“God Has a Better Way” | About to Write & Need Comments Of How This Would Make You Feel

In two weeks, Charlotte, NC, Michael Brown of the Coalition of Conscience, is organizing a counter parade during that city’s Gay Pride Event.It is called “God Has A Better Way” .

Brown lead this in 2009 and is back again. I am going to write a comment, plea, awareness post on this action in the next 24 hours


This is his vision:

We’ll gather for prayer & worship for an hour, hand out t-shirts [ my insert here: to the participants of the counter parade, large white letters on red tees that say “God Has a Better Way”] , and march to the Gay Pride Festival on Tryon St. While there we will either walk through or surround the event to evangelize, sing, pray, hand out water, and reach out with love to those in attendance while resisting the agenda. After an hour we will march back to FBC for a time of fellowship. It’s open to the whole family, all are welcome to come!

This is the call:

Everyone can be involved! If you love Jesus and are walking with Him, then you qualify. We need worshipers, intercessors, musicians, soul-winners, walkers, talkers, and believers of every age, color, and size to stand together as a prophetic witness to our society. Everything we do will be law-abiding, safe, and honoring to the Lord in spirit and in worship.

Here is the public statement:

We are here today to reach out and resist – to reach out to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community with compassion, as neighbors and friends and fellow-workers, and to declare God’s great love for GLBT people. And we are here to resist the gay activist agenda and to send a message to the nation.

As followers of Jesus, we first confess our own sins – our lack of ardent love for homosexual men and women, our lack of compassion for their struggles, our adding to their sense of rejection through insensitive words and deeds. We acknowledge the fact that homophobia is alive and well in some churches, and we renounce and repudiate that hateful and destructive attitude.

Our love also compels us to speak the truth, and we do not believe that all sexual orientations should be celebrated. We do not celebrate the fact that some people believe they are women trapped in men’s bodies; we do not celebrate the fact that two men or two women cannot reproduce their own unique offspring and that same-sex families guarantee that a child will never have either a mother or a father; we do not celebrate the fact that some people choose to surgically mutilate their God-given organs and must take hormones for the rest of their lives just to be at peace with themselves; we do not celebrate the sexual confusion that exists in many young people today, to the point that they can only identify themselves “as genderqueer”; we do not celebrate the pain and brokenness that exists in the lives of many of those attending Pride Charlotte today – completely apart from societal rejection – and we proclaim to our GLBT friends that God has a better way, that there is a place of wholeness and transformation to be found in Jesus. And we are here for the long-term to help them on that journey.

And because of our sense of justice and rightness, we take strong exception to the gay activist agenda. We watch its trajectory, we see where it has gone and where it is going, and we say, “It stops here in Charlotte.”

(more statements here)

So, we say “Enough is enough” to the destructive goals of gay activism, and we say to the GLBT community, “Jesus loves you and God has a better way!”

I recently reviewed Brown’s book “A Queer Thing Happened to America” and another interesting piece of information: Lou Engle of The  Call also made a declaration at the 2009 Charlotte Event and Brown will be joining him in The Call in Sacramento in September.

SO THE QUESTION??? I am writing a statement and post on this. Brown and I have had an active relationship online for over two years.  I want him and his followers to KNOW how this make the glbt community feel when he leads this kind of action. I also invite straight Christians to comment.

And if someone wants to donate an airline ticket to me, I will go and do the str8apology in Charlotte to counter his foolish behavior and show that God indeed does have a better way and it is :  love and serve.

This is a timely request; I will be writing this within the day to publish it two weeks before the event.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR  INPUT.



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