Walking the Bridgeless canyon

If you have come here to send me a letter to ask a question, ask for help or a connection, or to rejoice that you have found this site — type away, please! I love to get mail!

If you are an LGBT youth or young person and in crisis or suicidal — IMMEDIATELY CALL the Trevor Project 866-488-7386
And please read through this Self Care Guide

The comments on this blog are CLOSED to general access with the exception of commenting via Facebook when a post/page link is posted there.

This policy was instituted in May 2015 for a variety of reasons. Mostly, hidden identities were running wild with uncivil and certainly unChristlike attitudes and postings. I do not engage in real life or social media life under those conditions.

If however, you have come with the intent to:

  • Tell me I am going to hell — you are not the first, and I have settled that matter with God already. You get no input on the decision.
  • Tell me how much “blood” is on my hands, nope, sorry again. I know the fruit of my work and it is GOOD. I know what the pleasure of God feels like and I feel it all the time, mixed in with oodles of joy and peace.
  • Quote verses at me. Please don’t misuse God’s Word with a false assurance that you KNOW what He thinks of me. God and I do quite well chatting back and forth. When He is displeased with me, He already has a direct connection.
  • Assess my life as wicked or evil or off-track. Do you know me? Have you read my story about why I do this work? Have you hiked with me, or chatted with me, or ever met me? If the answer is “no,” you have zero authority to speak any kind of “correction” to me.

If you are SO SURE of what you believe is the heart of God toward LGBTQ people, humbly challenge yourself and read the VERSES tab, and consider reading my book; both are very well researched.

Additionally, if you write to me or comment on a post or my work on social media and do not use a verifiable identity or real name, I will only respond a maximum of two times.

In the almost twenty years of doing this work, I have learned that social media-wise unaccountable identities frequently do exchanges quite aggressively and often abusively. Hiding brings a form of boldness and uncivility. I will not participate. My time is better spent than investing in exchanges with a ghost.

Rather than waste time writing to me and trying to taunt me — invest in the REAL work of the Gospel — take care of the poor and hungry, lift oppression, fight injustice, serve others, and make disciples of those that you treat in such a way that they want to know God.

Contact Info:
Kathy Baldock, PO Box 19017, Reno, Nevada 89511


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