Kathy Baldock

I’m a straight Evangelical Christian walking a path with God and striving to follow the examples of Jesus. In 1984, within one month of returning to a faith community after a 15 year hiatus, I became a Christian.

While listening to a sermon at a local Evangelical church, the Gospel just made sense to me.  I need something far bigger than me to direct my life and choices.

I was raised Roman Catholic in New York City and had drifted away from any  desires for  faith.  Following  a divorce caused by my father’s adultery and abandonment, my mother was divorced. Policy in the local Catholic church at the time was excommunication. The local parish priests rejected my Mom.

This picture of church and “rejector” God stuck with me for decades.  I wanted nothing to do with a God who cast my loving and innocent Mother out.

I had a desire to try to reconnect spiritually in college, but I was still too busy doing it my way. I didn’t want direction or help from a god or a person.  Eventually, my plans started falling apart. My best wasn’t working. The frustration of trying hard and never feeling peace made the decision to cede to God simple.  Maybe God, who I believed created me, knew what was best for me?  I gave Him a my heart, soul and will when I was 28.

Since then, I have never turned away from Him.

Please watch this video to get the back story as to why I care about the LGBT community.  As recently as 2004, if I had been asked, I believed I wouldn’t see any gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people in heaven.

Relationship, along with questioning caused me to wonder if what I had been told about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities was accurate.  In 2001, I was muddled in an open space that is often caused by doubt about life issues. I was finally more receptive and sensitive to the heart and voices of God’s LGBT children.

After six years of ministering in this very messy spot in and out of the churches, I became an advocate to the LGBT community for equality and inclusion in conservative Christian churches.  I write, speak, educate, listen and dialogue.

So, why is this ministry called “CanyonWalker Connections”?  For over two decades, I’ve hiked daily in the canyons near my home in the Northern Sierra. It is on these canyon dirt and snowy trails that I talk to and listen to God and the Holy Spirit. Trails and forests are my sacred place and sanctuary.

I walk in the not-so-lovely spaces too — the the place between two groups: the conservative church and LGBT Christians.

Isaiah 58 instructs us to “spend ourselves in behalf of the hungry and (to) satisfy the needs of  the oppressed.”  Then God says, He will call us “Repairers of the Breach.”  That is my place in this tension-filled area—“breach repair”.  I hope to help facilitate the coming time when LGBT Christians will be fully welcome in our churches.

No matter where you may be on this path, there is something for you here on this blog or in my book “Walking the Bridgeless Canyon”— encouragement and challenge, education and insights.  My writing style is very honest, and often funny.

I smile a lot and really do enjoy life.  I love God and people. LGBT family members.

Until God shifts me, I will keeping on walking in the divide hoping to repair the breach between the the church and the LGBT Christian community.

Join me,


Kathy Baldock

If you need to get a hold of me, e mail me HERE.

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