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Come to the Gay Christian Network Conference in Orlando, January 5-8

The Gay Christian Network (GCN) holds an annual conference each January as part of its mission to share the love and light of Christ.  GCN was started in August 2001 by Justin Lee , recently named one of the 15 most inspiring LGBT religious leaders and author of the upcoming “Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from […]

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With Sweetie Pie Kevin

To Be Seen AND Loved | Dancing at a Gay Bar

To be known and still be loved.  To be seen and still be accepted.  Tough concept to grasp on either side of the equation.  I specifically remember a very late night over thirty years ago when I was secreted away in the Engineering Building at Rutgers University. I was on a constant run from me. […]

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Understanding & Support for our GLBT Friends & Family

These are the notes that I handed out at the workshop at the Gay Christian Network Conference, Denver CO, Jan. 2011.  The attendance was far higher than I planned, so several folks were left without the outline. Some observations and thoughts that come out of the two hours spent with the group: Three years ago […]

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Gay Christian Network

You’re Invited to an Engagement Party

Annual Gay Christian Network Conference in Denver, CO, 2011 and in Orlando, FL Jan. 2012. All are welcome. The church is not complete without the GLBT children of God. Join with hundreds of believers and their advocates for worship, services, workshops, resources and incredible fellowship time.

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