Lies Kill

Hitler said it, ” The great masses of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one.”  He sure got that one right. And in 1951, Eric Hoffer (True Believers) said, “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil. Usually the strength of the mass movement is proportionate to the vividness and tangibility of its devil.”

Well folks, we have ourselves a devil. Gone are our communists and the Muslims are in the wings waiting to step onto the scene next. But for today, we have the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.  Small enough in number, closeted until the late sixties, severely targeted by the religious right in the nineties. We are beginning to become enlightened in the US and much of the Western world as to the truth LGBTQI people.  Not so in Africa.

I have had some personal connections to the severe discrimination in Uganda and have posted about it in my blog , but the reality hit new low/high today when I read some words published by a Ugandan.

In late January, David Kato, the Advocacy Officer for Sexual Minorities Uganda was murdered in his home.  The “official news” now coming from Kampala is that David was murdered by a man he pressed too hard sexually. Personally, I do not care what the “official records” say.  Ugandan police are under pressure to solve the crime and, to save face on the world stage, the death must not be associated with Kato being a LGBTQI activist. The  elections  are coming up on February 18th and all eyes are on Uganda.

What shocks me is the chatter going on in Uganda. My world is flat and I want to believe people are somewhat enlightened on the issues of LGBTQI people. Not so. The man that publishes the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone, Muhame Giles, is a 22 year old ignorant product of his homophobic nation. He is a recent university graduate who publicly  outed over 100  GLBT people in his newspaper. This directly lead to the death of David Kato. That would be reason enough to labeled Giles despicable. Well, he outdid himself on his report on the death of Kato.  The words here beneath are HIGHLY offensive and  severely homophobic but  I feel  they are necessary to convey the depth of the hatred and lies about LGBTQI people in Uganda.  Says Giles:

David Kato, now labeled “hero” by the GULLIBLE AND EASILY EXCITED international media, was killed by a DESPERATE prisoner whom he attempted to force into a cruel sex bang, preliminary police investigations have revealed.

Mr Binoga, the head of Crime Investigation at the Criminal Investigations Department in Kibuli, Kampala, has told Rolling Stone Managing Editor Giles Muhame in an exclusive telephone interview that Kato is suspected to have been taken down by one Eden Nsubuga.

The story is that a few weeks ago, Kato went to Kawuga prison in Mukono district where he paid some good money to secure prisoners to work on his farm.

A security source said as the prisoners were on duty, Kato fell in love with the behind of one of the prisoners -Eden.

Kato later engaged the handsome guy before promising to secure his release from prison- on condition that the prisoner would allow his bum to be CRACKED every night.

Tired of jail life (Binoga said Nsubuga had been arrested and sentenced for mobile phone theft and was a known criminal in the area), Nsubuga agreed to the deal.

In fact on January 24, Kato went to court and managed to get Eden out of jail – for one purpose -satisfying his enormous homo appetite.

It’s said since then Kato has been going home early to rock the behind of innocent Nsubuga.

However, this unquenchable homosexual thirst could lead to the TRAGIC death of the man who terrorized the boys with his monstrous ‘thing’.

Police chief Binoga said used condoms were found on the scene of crime. This points to the fact that he could have over-banged Nsubuga’s behind, compelling him to use force to flee Kato’s “iron bar”.

Nsubuga fled with Kato’s rags, according to Binoga. Pals say this heartless monster infected hundreds of boys with HIV/AIDS which he has been distributing like……

Kato’s friends say he was aggressive in bed and sodomized boys using force (read rape).

The downfall of the sodomy honcho has not only been welcomed by termites deep in the earth but millions of parents. In fact a few hours ago, Kato’s neighborhood was thrown into frenzy after news spread that the bum terrorist had gone to meet his creator.

His relatives described his death as a “soothing relief.” They whispered that Kato had brought shame not only to their family but the clan, village, tribe and country.

EX-Homos jubilated, saying God had taken the devil to hell for “eternal roasting”.

The gay vs gay violence has energized anti-gay activism in the Country with moralists and legislators calling upon Parliament to expedite the debate

on the Anti-homosexuality Bill. They said this would cut off the ugly head of homosexuality in the country.

Meanwhile, we are told some embassies have been pressuring police chiefs to arrest Rolling Stone editors over the death -only to lear

n that the devil they are defending died as he attempted to commit mischief on an innocent prisoner.

The embassies have been giving Kato dollars which he has been flashing around to seduce young boys.

It’s estimated he sodomized about 300 boys in his regime as “king of sodomy honchos” in the country.It’s said even if he had survived the gay violence, Kato would have succumbed to HIV/AIDS which was seriously eating up his flesh.

“It was a mater of time,” said a an ex homo.

And from his Facebook wall, Muhame Giles says,

“The latest intel shows the killer of Uganda’s king of sodomy David Kato has now confessed to police that the guy mercilessly worked on his bum for the entire night and wanted more during the day!! “I killed him in defense of my bum, it was emitting gallons of blood yet Kato could not give me a break,” Nsubuga told detectives shortly after his arresT.”

[If you would like to see the stature of David Kato who was apparently able to hold a man captive against his will all night and into the morning, please view this video at marker 0:53 on.]

Here are three of the many responses to the post:

” Pupu drillerz shud rot in de hottest part of hell.”  Yusuf Masaba

“Kato was a serial bum driller who one time exported his anal service acts to Rwanda. Briefly worked at Lycee de Kigali as a teacher. Sodomised some members of staff before he was busted. He was later deported from Rwanda for spreading his …immoral acts like fire on dry bush. Went to S. Africa for a while, returned to Uganda to terrorize bums of innocent Ugandans.”  Tumusiime Francis

“I highly doubt if that Kato guy was murdered, as said by the Police. Chances are 99.5% that he could have been excessively bum-drilled that he lost sense and later died. And besides, death of such evil guys reduces on the number of such evil activists.”  Hyena Rubahoma

How does one combat this type of  sheer ignorance and homophobia in  the majority of people of a nation? How do we, with our Western minds, begin to understand what LGBTQI people are suffering in daily life and death in Uganda?  The above  is what they believe about gay and trans people. In the government.  In society. In the churches.  There is no haven of sanity.  They are convinced Europeans and Westerners exported homosexuality to Uganda.

Religion and politics are tightly entwined in Uganda. They were already homophobic when  Scott Lively, Don Schmierer of Exodus, and Caleb Brundidge from International Healing Foundation helped lead a “family conference” in February 2009. When I speak anywhere to a group, I always find out to whom I am speaking. If I knew sentiments like those written by Muhame Giles were common, I would be very careful about how I expressed myself. Unless, of course I had a “(anti) gay agenda”.  These three  American fools, aided by Lou Engel of The Call and Senator James Inhofe  (OK),  took a match and lite a tinder pile of hatred and homophobia in Uganda.

So now what? The Ugandan Parliament and President hate LGBTQI people, so do the people and worst of all, so do the churches.  The LGBTQI people are asking for missionaries on the ground to stand with them. Missionaries of love this time, not hatred.

I keep thinking I have some understanding of the seriousness but today, when I read Muhame Giles words, I realize the situation is more desperate than even I imagined.

And I heard from my “pen pal” Scott Lively this afternoon as well. When Kato died, I  immediately sent Mr. Lively the link to the news  to get his reaction. He countered with a story of a gay activist in NYC brutally murdered by his lover, as if to say that only gay people commit vicious crimes of passion.  His note to me this afternoon was simple, ” Ready to apologize?” He is clearly reveling in the news out of Uganda as expressed so repulsively by Giles, the “official news” that Kato is somehow responsible for his death and that the above story is the truth.

“Are you ready to apologize?” Yes, I am ready to apologize. But not to you Mr. Lively. I apologize that we in the US have helped to create an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance and did not deal with it sooner in our own country. We publish and believe horribly manipulative and deceitful propaganda from discredited  “researchers” and family groups. I apologize that we, Christians in our churches in the US and Uganda, have been too lazy to read and study for ourselves what the Bible really does say about homosexuality.  I apologize that we in the US and Uganda have been manipulated by groups that say they love and are protecting our families, but they actually feeding misinformation and fear and using LGBTQI people as their scapegoats.  I apologize that more of us Christians in the US and Uganda have not stood for the core values and message of the Bible: love others, fight for equality and take care of the poor.

We are in a mess and we have gotten here because of lies. In the US and in Uganda.  God, Who loves Your children everywhere, help us.




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