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Marriage Equality

I am Part of the 2% of Evangelicals Strongly Supporting Marriage Equality

  I am part of the 2%. According the polls released by the Barna Group gathered from research immediately after the Supreme Court ruling extending federal marriage equality to same-sex couples, only 2% of evangelicals[1] strongly support the decision. Evangelicals, compared with all other denominations, and with all adults in general, are identified as the least […]

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yan Anderson Truth Overruled

Ryan Anderson’s Truth Overruled Presents Ideology as Truth

  Ryan T. Anderson’s new book Truth Overruled : The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom uses only arguments “based in philosophy, jurisprudence, political science and social science” to investigate “what marriage is, why marriage matters for public policy, and what the consequences are of redefining marriage.” Attempting to keep the debate on marriage equality going […]

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Gay Pride Rainbow

Gays Didn’t “Steal” the Rainbow or the Word

Every year around June when the majority of Gay Pride Events take place you’ll apt hear, “We want God’s rainbow back; the gays stole it.” Just as no one culture or group “owns” the rainbow, we’ll see the gays did not “steal” the rainbow, and likewise, they did not steal the word “gay.” I was taught the acronym Roy […]

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An LGBT Christian family

Resources to Share and Help Educate for Support of Marriage Equality & Christian Same-Sex Marriage

Canyonwalker Connections’ strong emphasis is on education and respectful engagement between the conservative church and the LGBT community, with particular support for the full inclusion of LGBT Christians in all faith communities. While marriage equality is a dream come true for many same-sex couples, their friends and families, to many conservative Christians, this may be […]

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Does Christian Marriage Require Complementarity?

Some who oppose the possibility of Christian marriage for gay and transgender people assert that same-sex relationships violate the divinely-inspired need for gender differences or anatomical differences. What does complementarily mean? You’ll frequently hear or read the word “complementarity” used to support the “one man and one woman” Christian marriage. In its simplest form, as […]

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The Long Road to Marriage Equality in America Began in 1968

The fight for marriage equality in the United States seems to have a short history of little more than a decade, yet the road to marriage equality is far longer. Though the first state to pass marriage equality laws was Massachusetts in May 2004, the quest for same-sex marriage actually began before that—forty-five years ago, in fact, […]

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Marriage Equality

Marriage is an American Civil Right

Over the past decade, the conservative political and religious right have warned people of faith that extending marriage equality to same-sex couples would “redefine marriage,” undermine the structure of the family, and threaten religious liberties. Let’s look at the history of the definition of marriage in the United States Since the 1780s, marriage in the United […]

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SCOTUS same-sex Marriage

The Shifting Definition of Marriage

  Over the past decade, the conservative political and religious right have warned people of faith that extending marriage equality to same-sex couples would “redefine marriage,” undermine the structure of the family, and threaten religious liberties. Let’s look at validity of those assertions.   A historical look at marriage Across cultures, marriage is a social union […]

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same-sex marriage

A Christian Case for Support of Biblical Same-Sex Marriage

Many conservative Christian leader warn the faithful that the extension of marriage equality to same-sex couple inherently will threaten religious liberties or force such pastors to perform same-sex weddings. Marriage equality is not an affront or threat to the religious liberties of Christians Pastors can choose to marry, or not to marry, anyone based on […]

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Married — Before God

Each of these stories is in the chapter of the book “Walking the Bridgeless Canyon –Repairing the Breach between the Conservative Church and the LGBT Christian Community.” (May 2014) A Biblical case for same-sex marriage is based upon the covenant, selfless, sacrificial requirements of Ephesians 5 and the one flesh demand for covenant of Genesis […]

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Equality Issues in Nevada

I participated in the third annual Nevada State Legislature Equality Days in Carson City. Four issues of concern were the focus: marriage equality, deletion of “infamous crimes against nature” and the disparity of legal age of consent for same sex couples, the religious freedom act and comprehensive sex education in Nevada. Marriage Equality Nevada currently […]

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Three Ways Marriage Equality “Harms” Marriage, So They Say

This week the Supreme Court of the United States will hear arguments in two important cases concerning Marriage Equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans — Prop 8 and DOMA. It’s been interesting  watching my Facebook walls turn to red with support for marriage equality. Hundreds of friends, acquaintances and supporters have changed their […]

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Jeffress introduces Perry, the "real" Christian

GOP, You Want to Know Why You Lost the Election? Because You Could Not Count on Evangelicals Like Me

The Republican Party and conservative Evangelicals and Protestants that supported and voted for Mitt Romney are now analyzing the after-election tallies and theorizing the shortfall they expected in votes. The statistics showed that 78% of Evangelicals voted for Romney and 21% for Obama. Mike Huckabee, and others, posit that much of the blame for the […]

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Restrict Marriage & Go Spit in Their Faces

As you consider voting on marriage issues in your state, replace the nameless, faceless people and couples in your voting process with the names and faces of real people. The vote in all four states (Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota) is an issue of legal rights and has not one thing to do with impacting […]

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Becky & Kori, married. Love is love.

Same-Sex Marriage Does Not Impact Religious Liberty

On Election Day 2012, four states, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington will all have marriage equality on their ballots. Maryland, Maine and Washington would be the first states to enact marriage equality through voter referendums. In Minnesota, the issue on the ballot is an anti-gay marriage equality constitutional amendment. Many of the “religious liberty” or “religious […]

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