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“Hurt By Church? Get a Str8apology Here”

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Postage outside US

Postage outside US- 2 tees

The profit on the sale of these tees contributes to the reconciliation work of  Canyonwalker Connections, a 501c3 non-profit.

In with your tee shirt delivery, you will receive a handout template which is adaptable to your local area. You can refer people back to your organization, faith community or list the welcoming and affirming congregations in your area. The document is online at: str8apology event handout.  Print out the quantity you think you will need for your purposes.

SUGGESTIONS  to make your experience meaningful:

You will find that people are FAR kinder than you could anticipate. They will be so surprised to read the message on your shirt and will usually ask, “Do you mean that?” This is the single most common question I get. “Do you mean that?”

The conversation will flow easily if you just lead and do a lot of listening. Form easy questions and statements; you just want to open the door to make the person feel comfortable enough to tell you a story.  And, a story you will get.

  • “Yes, I do mean it. What happened?”
  • “Tell me you story.”
  • “I know. The church  has treated the glbt community in  a way that is not Christ-like”

Really simple statements are all you need. Most people just want to talk; they want someone to hear about the injustices, the pain caused.   Give them all your attention and listen; look right at their eyes with all your focus. You want them to know that you hear.

Assess the situation individually as to: “do I touch them?”  Most of us know how to read that. I have hugged, held hands with, cried with, touched the arms of, put my hands on shoulders of people talking to me.

You will be surprised that many people have never verbalized what they may tell you out loud. They get hurt and just walk away from faith communities. They often do not get the opportunity to tell anyone and, who would listen to them anyway? Many thought they deserved the rejection.

I end very simply: ” I am sorry, that never should have happened. That is not the way God or Jesus would have treated you. I apologize that for the church that we treated you badly.”

It really is very simple. You will find you may be the FIRST, the only person that has ever taken responsibility  for the injustice. I have never had anyone mock me for doing this. People are surprisingly respectful; they will recognize you are the brave and humble one.

If you are representing your church, offer them the str8apology event handoutwith your church info should they want to come back to a faith community.

If you are not representing one congregation, you may want to offer the names of several affirming churches in your area. The website listed is not complete, but it is a good list of open congregations in most cities. Use one of these two sites:  Welcoming  Churches or Gay Churches with over 6500 suggestions.

If a person want to discuss Scripture (rare),  and you are not comfortable, just point to my site; it is all there. www.str8apology.com will get them there.

You WILL remember this experience. You will know you did something not many are willing to do. It will surprise you that so simple an action, can be so meaningful.

Enjoy the time. The peace of God and the joy of doing the right thing will overflow you and take care of any hesitation you may have. You may feel like you have a target on you. Just imagine the target those you are there to serve have had on them most of their lives.

And , let me  know how it goes. I want pictures, videos or stories.

Thanks for joining me in doing what is right. You are helping to repair the breach. Check out the blessings of Isaiah 58:6-12 for those who are willing to stand against oppression. Good stuff.

Blessings abound on your life, you Peacemaker you.  Kathy

Read here for the full post on “Hurt By Church? Get a St8 Apology Here”

Handout to adapt to your local event

Handout to adapt to your local event

Follow the action on Twitter at @str8apology and using the hashtag #str8apology

Follow on Facebook at Str8apology.com

And, after the event where you wear the tee-shirt, please come share you story and encourage others to do so too at “Str8 Apology | Tell Your Story”

Here is a list of Gay Pride Events worldwide; they tend to be in the summer months to commemorate The Stonewall Rebellion.

Send in your photos and stories to: Kathy@canyonwalkerconnections.com and they will be shared on the Canyonwalker Connections.com and Str8apology.com on Facebook and on CanyonwalkerConnections.com blog. If you send them in and DO NOT want them used, please do let us know. And the end of Pride season, I will be making a youtube video to help spread this action. Thank you!


Gay Pride Events 2012

In the Center of His Will at Civic Center | SF Gay Pride

“Hurt by Church? Get a Straight Apology Here.”






  1. Joan August 7, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    It’s a shame the shirts aren’t available in Adult Small. Anyone have other info.?

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    Sorry , the smallest Tee I have is medium.


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