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I never cared about marriage equality; I rarely thought about marriage equality and I was ignorantly clear on my stance on marriage equality.  That is, until the 2006 national elections.  My opinions were impersonal, theoretical and cost me nothing.  Watching the election results with a friend as he cheered on the defeat of a version […]

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Contact List for the Parliament of Uganda

This is  a companion to my post “A Brewing Genocide in Uganda”.  People want to help. Go to the post itself for money donation links. Many thanks to my dear friend Lisa from Vancouver, BC who was so bothered by my post that she got up early one morning and constructed this list of all […]

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SCRIPTURE  AND HOMOSEXUALITY | A Look at Verses If you just want to jump to the links on the five sections of Scripture used in discussing Christianity and homosexuality, go to the links directly below.  You will be linked to long blog posts (it is important to give each  section appropriate study) and an associated […]

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