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Landon Schott Gay Awareness

Landon Schott’s Gay Awareness is Poison in a Pretty Package

Texas-based, travelling evangelist Landon Schott is certainly not unique in his strongly anti-gay theological and ideological beliefs. His lack of academic integrity and immature reasoning skills alone should render him inconsequential in the conversation about faith as it intersects sexual orientation. Yet, he can’t be dismissed because his target market is teens and young adults, […]

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Franklin Graham Decision America Prayer Rally

Standing Against Franklin Graham’s Damaging Rhetoric about Gay Youth

I’ve been screamed at by street preachers, and some days, I get pretty nasty mail. But protesting with a sign about Franklin Graham’s poisonous words spoken about gay youth at his “Decision America Tour” in Carson City, Nevada was yet another level of interesting. Though I am supportive of the work of Samaritan’s Purse, led by Franklin, […]

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Franklin Graham In Carson City

Franklin Graham – Stop Endangering LGBT Youth

Franklin Graham is bringing his “Decision America Tour” to Carson City, Nevada on Wednesday, March 30th. And, I will be there . . .  with a protest sign. I’ll be standing as a silent (mostly) witness against grievous words repeatedly spoken by Graham against the gay and transgender communities, in particular, gay children and transgender children. I […]

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Living Stones Church Reno Harvey Turner

Living Stones — Complementarianism IS Hierarchical and Damaging to Women & LGBT People

This is the third in a series of posts challenging the sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender hierarchy/ binary teachings of Pastor Harvey Turner, Lead Pastor of Living Stones Church, Reno, Nevada. [Harvey is not alone in his teachings. Many conservative churches teach these principles, inclusive of members of the Acts 29 network, co-founded by now-shamed and fired Mark […]

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Living Stones Church Reno Harvey Turner

Living Stones Leaders to Trans Community — you need to “faithfully” live out birth sex gender roles

This Sunday, attendees of the Living Stones Church, Reno, Nevada will hear a sermon partially focused on gender. Deuteronomy 22:5 is one of the proof texts being used to discuss gender so that hearers might be “biblically faithful and compassionate to those struggling with (gender dysphoria).”                    […]

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Living Stones Church Reno Harvey Turner

Living Stones Leaders to LGBT Community – We’re sorry for the past mistreatment, now allow us to continue our mistreatment with the misuse of Scripture.

I hope this post finds its way to the members and attendees of Living Stones (LS) Church, Reno, Nevada. I have already made an effort to go directly to your pastor. In short, I was told I am wrong, on the wrong side of church history and orthodoxy, so I am addressing this directly to […]

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Kathy Baldock Trinity Episcopal

Kathy Baldock at Trinity Episcopal Church Reno

On April 23rd, I’ll be speaking at a church in NoNev—the event description is below. Feel free to share! ____________________________________________ Untangling the Mess: Separating the Truth and Mistruths about What it Means to Be LGBT and Christian is being presented on Saturday, April 23rd by Kathy Baldock at Trinity Episcopal Church, 200 Island Drive, Reno, from 10 am […]

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A New Kind of Apologist by Sean McDowell

Book Review: A New Kind of Apologist but Lesser Truth with Little Compassion

I wanted to be encouraged by the chapters on gay and transgender issues in Sean McDowell’s A New Kind of Apologist (Harvest House, 2016) in which McDowell acted in the role as editor over 27 authors with “a new approach to apologetics.” (Apologetics is reasoned arguments used to establish and defend the Christian faith.) [ORIGINAL […]

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Messy Grace Caleb Kaltenbach

Book Review of Messy Grace — Conditional Grace and Flawed Truth IS Messy

Caleb Kaltenbach’s Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Gay Parents Learned to Love without Sacrificing Conviction (2015, WaterBrook Press) had been recommended to me as a compassion treatment of the intersection of faith and sexual orientation. Kaltenbach’s book is one of the recent book offerings in latest genre of Christian authors extending what they perceive […]

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Elaine White

A Visit with Former Religious Right Leader Elaine White

Sometime in the past year my online path crossed with a women who, had today-me met decades-ago-her, we might have been quite formidable opponents. I connected with Elaine White after reading a post written by her and reposted by friend, Pastor Jim Rigby of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas. In the post, Elaine recounted […]

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New Covenant Church Palm Desert, CA

Presentation of History of Cultural and Religious Discrimination of the LGBT Community in Palm Springs

Without doubt, there is a growing need for civil and informed conversation at the intersection of faith and sexual orientation and gender identity. It is often gay and transgender youth who suffer most as a result of a distinct lack of information or misinformation. I’ll be part of team leading an effort to bring information — primarily […]

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Gay Christian Network Conference

Come to the Gay Christian Network Conference in Houston Jan 7 -10th

  THERE IS A 24 HOUR SALE 12/17 noon to 12/18 noon ET Register at and use Code SAVE35 The annual Gay Christian Network Conference brings over 1500 Christians of all ages and backgrounds together for support, engagement, and more. This year, discover what’s next for the LGBT faith community—and for you. If you are a parent […]

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