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Legalized Discrimination Repackaged as Religious Freedom

[Translate] Tweet   I was talking to a friend after church yesterday and mentioned to him the new tactic and recent rash of “religious freedom/liberties” legislations being introduced in various states. He questioned, “What are they?” I told him, “These legislations would make it legal to discriminate against other Americans, in particular gay and transgender Americans, in […]

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Alan Turing, the Anglican Priest, and the Lessons the Religious Right Ignored

[Translate] Tweet Alan Turing Alan Turing, the Anglican priest, and the Religious Right — the trio appears as if a list from an SAT test with one of them not fitting. However, in this case, all three flow together in an interesting progression. Alan Turing (1912–1954) is known as the “father of computer science,” the […]

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Moving Beyond Steve Anderson

[Translate] Tweet Along with my gay and out friend, Chet DeRoen, a former Assemblies of God pastor, I attended Pastor Steve Anderson’s Sunday night service at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. Anderson had recently added a new absurdity to his litany of inane statements which already include:  women should never speak in church, […]

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Where Can I Get the Persecuted Christians Version of the Bible?

[Translate] Tweet Twelve white Christian heterosexual (assumed) men whose mamas didn’t teach them to share or respect the dignity of others. Tony Perkins on the passage of the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in Mississippi. “Today, I had the honor of joining Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) at the signing of SB2681 — the state’s Religious […]

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“Go and Do Likewise” — Christians Must Stop Oppressing the LGBT Community

[Translate] Tweet Franklin Graham has been acting badly for several years. When his dad, Billy became ill, the lid appears to have popped off of Franklin’s extreme anti-gay views. He started becoming more vocal. He used his father’s reputation to bolster his views. Franklin propped Billy up in a chair and published letters about North […]

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Michael Brown Exports His “Dangers of Gay Activism” Message to Peru

[Translate] Tweet   Michael Brown went to Peru’s Parliament last week to speak to congressional leaders and chancellors of all the major universities about the “dangers of homosexual activism.” About his trip, he effused “what an extraordinary opportunity to impact a nation.” Brown was invited to Peru through a personal connection to one of Peru’s […]

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American Extremism: To Russia with Love

[Translate] Tweet The violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Russia is not intrinsic to its history. It is a relatively new poison that has seeped into the Russian culture and church, compliments in no small part to American extremists who have been visiting that country over the past decade. [The situation has […]

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Confronting My Cyberbully, Pastor David Jarzabek in a Texas Church

[Translate] Tweet [UPDATED 7/08/13 at end.] On Sunday morning, May 26th, I walked into The Word Church, Grand Prairie to confront my internet stalker. Assistant Pastor David Jarzabek had anonymously, persistently and relentlessly produced twenty videos targeting me over a period of two months in 2011. Using the proper Youtube community guidelines, I had filed complaints about […]

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Day of Dialogue | Sacred Bullying from Focus on the Family

[Translate] Tweet Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian ministry, wants high school and college-aged students to join them in their “truth telling” sacred bullying-in-Jesus-Name of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community during Day of Dialogue. Even when words are wrapped in heart-themed paper and tied with a “Jesus-loves-you” ribbon, if there is something […]

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Christian Anti-gay “Rapper” is Daughter of My Youtube Cyberbully

[Translate] Tweet Young Jessica K has become an unlikely Youtube “sensation” in the past few days. Her “Rated T for Tolerance” video jumped from about 5K views in 8 months to over 223K views in just four days. Publications and people reacted to the ignorance and bigotry of Jessica’s severely offensive anti-gay, stereotype-filled spoken word diatribe. If you were […]

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My Youtube Stalker David Jarzabek is a PASTOR!

[Translate] Tweet [UPDATE 3/28: David Jarzabek, a cyberbully and assistant pastor in Texas, created a bully in his own child. The District Assemblies of God office and the Senior Pastor of Word of God church have not been able to/ tried/ found it necessary? to encourage Assistant Pastor Jarzabek to take the appropriate actions as […]

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Jeffress, Tebow and Saying “NO”

[Translate] Tweet A few years ago, maybe two, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Dallas First Baptist, did a four part series from his pulpit which is now hosted on James Dobson’s, founder of Focus on the Family, network. It is entitled “What to say to Those Who are Gay”; all four parts are still online. The sermon series […]

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Speaking Up against Ex-Gay Kent Paris at Summit Christian Church then . . .

[Translate] Tweet Ex-gay speaker, Kent Paris spoke at Summit Christian Church in Sparks, Nevada this week over six sessions.  I attended four of those sessions: one for 12 to 18 year olds and parents, two weekend services and one Q&A session this afternoon. Other than fifteen one-on-one minutes with Paris asking clarifying questions following the […]

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“Ex-gay” Kent Paris at Summit Christian Church, Nevada

[Translate] Tweet [UPDATED 2/15/13 AFTER Q & A TIME ON SUNDAY] On Wednesday, February 6, 2013, “Ex-gay” leader Kent Paris of Nehemiah Ministries, was sponsored by Summit Student Ministries, Sparks, Nevada, to address over 200 youth (age 6th grade to high school years) with his views on the Bible and same sex attraction. Throughout the […]

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Dr. Tom Fuller, UMC and the Distortions in “Gay Christianity?”

[Translate] Tweet Most churches find themselves obliged to investigate the issue of homosexuality and the Bible. To have a serious, productive conversation, Christian churches need to either be equipped in leading such a conversation with facts, Biblical integrity and an honest conversation including as participants those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians. In […]

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