Contact List for the Parliament of Uganda

This is  a companion to my post “A Brewing Genocide in Uganda”.  People want to help. Go to the post itself for money donation links.

Many thanks to my dear friend Lisa from Vancouver, BC who was so bothered by my post that she got up early one morning and constructed this list of all Ugandan Parliament members.

WRITE TO THEM. Tell them that you care about the GLBT people of Uganda, not only about their equality but their  immediate safety. The “Kill the Gays” Bill comes before them in February 2011.

Another side note, my friend, Lisa,  is transgender.  As a tribute to her and my many trans friends, please read “Can Size 14 Heels Keep You Out of Heaven?“. There is equal value in all of us before Our Father,  Who love us all equally.

[Sorry for the  sloppy formatting, I am anxious to get this out and my page limitations are driving me nuts!]

First Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for East Africa     Hon. Eriya Kategaya
Second Deputy Prime Minister &  Public Service     Hon. Henry Kajura
Third Deputy Prime Minister &  Internal Affairs     Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja
Minister for Security     Hon. Amama Mbabazi
Presidency     Hon. Beatrice Wabudeya
General Duties (Office of the Prime Minister)     Hon. Mukwaya Janat
Gender, Labour and Social Affairs     Hon. Opio Gabriel
Trade and Industry     Hon. Kahinda Otafiire
Water and Environment     Hon. Maria Mutagamba
Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries     Hon. Hope Mwesigye
Defence     Hon. Crispus Kiyonga
Relief and Disaster Preparedness     Hon. Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere
Lands, Housing and urban Development     Hon. Omara Atubo
Health     Hon. Stephen Malinga
Foreign Affairs     Hon. Sam Kutesa
Education and Sports     Hon. Geraldine Bitamazire
Energy and Minerals     Hon. Hillary Onek
Communication & Information Communication Technology     Hon. Aggrey Awori
Information & National Guidance     Hon. Kabakumba L. Masiko
Local Government     Hon. Mwesigye Adolf
Minister Without Portfolio     Hon. Dorothy Hyuha
Finance, Planning and Economic Development     Hon. Sydda Bbumba
Works     Hon. John Nasasira
Justice, Constitutional Affairs & Attoney General     Hon. Khiddu Makubuya
Government Chief Whip     Hon. Daudi Migereko

Leader of the Opposition –     Hon. Prof. Morris Ogenga Latigo
The Opposition Chief Whip    Hon. Kassiano Wadri
The opposition Deputy Chief Whip    Judith Franca Akello
Presidency and Ant-Corruption     Hon. Fungaroo Kaps Hassan
Justice, Constitutional Affairs and Attorney General    Hon. Erias Lukwago
Information and National Guidance    Hon. Christopher M. Kibazanga
Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries    Hon. Christine Bako
Local Government    Hon. John Arumadri Drazu
Finance, Planning and Economic Development     Hon. Okello Oduman
Defence and Security     Hon. Angiro Gutomoi
Internal Affairs and Human Rights    Hon. Hussein Kyanjo
Foreign Affairs, Regional and East African Cooperation     Hon. Geoffrey Ekanya
East African Cooperation      Kiyonga Francis
Health    Hon. Dr. Fransis Epetait
Education and Sports    Hon.Alice Alaso
Public Service    Hon. Micheal Nyeko Ocula
Gender, Labour and Youth    Hon. Susan Nampijja
Works and Infrastructure Development    Hon. Eng. Patrick Amuriat
Lands and Physical Planning    Hon. Nabilah Nagayi Sempala
Housing and Urban Development     Hon. Matia Nsubuga
Tourism, Trade and Industry    Hon. John Baptist Kawanga
Water and Environment    Hon. Beatrice A. O. Atim
Energy and Mineral Development    Hon. Harry Kasigwa
Communication, ICT and Technology     Hon. Loius Opange
Rehabilitation, Relief and Disaster Preparedness    Hon. Betty Aol Ocan



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