Michael Brown Exports His “Dangers of Gay Activism” Message to Peru


Brown speaking to the Parliament of Peru

Brown speaking to the Parliament of Peru

Michael Brown went to Peru’s Parliament last week to speak to congressional leaders and chancellors of all the major universities about the “dangers of homosexual activism.” About his trip, he effused “what an extraordinary opportunity to impact a nation.”

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Rosas receiving his award from Russian bishop

Brown was invited to Peru through a personal connection to one of Peru’s most anti-gay legislative leaders, Julio Rosas. Much of the Peruvian family movement is abortion prevention-based. Rosas has slanted the focus to include anti- gay and anti-trans propaganda. Rosas recently received an award for his pro-family, anti-gay stances from a visiting bishop from the Orthodox Church of Russia.

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Anti-trans lecture in Peru.

Brown’s 45 minute message outlining his “warnings” of gay activism from his book was carried on nationwide congressional television. Brown happily told his radio audience “Russian leaders in the Russian embassy” had also tuned in to the presentation and were greatly encouraged to hear an American speak so directly about issue.  He left behind copies of his book as a gift for 28 key congressional leaders.

Brown left behind more than his books. The exportation of American fundamentalist extreme anti-gay messages has become an ugly and dangerous pattern. Having lost the civil rights movement “culture war” in the US, conservative religious speakers and “family” groups are seeking other more receptive venues. Thus far, several countries in Africa and Russia have been amenable to their messages of intolerance.

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Brown with his host, Julio Rosas

Now Peru? Peru is a predominantly Catholic nation. Pope Francis has made admirable inroads throughout Catholic nations with his gracious attitudes drawing in the traditionally marginalized populations, including gays. My daughter and I spent a month traveling throughout and hiking in this country of lovely and gentle people. Imagining the filth of extremism and intolerance spreading in Peru as it has against the gay and transgender populations in Uganda and Russia is sickening.

American Christians have a poor record in reacting justly to the exportation of religious extremism. We have been guilty of ignoring seemingly insignificant messengers. Several years after the initial seeding of “truth,” the fruit of that initial work emerges as irrational hatred and fear in native populations.

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“what an extraordinary opportunity to impact a nation”

Brown does not represent the voice of the American Christian church. I suggest countering his “extraordinary opportunity to impact a nation” quickly.

I wrote an extensive review of his book in “A Queer Thing Happened to America — A Book Review.” The information contained in his book was the body of his presentation to Peru’s Parliament. I need someone/several people to translate this 5K word review so that it can be sent to the members of Peru’s Parliament.

Javier in Vancouver, BC – Peruvian
Luis in San Jose, CA – Mexican
Jorge in Anderson, SC – Colombian
Javier in Porterville, CA – Mexican
Jorge in San Jose, Costa Rica – Costa Rican
for you diligent work in translating the book review for the Peruvian Parliament.  The attached letter said:

Dear Members of the Peruvian Parliament,
Recently, you invited Dr. Michael L. Brown, North Carolina, into your chambers to speak about the “dangers of homosexual activism” and the consequences as he sees them. Brown is considered to be a religious extremist in the United States. 
The civil rights movement for the gay community has been going on for 45 years in America. Marriage is a protected civil right in our Constitution. We are in the final stages of testing that right for all our citizens, state by state. This will finally be tested at the Federal level within about two years. Brown opposes the extension of this civil right to gay and lesbian Americans. Fifty four percent of Americans approve of marriage equality. 
Brown presented information to your leaders largely based on his book ” A Queer Thing Happened to America”. Some of you even received copies of this book. Attached is a full review of that book. 
I wrote the review the month the book was released. I am a heterosexual Evangelical Christian advocate working against discrimination of gay people in conservative churches. I am a well-respected blogger, speaker and writer. I care enough to caution you about this man’s dangerous work.
I had several people come together to translate this document for me. One Peruvian, a Colombian, a Costa Rican and two Mexicans. We each care to invest time to warn you.
PLEASE read the attached document and visit my site as well www.CanyonWalkerConnections.com  
The main problems with Brown’s work:
  • He has virtually NO experience with members of the gay community
  • He has never visited a Christian church in the US that welcomes gay members. There are 10 alone in his town, yet he has not made an effort.
  • He uses rare situations to build his case against the whole of the gay community.
  • He has no training in human sexuality.
  • The major organization in the US that “fixed” gay people has closed after 40 years declaring they saw virtually no positive results.
  • He subtly connects the gay community to those who sexually abuse children. This is so egregious and offensive. There is NO connection, yet he alludes to it. 
Finally, I spent one month hiking in and traveling around Peru ten years ago with my then teenaged daughter Samantha. You have a lovely country. What struck me above all other aspects is the kindness and gentleness of your people. 
You have created a culture that honors the diversity of people. All co-exist beautifully. Please, do not let American religious extremism infect your country the way it has in Uganda and Russia. 
Thank you for investing time in reading this note and hopefully, the review of Brown’s work. 
Christians did the wrong thing by not reacting when Scott Lively, Paul Cameron, members of Exodus, Lou Engle and their ilk made their initial pitches to beware of “gay activism” in Uganda and Russia. We let it fester.

Not this time.


Spam mail will NOT get through the Parliament of Peru’s filter:

Here are the important committees associated with LGBT issues, the chairs and vice chairs of those committees and the Head of the Congress:


dmajluf@congreso.gob.pe Daniel Fernando Majluf


kbeteta@congreso.gob.pe Karina Juliza Beteta Rubín

hguevara@congreso.gob.pe Hilda Elizabeth Guevara Gómez


rcastro@congreso.gob.pe  Raúl Eduardo Castro Stagnaro

vsousa@congreso.gob.pe  Víctor Rolando Sousa Huanambal


drobles@congreso.gob.pe Daniel Robles López

msumire@congreso.gob.pe María Cleofé Sumire de Conde


 dr.alejandro.aguinaga.r@hotmail.com Alejandro Aurelio Aguinaga Recuenco

 hfallal@congreso.gob.pe Luis Humberto Falla Lamadrid


 psantos@congreso.gob.pe  Pedro Julián Bautista Santos Carpio

hguevara@congreso.gob.pe  Hilda Elizabeth Guevara Gómez


gramos@congreso.gob.pe  Gloria Deniz Ramos Prudencio

jperry@congreso.gob.pe   Juan David Perry Cruz







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8 Responses to “Michael Brown Exports His “Dangers of Gay Activism” Message to Peru”

  1. Brody Levesque March 20, 2014 at 11:36 am #

    The problem with your thinking; “It is sad nowadays that those of us who choose to adhere to biblical principles are considered extremists by many fellow Americans. ” Josh is that you loy use your religious beliefs as a weapon.

    You demonise the LGBTQ community, the Islamic community, Buddhists and others who don’t conform to you “one-true religion.”

    I for one am over it.

    You & your lot do not get to dictate anymore to the rest of humanity how we’re allowed to live, our reproductive rights and health care, and most of all those whom we love.

    I respect Kathy and call her a friend- you? You’re a typical fundamentalist troll cloaking your narrow minded bias and hatred in your religion.

    You’re no different than the muslim extremists who shot a little girl in the face because she wanted her fellow girls to get an education or the same kind who hang gays from construction cranes or stone people.

    Oh and this statement of yours? “This leads me to believe homosexual attraction may seem to be something that one is born with, but in reality it occurs from trauma (not always sexual) and a wrong view of gender roles typically brought on by parental or guardian failure. ”

    Shows how little you know, how ignorant you are, and how you are contributing to the downfall of your own faith with your ignorance.

    Oh and before you claim me to be a troll, that’s my real name and you can Google me.

    My advice is if you disagree with what Kathy is doing and you want to push the anti-gay agenda, then by all means do so- but at a place where your fellow ignorant and thankfully diminishing number of peers reside to wallow in their collective ignorance.

    Leave Kathy and the true spirit of her religion and her peers alone. At the end of the day- you have zero contribution other than to spew debunked junk science and religious fundamentalism that ends up killing human beings in the end.

    I’ll grant you your religious liberty- but I also grant myself Freedom FROM that same nonsense.

  2. Josh March 20, 2014 at 5:31 am #

    Actually, I took an elective human sexuality class in college. I don’t recall much taught in the class that contradicted scripture or Dr. Brown’s work. It was taught that sexuality is a learned behavior very early in life. Before most people can even remember. This leads me to believe homosexual attraction may seem to be something that one is born with, but in reality it occurs from trauma (not always sexual) and a wrong view of gender roles typically brought on by parental or guardian failure. A healthy family is a typical masculine man married to a typical feminine female. Things get screwy when families break apart or there unbalance and abuse occurring between spouses. Or you can say things get screwy when sin is rampant in a relationship. Children easily become victims of their parents sin.

    What I’m saying is not politically correct though. As a society we are supposed to “love everyone equally.” Our society has a distorted, unbiblical, and undisciplined view on love. Love to America is “leave me alone and let me do whatever I want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.” “Approve of what I do or you hate me.” As Christians, we are told to love our neighbors, but we must understand part of loving our neighbor is to try and convince them to put down the poison they’re drinking. “The LORD disciplines those he loves.”

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    How does one possibly counter a person that deeply hold beliefs that are contrary to expert knowledge? You seem sure that sexual orientation is learned/adapted from environment. This work was tackled in the early 1950s testing your theory with horrible results. Keeping the world pink and blue may be comfortable to you, but it does not hold up to science. It works quite well if you indeed are cisgender and heterosexual — why challenge your paradigm? UNLESS, as you allude, you are indeed willing to lay your life down for your neighbor. I am suggested something far less radical. How about you put aside your ego and right to be right. You seem a lovely young man that does want to follow God, yet even you, of good heart and intent could be wrong.

    How about this? Invest one hour on this video.

    Pray and ask the Spirit if MAYBE, there could be some truth in it. Then, pick up a copy of “Bible Gender Sexuality” by conservative NT Western Theological professor of 32 years, Jim Brownson. He was SURE until his 19 year old came out. Even he felt challenge to revisit the Scriptures, as have I and millions of others. http://www.amazon.com/Bible-Gender-Sexuality-Reframing-Relationships/dp/0802868630

    The word homosexual did not appear in the Bible until 1958 — at the height of a cultural paranoia in the US. I am writing about this layered and profoundly sad history of uninformed and severely biased attitudes towards the LGBT community. I hope when this work is done you will consider reading it.

    Thankfully,we do not legislate in the affairs of civil rights by some sects of Christianity and their interpretation of the Bible. There are Christians that love the Lord as do you and we hold a completely different view than do you. So, whose Bible interpretation “wins”? We you the Constitution and facts within a culture to guide us.

    I suggest that your limited definition of love is inadequate to serve and love your neighbor, it is selfish.

    Another way to lay your life down would be to do relationship with you LGBT brothers and sisters in Christ. If you let me know where you live, I will direct you to some affirming congregations that may be near you. Nothing substitutes meeting real people. The FINEST Christians I know are gay and trans. The work they have had to do in terms of struggle to stay near God and learn grace and forgiveness — they are excellent reflections of Christ. That might shock you to meet such people.

    Be brave — watch the video, read the book, do relationship and risk being wrong. You are indeed wrong on your limited view of sexual orientation and gender identity. That is quite basic information, yet, you resist it. I wish you well and I will follow the call on my life to advocate for LGBT Christians and that includes countering Brown in Peru.

    Thank you for reading and writing. Blessings on your heart and hearing.

  3. Josh March 19, 2014 at 8:03 am #

    It is sad nowadays that those of us who choose to adhere to biblical principles are considered extremists by many fellow Americans. America as a nation has chosen what is righteous and just in the eyes of man rather than what scripture tells us is righteous and just in God’s sight. It’s nothing surprising. Man has always turned to follow other gods, even foolishly setting up other men as gods.

    Kathy | Canyonwalker Reply:

    I am a Christian and I adhere to Biblical principles AND I am educated on the issue. I would suggest that you take a basic class on human sexuality and not try to use three mistranslated verses to create a sexual ethic and belief system about a population. I am comfortable in BOTH my Christian beliefs and treatment of others. Thank you for reading.

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