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These quick links may help you navigate this site and access the most often requested information.

FIND a CHURCH in you area: Welcoming Church Programs and Ministries  For an affirming church home in your area listed by state, locally, and worldwide.

Scripture and Homosexuality | A Look at the Verses — Five posts on the verses most often used to examine the Biblical perspective of same sex relationships.

A list of resources supporting Christian marriage equality.

Educational Webinar Series

Sisters of Thunder podcast series

Free audio chapter on sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

Walking the Bridgeless Canyon Video Series on Youtube.

The Bible and Homosexuality | A Biblical Presentation with Matthew Vines–one hour video presentation reconciling verses used in the discussion of same sex relationships. As a follow-up, consider attending and Reformation Project conference.


Online resources helping to connect LGBT people and their allies and families in community:

The Gay Christian Network, an online community of over 22k glbt Christians and their allies  worldwide.

Gay Christian Europe, a multilingual online community of glbt Christians in Europe.


Within this site:

Canyonwalker Connections Homepage

About Canyonwalker | A Trail to Understanding 

str8apology Action

Contact Kathy | Canyonwalker

Recommended Books and Videos

In particular:

Torn, by Justin Lee

God and the Gay Christian, by Matthew Vines

Bible, Gender, Sexuality, by James Brownson

Changing Our Minds, by Dr. David Gushee



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