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Tim Bayly, Grace for Shame

The Grace of Shame by Tim Bayly—A Book Review

Tim Bayly authored “The Grace of Shame” (Warhorn Media, 2017). To understand Bayly’s writing and worldview, it may be useful to know some of his background.  [READ FULL REVIEW ON AMAZON] Bayly was ordained in the John Knox Presbytery (the Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin portion) of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA). In 1991 he transferred his […]

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Rev. John V. Moore

Methodist Minister Rev. John V. Moore Preaches Sermon Series on Christian Empathy for LGBTQ People in 1965

  As Ed Oxford and I work on the upcoming book, Forging a Sacred Weapon: How the Bible Became Anti-Gay (anticipated publish date Winter 2020), I’ll be updating our progress with interesting stories. At its core premise, Forging a Sacred Weapon considers a simple question “As we knew better about human sexuality, did we revisit assumptions the 1946 Revised […]

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Revised Standard Version, Forging a Sacred Weapon

The word “homosexual” in the 1946 RSV Bible – a moral wrong based on a factual error

June 2019 Canyonwalker Connections Newsletter To subscribe for monthly updates and excepts, email: Finding David If you’ve been following the journey of discovery to find out why the translation team of the 1946 Revised Standard Version of the Bible made the decision to translate two Greek words to one word, “homosexual,” each newsletter will […]

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Summit Church Sparks Stance on LGBTQ People

In 2011, several lesbian and gay friends asked me to help them clarify the LGBTQ policies of Summit Church, Sparks, Nevada. They were not hearing anything directly from the pulpit about faith and sexual orientation and it seemed they were welcome, but they just wanted to know for sure what the policies were. Leadership can […]

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Why My Comment Section is Closed

I write to inform and update. A few years ago, as my posts were circulating more widely, there was an increase in nastigrams. The writers of these non-love letters often cloaked their identity using holy-nuanced identifiers: Godsmessenger, BibleTruth, HisServant, you get the drift. Because I had a notification alert system set up for my blog, […]

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Psychopathia Sexualis (1844) Sexual Perversions

Just finished this book, written in 1844. WOW! Kaan is the first author to write about sexual perversions in humans. (sexual perversion is ANY non-procreative sex) The book was only recently translated from Latin. The author wrote in Latin because it was “too dangerous to hand over to the general public.” I know the study […]

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Call for Repentance from Christopher Yuan and Multnomah Press

Public request for repentance from Christopher Yuan and Multnomah Press, I wrote a thoughtful, thorough and critical review of Christopher Yuan’s latest book “Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story” (Multnomah, WaterBrook Multnomah, Division of Crown, 2018) that went live on Amazon November 27, 2018. Within 10 hours of […]

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A War of Loves by David Bennett-A Review

Twenty-nine year old David Bennett, an Australian living in the UK, has just released his first book, “A War of Loves” (Zondervan, 2018). Bennett self-identifies as a gay celibate Christian. Bennett states, “Identifying with others in the LGBTQI world can open up doors to engage people who need to hear about Christ.” (p. 215) So, […]

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Holy Sexuality by Christopher Yuan-Book Review

Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story by Christopher Yuan (Multnomah Press, 2018) Iunderstand why Yuan’s work is popular. First, he’s a nice guy (yes, we’ve met), and is a great speaker with a compelling story, the kind that Christians love to hear—the classic bad boy, really bad […]

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