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“Wall of Love” at Pride Charlotte | Standing against Hate in Love

[Translate] Tweet I met a young lady last August at Pride Charlotte, and I saw her again this year. She excitedly ran up to me, “Do you remember me from last year?!” she asked. Of course I did, her voice is gravelly distinct. After hugging her and kissing her cheek, I stared into her face […]

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The Street Preachers at Gay Pride Events | A Christian Response

[Translate] Tweet I am a white, heterosexual, Evangelical Christian female. I have never been screamed at for being white, heterosexual, Christian or female while attending a public event. No one has ever publicly tried to demean me or attack me for the core of who I am, and certainly, I have never been subjected to loud, […]

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Str8apology & Christian Apology Act at Pride Charlotte, August 25, 26th

[Translate] Tweet Gay Pride Events are held throughout the world each summer and fall. Pride events commemorate the Stonewall Rebellion, the start of gay and transgender people coming out of hiding and shame. Christians can use these events as an opportunity and venue to apologize for our part in the discriminatory practices against the gay, […]

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Canyonwalker (Kathy Baldock) Selected as a “Memorable Ally Women of Faith in 2011″ by GLAAD

[Translate] Tweet   What an honor  for  Canyonwalker Connections (Kathy Baldock) to recognized by Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) as a “Memorable Ally Women of Faith in 2011″!   Okay, way more than just an honor; it is wonderfully cool!! In honor of Women’s History Month, GLAAD’s Religion, Faith, & Values program is profiling […]

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Becoming Christian Allies for the LGBT Community

[Translate] Tweet   In the past decade, I have gone from  being a comfortable friend of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT) to becoming a visible advocate. The gay community I had been warned about was not the gay community I came to know; the exclusionary practices of the Christian church were unsettling to the sense […]

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[Translate] Tweet This series is broken into three parts. Each a stand alone piece and each powerfully supporting the others. I encourage readers to invest the time. Sit down  ready to be angry, sad, tearful, shocked and encouraged. Carol and Kathy, thank your sweetie! If you were at Pride Charlotte and I got to talk […]

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Str8apology Action | Pride Charlotte

[Translate] Tweet .   “Hey, ‘str8apology lady’, tell ‘em. Tell her what you told me. Tell her Jesus loves her too.” So, I did, over and over throughout the day at Pride Charlotte on August 27th.  I have gone to pride events for years and the extremes seen in Charlotte that day tell the greater […]

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Bullies with Bibles | Street Preachers/Screechers at Pride Charlotte

[Translate] Tweet Preacher Ken talking to Kathy One of the most severe forms of bullying is the misuse of the Word of God — a Book with an intrinsic message of love — to try to coerce people to conform to their theology; or worse, to do harm to people.  At Pride Charlotte on Saturday, […]

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God Does Have a Better Way | Don’t Stand in the Path of It

[Translate] Tweet GHABW marches Pride Charlotte On Saturday, August 27th a group of about two hundred Christians marched into Pride Charlotte with “God Has A Better Way” (GHABW), an action formed by The Coalition of Conscience and the Speak the Truth Project. Three quarters of the group, including children, wore red tee shirts bolding declaring […]

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Airline Miles and Money Donations | Canyonwalker Connections

[Translate] Tweet I need financial support.  And the GREAT news: I am writing a book. USE THE LINK ON THE SIDEBAR OR BELOW How is that for honest and direct? Maybe that is why God lets me work for Him. For the past six years, I have been growing in learning via relationships to place […]

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In the Center of His Will at Civic Center | SF Gay Pride

[Translate] Tweet For four years, I’ve been going to San Francisco Gay Pride wearing  a printed shirt that says “Hurt by Church? Get a Str8Apology Here.”  Accepting and affirming churches are present. They host booths and walk in the parade, but I walk around with a big target on my front and back inviting conversation. […]

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Dear Church, | Ten Insights on the glbt Christian Dialogue

[Translate] Tweet I have been involved in advocacy for the glbt Christian community for over five years; I offer these observations that I hope you will consider as valuable insights to help bring understanding.

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Str8 Apology | Tell Your Story

[Translate] Tweet Welcome to Str8 Apology | Tell Your Story Throughout Gay Pride Events this summer of 2011, there will be non-glbt Christians taking a step of humility and  responsibility in apologizing to the glbt community and their friends and allies for the rejection and damage caused in the Name of Jesus. There are many […]

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“Hurt by Church? Get a Straight Apology Here.”

[Translate] Tweet [Order “Hurt By Church? Get a Str8 Apology Here”  on this page. ] When an idea comes to me on a hiking trail (AKA my “sacred space”) I most often count it as a good idea. My mind is relaxed and I have no distractions.  I would  soon be heading down to San […]

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Understanding & Support for our GLBT Friends & Family

[Translate] Tweet These are the notes that I handed out at the workshop at the Gay Christian Network Conference, Denver CO, Jan. 2011.  The attendance was far higher than I planned, so several folks were left without the outline. Some observations and thoughts that come out of the two hours spent with the group: Three […]

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