DONATION :  I need financial support. How is that for honest and direct?   The GREAT news: I am writing a book. Go to the DONATION tab on the side. You will receive a tax form at the end of the year.

AIRLINE MILES and AIRLINE PASSES:  I am asking for airline miles and travel vouchers. I will go anywhere I there is an invitation to effect change and encourage LGBT Christians and families. I know people in most cities — no hotels necessary for me; I stay with friends. Lots of you have airline miles/vouchers, please donate them to me.

Here is my travel freedom wish list:

  • Go to local support groups of The Gay Christian Network throughout the year
  • Visit parent groups of gay youth to help them understand faith and orientation
  • Pride events (at least six cities per year)  for the str8apology action
  • Denominational conferences
  • Secular LGBT conferences to keep the faith aspect in the equation
  • Conferences/camp meetings for LGBT congregations
  • Meet with the tough ones, the strongly anti-gay so that they understand the impact of their messages. God opens these doors in incredible ways already. .


INTRODUCTIONS TO PASTORS/LEADERS:  I write letters, Skype, phone call and best case, visit face to face with church leaders.

SEND ME INFO:  I depend on people being my “personal secretaries”. Send me articles, videos, studies, research–whatever you think will help me stay in the loop and get better at understanding.  Info from both sides of this appreciate. Send to

INVITE ME TO SPEAK:  I am a very comfortable speaker/presenter.  Any mix of audience, and range of age or faith involvement. I am BEST in person because I really do enjoy relationships and engagement.

PRAYERS!!!!:   People are often not very kind to me I want and I need doors miraculously opened!

Martin Clarke says:

Hi Kathy, I’m a transsexual Christian who will be coming out on July 30th 2014 as female. I’m getting a burden for being Jesus to all off my friends, in the transgender community. Is there any help that I can use in the uk, my address is 122 Bowhay Lane, Exeter, Ex4 1pg.

What can I do in my local church to help my brothers and sisters, more acceptance for lgbt?

what advice can you give to help anyone who is in the lgbt camp?

After 30th July my email address will be
mobile 07793450699


Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

I am in a CRUSH to do edits. Please go to Lisa Salazar’s Transparently blog online and connect with her; she is trans and on my Board.


Hi Kathy, I wanted to send you a note and first say thank you for the work you are doing. We just became friends on Facebook via Tim Martin. I have founded and in the very beginning stages a ministry called Out Ministries – geared toward taking the gospel to the GLBT community and set them free from the lies that they cannot be Christians. I’m excited about what God is doing. I would very much like to talk or email to see if there is anything we could do to work together. I have written a book on the clobber verses and some personal experience, and currently shopping/believing for a publisher…I’m a lesbian Christian, maybe I should have led with that :) Again, thank you for your obedience and building the bridge between the GLBT church and mainstream church.