Telling a person they cannot be gay and Christian, does NOT make them not gay, MOST often, it dissuades them from even looking at Jesus and most of the time makes them NOT Christian.
    The final recorded words of Jesus are go make disciples. Point people to Jesus.
    You are welcome to read, but I will no longer engage in exchange. My time becomes quite precious and experience tells me where this will go. I AGAIN suggest–go be with gay believers and let the Spirit speak to you. Only He can get around your mind.

  14. Pete June 10, 2012 at 8:47 am #

    Thanks for the response. I think you missed my first point involving the ARGUMENTS for paedophilia (or bestiality, polygamy, etc). I will agree that it’s wrong, but WHY? How will you argue against someone else’s experience? Please try to engage the argument rather than labelling me ridiculous.
    I think your comment here highlights the distinction between us: “The Bible is a beautiful book because it continues in time with the Holy Spirit” by which I understand you’re saying that the interpretation of scripture can change over time as it’s revealed by the Holy Spirit working in people (pls correct if necessary). I agree that the Spirit of God does work in people, opening hearts and minds to the scriptures to understand them… but that ‘interpretation’ doesn’t change with time (does God change, or his decree in creation? Matt19 Jesus quotes from Gen1 when defining and defending God’s intention for marriage in response to a question on divorce).
    When the bible is read it’s not a matter of ‘what does this mean to me’ but rather ‘what is God saying’ – understanding vs interpretation. If God formed the ear and human mind can’t he speak to his creation in a way that can be heard and understood? This isn’t about my interpretation (or the ‘traditional’ interpretation) – it’s about what’s clearly written. (2Pet1:16-21 on experience vs scripture, 2Tim3:16 on authority of scripture)
    In the end you can only have 1 ultimate authority – will your experience of the Spirit inform your interpretation of biblical passages, or will understanding God’s word inform your experience of the Spirit (1John4:1-6)?

  15. Kathy | Canyonwalker June 10, 2012 at 6:07 am #

    When people drift from loving same sex relationships to the topic of pedophilia, I do not give the exchange much time. Homosexuality is simply another variation of human sexuality. People do not talk about pedophilia when discussing heterosexuality and BY FAR–it is married heterosexual men that are the pedophiles!
    Civil rights are NOT linked to the moral disapproval or religious convictions of another group in the US; we are protected by our Constitution. NO “compelling State Interest” has yet been found to deny same sex unions. THis will pass in the SCOTUS. The Bible is neither a book of human sexuality, not does it trump the Bible.
    In Matthew–Jesus is CLEAR on divorce, that was the question that was asked–DIVORCE. Same sex marriage would never have been a topic of that day–neither would equality for women have been.
    The Bible is a beautiful book because it continues in time with the Holy Spirit. Do not limit it to the translations YOU see on a page with your interpretations written to a culture with the last sentence inked in about 96 AD. The group of inclusion was RADICAL to the time. Have we not learned ANYTHING?
    I know over a thousand gay Christians obeying God, infilled by the Holy Spirit and following the model of Jesus.
    ANd finally, same sex relationships are NOT about sex. Unless of course, that is what your heterosexual relationships are about, you may not understand that. It is about emotional, romantic and sexual attraction. Dragging same sex relationships into the toilet of pedophilia and reducing them to lust is utterly dishonoring to what is natural and normal to other.
    Get yourself around some gay believers. I apologize if this appears terse to you; as I stated–the pedophile button is RIDICULOUS and a red flag indicator to me where the commentor is—in the toilet. If that is an argument you prefer to stick with, ban all heterosexuals from marrying and getting near and creating children–we are the ones doing it.

  16. Pete June 10, 2012 at 3:47 am #

    I havent read the book, skimmed the review, had a thought.

    Pedophilia is disgusting and wrong.
    But the arguments that could be used to defend homosexuality can also be used to defend pedophilia – eg: “we love each other, ive been made this way, how can you deny me the fufillment of who I am?”
    Therefore there’s something fundamentally wrong in these arguments!

    The idea of there being an objective moral standard when it comes to sex has been forgotten. Experience is great (i dont deny there are some awesome people in the LBGT community) but the foundation for determining the right and wrong way for sex must be God (who made us) who speaks in his word.

    Sexuality IS important to God – he created us to operate in certain way with a purpose and we glorify him when we fufil that. Going against or outside of what he ordained in creation is rebellion at the most fundamental level. Jesus is clear on marriage in Matt19:3-6. To me the choice is clear: obey Jesus, or submit to the world.

  17. Son Nestor March 20, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    You’re always a voice of reason when I’m trying to be a mirror to the insanity of society. Other things we can do is work on definitions. What is a child? As society’s population density and longevity increase, historically, so does the culture’s definition of childhood. In a hazardous environment with poor medical support, childhood stops with puberty because of the need not to waste any breeding years.Having defined a child, we can then build on that by making clear demarcations in dress and behavior between children and adults. Most “primitive” societies allow a person to identify at a glance a potential sexual partner, based solely on dress. In this regard, the U.S. sets it’s children up as targets.Yet another issue to be considered is the movement from sin to diagnosis. The concept of sin implies good, evil, choice, and consequence, and allows further for the concept of redemption.The modern shift is to let medical diagnosis replace sin, and medical personal replace clerics.A person born with a condition has no personal responsibility they can’t help it. This is used for homosexuality, pedophilia, and sociopathic murderers. There was something wrong, it gave them no choice, they can’t help themselves, and therefore there can be no cure outside a medical one that treats the initial inborn “condition” through the holy implements of medicines.I started the thread to troll people, to get them to realize that many of them had mutually exclusive standards of thought and consequence. I’m delighted that you and a few others we able to see the matter clearly, and respond rationally. *hug!*

  18. buy facebook fans January 8, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    Its Pleasure to recognise your website.The aforementioned articles is pretty extraordinary, and I extremely enjoyed reading your blog post and items that you merely expressed. Everyone loves to seem back within the normal basis,post additional in the topic.Thanks for sharingkeep writing!!!

  19. Jeff Huckaby September 10, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    Kathy, Thanks for being a voice that dispels the stereotyping of gay men and women. You make a difference for all of us.
    Much love, Jeff

  20. Bob August 20, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    Dr. Brown looks to be spot on!

  21. Richard July 12, 2011 at 3:28 am #

    I was impressed by your review. A book like that deserves some counterbalance. However, what struck me the most was the growth I’ve seen in you. You did it. You were part of this conservative religious group of people and you changed your mind about the one thing that they seem to have in common: their dislikes about gays.

    I’m not an American, and as such i’m not part of American culture. I look at the conservatives behavior in a different way then you might do. It seems to me that they are addicted to throwing mud or something. It’s clear to me that they seem themselves as better, superior, the blessed ones. And in order to find yourself superior, you need see someone as inferior. It’s a trap SOME ( not all, thank god) religious people have created on the expense of gays and in the end, on their own expense. It will backfire at some point. You crawled out the trap. You are a good human being.

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    Thanks, we seem to often need a victim to attack. The Christian church has been manipulated since the 70’s and if you say something enough, it becomes the truth. Many of us are thinking and studying for ourselves.

  22. Tim May 25, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    @Kathy, My brief interaction with Mr Brown yesterday tells me that you have made the right diagnosis in reviiewing his work. Please continue to shine the light on these people. It is only with the Truth that can can confront tham, and hopefully spare others from their vile words.

    Kathy Reply:

    He can be a drain of very good energy and I have to cut him loose at times.

    Tim Reply:

    @Kathy, He’s not even open to the possibility that he may be wrong. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers. If you ask I’ll tell you what I believe and why, and let you come to your own conclusions. With him you are completely delusional if you don’t believe the way he does.

    Kathy Reply:


  23. Restless May 11, 2011 at 10:42 am #

    This book was the truth the GLBT community and their activists were horrified to see released. I see on this site people taking jabs at Dr. Browns supposed ineptitude regarding standards and integrity of research and other types of dismissals, but I suspect the motivation of those taking those jabs at are are more opposed to the subject matter than the effort at presenting it. You see, Dr. Brown had to search far and wide to find a publisher who would even take this project. And now that it’s been unleashed on the world, it represents a dangerous precedent: a calculated, thoughtful and well-organized presentation of the gay culture and consequences/ramifications of it. The deluded, picturesque and disarming canvas that is the Gay Agenda cannot withstand such broad brushstrokes of truth. And now, damage control time – like previous comments on here.

    Lloyd Peacock Reply:


    The “Gay Agenda” was created as a fund raiser for Gerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and all the other self-appointed spokesmen for God (Not). They didn’t have the communists to scare people with any longer because they tore down this wall, to quote a former president. So they decided to take their video cameras and seek out the wild side of gay society. Failing to notice the wild side of straight society, wife swapping clubs, sex with the family dog, threesomes, foursomes, and whatever the “Straight Agenda” is at the moment.
    I believe that you have an agenda Mr. Restless, and that is to push GLBT people back in the closet, where we can’t mess up your view of what society should be like: That would be like the movie “Pleasantville,” where everyone lived in a dream-world. For me and my house, we will continue to Worship the Lord, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and try to be the hands of Jesus here on earth. That is my “Agenda.”

    Tim Reply:

    @Restless, Since you seem to know all about the “gay agenda”, can you please provide a copy to me. I never got one. Also, can you define the “gay culture” and what exactly the “LGBT community” is?? I’m always confused by those terms as the definition I usually hear from straight people doesn’t fit with the way I live my life.

    Kathy Reply:

    @Restless, would you like some more Koolaid? Ronnie, you have nothing more to contribute nor learn I am afraid. Thank you for visiting. I will block your comments from this point on; You will waste my time. K

  24. Tim May 9, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    @Restless, I have been gay my entire life, and never heard of a “Secret Society”… maybe my Christian faith precludes me from attending any of their meetings?? At 45 years old I’m still waiting for my agenda.

  25. Restless May 4, 2011 at 6:01 am #

    What a smorgasbord of gibberish, “Kathy”. He really got to you, didn’t he? Don’t attack the messanger just because the message is painful. Dr. Brown shined the light of truth upon this secret society and now he’s incited panic in them.

    Reading between the lines, deep within the subtext of your phrasing lay the truth about your feined open-minded review of the book. Heck, you almost sold me! Problem is, I’m thoughtful. I have a very sensitive bulls*it detector.
    You have done very well in your support of the gay agenda, and I’ve no doubt there are rainbows springing up all over the place in your world. You’ve threw in your lot with this perversion of nature, advanced their agenda, and the Dark Angel below is appeased.

    Kathy Reply:

    @Restless, well, “Ronnie”, thank you for reading the review. Yes, Mr. Brown did get to me with his depiction of a group he clearly does not know. His offensive, slanted take on transgenders in particular reveals his lack of relationship and scholarship with this group. He is not inciting panic in glbt people, he IS inciting fear in people like you.
    The glbt community not a “secret society”, this is not a Dan Brown novel. If you would like to meet some glbt believers in Christ, you need not go far. They are meeting openly every Sunday morning at six affirming congregation within a few miles of you in Columbus.
    I don’t think you would have to travel too deeply into the fei(g)ned recesses or my mind to see the honesty in my review. My truth is my truth and is no less valid because it does not agree with yours.
    My perception on the “gay agenda” is equality and if I have done well to foster that of this I am proud. I see that God asks us to fight against oppression and injustice. Isaiah 58 . And be oh so careful when you attribute my heart and Spirit to “the Dark Angel below”—1 Samuel 24:6 “And he said to his men, “The LORD forbid that I should do this thing to my master, the LORD’s anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, seeing his is the anointed of the LORD.” You know NOTHING of my life and how I live it, YET, you take one piece of my theology label me in cahoots with Satan. How so very interesting.
    Ronnie, your record of disrespect precedes you on a public page attacking police as well. A man that has such high disregard for the police and those in authority and who relishes several conspiracy theories beyond the secret society of gays, is not a person I would take any authentic heed or warning from. I submit my life to a pastor of over 20 years and a crowd of people who have permission to speak into my life and keep me on track.
    Thank you for reading the post. I do appreciate that and I hope you will consider some of the other articles. Since you seem to like conspiracy threads–I suggest this one to you—see what people can do with information to build their own solid wall of distortion and misinformation that harms the lives of others.
    http://canyonwalkerconnections.com/2011/03/statistics-that-lie-the-dutch-gay-marriage-study/ It is a good read.
    Now, consider walking bravely out of your world of fear and get to know some glbt brothers and sister in Christ. They are amongst some of the most honorable people I know.
    and, Ronnie, my name is indeed Kathy, no air quotes, it really is Kathy. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I believe.

    Restless Reply:


    So I agree, Kathy, that homosexuals do want equality, but the cost to society because of the precedent that would set would be enormous. It’s because homosexuals and their activists are agressively hustling legislation to get bestowed upon them official Minority status on the basis of sexual identity (with all the privileges and protections that come with it) and the right to marry. Their arguement? They purport it’s something they’re born with, that it’s innate, unchangable. On that basis, what about people who sexually prefer children? Or bestiality? Or necrophilia? That’s their sexual identity and preference, so shall we bestow official status on them? If we bestow official status on one, we must do it for All. So it would be a devastating precedent that would give just cause to about every kind of sexual deviant coming out of the woodwork.
    I’d be very interested, Kathy, on your response to where the line is blurred, and how, if so, a double standard should be allowed *just* for gays.

    Kathy Baldock Reply:

    @Restless, Ronnie, you need some education. Sexual orientation is something you cannot change. Even Exodus says this, but you still doubt that. All the other actions, sorry, not associated with sexual orientation. you are mixing issues. Again, you need an education. Marriage is about two adults making a legal contract based in love (hopefully) and commitment and sharing burdens and blessings. Children cannot make contracts, animals cannot make contracts, dead people cannot make contracts. your arguments are silly and worn out. If your view of what the Gospel is about is sex and marriage, I believe you have missed the message. Ronnie, you should venture out of your bubble. GLBT people contribute to the money in this society and government–they actually are equal citizens in theory–time to make it legal.
    Your ideology is way to deeply entrenched. Try to do relationship with some gay people and figure it out. I can see this one going back and forth and you will still remain in your pretty ignorant state on this issue. To bring up the issues you did when speaking on equality, well, let’s just say, we disagree and leave it at that. i don’t invest much time on extreme people. If you are not willing to invest anytime to learn for yourself by doing friendships, my words will never open any space in your head. Therefore we will both be wasting precious time. Read
    http://canyonwalkerconnections.com/2010/11/ten-myths-about-the-glbt-community-a-christian-perspective/ and
    to start if you care to.
    And, IF you are a Christian, I cannot tell that from anything you are writing,read this too: http://canyonwalkerconnections.com/2010/12/equality-is-a-jesus-value/
    Be brave Ronnie and go to a congregation where glbt people worship God. Let us part ways here. My experience tells me a big time waster is coming on. Thank you for the reads and the exchange, goodbye.

    Lloyd Peacock Reply:


    Dear Restless, I would like to respond to your comments to Kathy, not that she needs my help. It’s just that I’m a very opinionated homosexual. Let me share a little about my life and my hidden agenda: I am 68 years old and have always been a homosexual, even though I tried batting for the other team for five years, when I married a beautiful young woman of the opposite sex. I did this mainly because I listened to the opinions of people like you, and caved in to peer pressure. Unfortunately it ended in disaster, because this wasn’t the norm for me. I know thousands who have done the same, also with the same results. Unless you walk a mile in our shoes you have no knowledge, or understanding of the painful journey that LGBT people must travel.
    My spouse and I have been on that journey together for the past 43 years and we have discovered so much about Christians, God’s grace and mercy. Since we accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour in i988 we have tried to build bridges within the mainline Church. There have been some inroads, but it the main we have found that most Christians pull the same tired passages from the Bible, and read them out of context. They then use them like a sword, to slice through God’s grace and mercy. We have attended mega-churches and looked for the love of Jesus. What we found were people filled with judgement and discrimination. We have walked into a small church of GLBT believers and felt the power of the Holy Spirit in all His Glory. It was truly heaven on earth.

    In closing I must tell you that I don’t hang around school yards, or zoos. I must confess that I worked for a short time in my youth at a hospital morgue. However the thought of having sex with a body (dead) did not excite me.May the Love of Jesus fill your heart with Agape, and may our Holy Spirit point you to Truth.

    Restless Reply:


    Sorry Kathy, I was being a bit of a troll there. But what puzzles me is, why you did research to dig up dirt on me when I was presenting myself as merely a troll. My words were a bee sting that you can’t seem to pull out. I was the “messenger” being attact in this case, and in that same context.
    Do you really want to discuss my notion of police conspiracy? Well, I have to warn you, I’m only about 90% positive on that issue. Unlike this one. So the debate would be half-hearted.
    The “Secret Society” is not the public face gays display, it’s the hidden agenda that they only make privy to one and other, so that aspect makes it a Secret Society.
    You’re right, If I seek out some members of the GLBT community, it theoretically could soften me to their plight, but I gotta be honest, the sight of open gayness sends waves of revulsion through me. Makes me narrow my eyes and scrunch my face up. It’s on some primitive level I have no control of (sound familiar), unlike racism, for example, which can be socialized into AND out of you.

    You are also right in your notion that disgust for homosexuals in general is one of the reaons he wrote this book in the first place, despite his assertive denials on the contrary. And God bless him for it, I say.

    Kathy Reply:

    @Restless, Have a lovely day Ronnie. I simply use wisdom in my life. Thank you for reading.

  26. Bob & Jan Bare April 10, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    Dear Kathy,

    I applaud you and thank you for taking the time for the reading and detailed review of this book. You’ve saved many people the time they would have wasted reading it. Like you, my wife and I have spent years meeting and spending thousands of hours of our time with our GLBT friends. We laugh and joke about the so called “gay agenda”, which mostly appears in conservative christian writings.

    There are so many more important subjects that Jesus would have us focus on, such as justice, mercy, and faith, in His own words. My wife and I have seen those 3 “weightier matters of the law” addressed so well in the affirming church we attend and among the GLBT people we feel at home with.

    Thank you Kathy, for your stand. My wife and I support you. We appreciate your eloquence and courage in addressing this subject. We look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person!

  27. Darina April 9, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    Kathy, I deeply admire the patience you had to merely read a book like that, let alone analyze it. I don’t know if I would manage to endure it all, and I’ve been genuinely interested in how this American model of homophobia works in – I can’t remember exactly, somewhere in between two or three years now. I’m a straight woman with gay friends myself, so… you know what it’s like.

    I say American model, but there are already attempts to import it into my country (Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe), translated into my language. This is an extra motivation for me to study it, besides my American gay friends online.

    So thank you, Kathy.

    (and I found you through a comment you left on Joe. My. God.)

    Kathy Baldock Reply:

    @Darina, I KNOW this is happening in that area—Scott Lively and Paul Cameron are quite active over there. I also know they are translating. HORRIBLE.

    Darina Reply:

    @Kathy Baldock, those particular people haven’t paid us a visit yet (although I won’t be the least surprissed if we are on Scott Lively’s “tourist” list). It’s the local agents of… I don’t know who exactly, very possibly NARTH (could be also Exodus International and Focus on the Family), that have been active in the media and on the Internet. One of the sites is so anonymous that I don’t know which local persons or organizations stand behind it.

    We already have Joseph Nicolosi’s A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality, and several of James Dobson’s books, translated and on sale in major chains of bookstores. I think that’s a separate affair from the abovementioned agents, or maybe it just started earlier. I know that at least two of the publishing houses are connected with some “church” or other of American origin.

    The effect is very odd. Evangelical Christianity in itself is something foreign here (we are traditionally Eastern Orthodox “territory”, and a highly secularized culture at that). A mass conversion to it is unlikely. But alas, the homophobia resonates with the ignorance of the mass population about homosexuality, and the fear of the unknown as the gay-rights movement is becoming visible. Add to the mix the local populist politicians of various “brands” who are always ready to “defend traditional morals”. All those “studies” can be very useful even for manipulating secular-minded people.

  28. MgS April 9, 2011 at 7:51 am #

    The fact is that although Dr. Brown may well hold a PhD, that doesn’t make him all knowing in any respect. The little bit I have read of his “research” on transsexuals proves this.

    (1) He uses the term ‘gender confusion”. Transgender – and especially transsexuals – are far from confused about the disjoin between body and spirit that they face in their lives. We may be confusing to others, but far from confused.

    (2) His writing confuses transgender identities with Body Integrity Identity Disorder by drawing overly simplistic parallels between them.

    (3) In relying on Dr. Paul McHugh as a primary authority on the subject, he has biased his research quite badly. McHugh took the Chief Psychiatrist post at Johns Hopkins with the intention of shutting down the gender clinic in the first place. The research done under McHugh’s direction has since been thoroughly discredited (see Pfaefflin et. al., 1992)

    If Dr. Brown had truly been interested in researching his subject, he would have found a lot more relevant material in the literature than an opinion piece published in a religious journal by Dr. McHugh. Had that been an undergraduate paper submitted for grading, Dr. Brown would have received a failing grade for sloppy, incomplete research methods.

    You are correct, few among the GLBT community could find “love” in those pages – the biases are the same tired old biases that the GLBT community has been fighting against for decades or longer.

    Thank you for taking the time to read Dr. Brown’s book and passing along your thoughts, Kathy.

    Kathy Reply:

    @MgS, THANK YOU for clarifying this. I appreciate the work you’ve done in the past on Dr. McHugh.

    Kathy Reply:

    @MgS, THANK YOU for weighing in. I really appreciate the knowledge of those around me being shared.

  29. Lee Walker April 8, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

    Kathy, I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again: if I were straight I’d be so after you! LOL One of my best friends and his partner are having a party tomorrow celebrating their 10th anniversary. One of their pastors will be leading them in an “encore” of reciting their vows. About 50 friends (many of them straight) will be there, some flying in from around the country. We’re not celebrating promiscuity or any agenda. We’re celebrating 10 years of committed love between a couple of really great guys. Tim and I recently and quietly celebrated 5 yrs. And when we do get to our “ceremony” you will be invited and better show!

    Love you much!
    Lee :)

    Kathy Baldock Reply:

    @Lee Walker, thank you Lee and YES, I WILL be there because it WILL happen. Did you see that the NOM leader left NOM and is now affirming??? Change is HERE.

  30. Sarah April 8, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    Hi Kathy,
    Wow, the strength it probably took to read through all of this. I bet your mind has been spinning ever since. I think I speak for everyone when I say you are greatly appreciated. You have just as much excuse to judge us as anyone considering your “heterosexual” lifestyle, but you have taken the time to REALLY see the GLBT community for who we are. You have every right to challenge the things in this book because you are someone who has sat with us, listened to us, cried and wept with us, rejoiced with us, had communion and fellowship with us. Isn’t this EXACTLY what Jesus did? He sat WITH the people who were considered untouchable and condemned by society. How are people going to be reached if the untouchables are never “touched” by the Hand of God? Would a student survive in college if they wrote a paper on a topic they never studied? It would be an epic fail. lol I agree with you that Dr. Brown should have done a bit more research on this topic before publishing such a strong message. My issues and insecurities have been reconciled and I know my Savior loves me. But what about those who hear this message who are questioning if it’s even possible for them to be loved. Might as well hand them a loaded gun and put it to their head. What an unbelievable message to be sending to those who searching for hope.

  31. Reed Boyer April 8, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    I’d like to suggest that any would-be purchasers of this screed save their money, and instead donate its “full” price ($28.00) directly to The Trevor Project. I shudder to think of the damage damage that works like this inflict on impressionable LGBT teens.

  32. Christopher Miller April 8, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    Thank you so much, Kathy! You made many eloquent points and raised so many of the very issues that we deal with daily that something like this would have provoked me to go on a huge rant about…but you said it so much better, peacefully & with loving conviction….I have nothing to add. You are beautiful!!

  33. Steve at Karmic Kappuccino April 8, 2011 at 11:26 am #


    Thanks as always for your friendship and love. I would never have picked up this book, but glad to have looked forward to your review just to get the “condensed” version.

    Your review seemed honest (as you promised), passionate and controlled.

    Thanks for what you do. Love you lots.

  34. Hazel April 8, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    So sorry you had to spend those hours wading through this tripe Kathy, though glad you did because, lets face it, someone had to in order to defend against it. Kudos to you for sticking to the end.

    Happy to go and spend a weekend with my friend R and her partner Z rather than read it! And not because they’re gay, just because they’re fabulous and I’ll have a really good time.

  35. Sam April 8, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    Your post and Dr. Brown’s website do not make clear to me what his credentials are that make him an authority on the subject. I don’t plan to buy or read the book. I don’t have the time. I’m busy helping my friend with a big birthday party for his partner. Dr. Brown needs some real LGBT friends. Now wouldn’t you just love being LGBT and having this guy for a father or relative? Does anyone really think most of the LGBT people in his life are going to let him know they’re LGBT?


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    […] some will use it as a “ministry” opportunity. Two years ago, I got into an email exchange with Dr. Michael Brown of Charlotte, NC and of the Coalition of Conscience. He and his co-sponsor, Lou Engle of The Call and the “Kill the Gays Bill” in Uganda (in)fame, […]

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