Sissy Debut (love her! ) and Kathy

Kathy Speaks at Christ Chapel of the Valley, Los Angeles

Sissy Debut (love her! ) and Kathy

I had the opportunity to speak at Christ Chapel of the Valley (CCOV), 11050 Hartsook Street in North Hollywood, CA, September 30th. In this audio, you will understand a bit more about what drives my advocacy work for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christian community. It is my faith that compels me to seek justice for all of God’s children.

I did not plan to speak at CCOV, and was so delighted when Pastor Jerrell sent an email to me as I was driving the nine hours to LA for the funeral of the mother of a dear friend. “Why not, I thought. I do enjoy sharing the good and GREAT things of God.”

I love the group of predominantly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians at CCOV!  Several of my Facebook friends and personal friends traveled quite a distance to come hear me speak on very, and I do mean, very short notice — less than 24 hours. I appreciate meeting so many of you in person. You are so on my radar now!

Sweet Gilbert Gonzales and Kathy

Please do keep me in mind to speak at your church or conference. It gives me great joy to encourage the people of God. There are so many wonderful things going on; weary ears and hearts need to hear that.

My story is a powerful one. I understand the group that stands in the path of both inclusion in the church and  social equality. I was part of that group. I was firmly planted in the “I am so sure of what I know, am fully informed and have made my decision” group.

Until, until —  I got into relationship with a person instead of a stereotype.

Christ Chapel of the Valley, NoHo, LA

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a church home or looking for a place midweek to join a home Bible study, do consider Christ Chapel of the Valley. They have area cell/home groups.

I hope you enjoy the audio. You can also listen directly on the CCOV website.

The five-minute video that is shown to the congregation can be found at : “Wall of Love” | Charlotte Pride



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