My well organized process

Almost There . . . and I Need Your Help

I just finished working on the plan for the next several months. Along with a fair amount of travel and events, my top priority is finishing a book with the working title “Walking the Bridgeless Canyon”.

I anticipate having it ready for edit by mid-April. Several people are ready to edit and proof it,  even a book jacket designer and publisher are in place. I just need to get the words on paper!

My well organized process

My well organized process

Several things have surprised me in this process. First, it is clear that my path has been closely directed by the Holy Spirit since 2001. While shaping the decade into words, my beliefs into sound arguments and insights into organized information, I’ve been pushed to consider the issue of faith and sexual orientation and gender identity to its fullest. It’s been challenging, and hopefully, will be rewarding for the causes of inclusion and equality.

So, here is what I need. For the next few months, I do not want to be distracted and concerned about finances. (I often am.) I am asking those that have supported the ministry of Canyonwalker Connections in the past if you would consider lifting that financial burden again for me so that I can focus.

Canyons in the Natural

Canyons in the Natural

I think, no, I am confident,  the potential impact of the book is significant. The words are directed at the “me” of over a decade ago — the middle of the conservative church. I believe what I am conveying will “make sense” and have the power to shift people.

Will you help me get there?

Donations can be made through Paypal on any page of my blog or sent directly to: Canyonwalker Connections, PO Box 19017, Reno, Nevada 89511

Here are some other needs I have:

Three roundtrip airline tickets to Kentucky and Atlanta for conferences and to Charlotte for my third year at their Pride event. The rest of my air travel to: Long Beach, Dallas, Orlando and Bozeman are covered. I will toss in several Pride events through the summer and fall as finances allow.

And, in the fall, I am going backpacking for 8 days on a section of the John Muir Trail near Yosemite. That is my time to go off the grid and walk in places sacred to me to hear what I cannot in the swirl of life.

Thank you for your support in the past; it is so appreciated and needed.

Kathy / Canyonwalker



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