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My Youtube Stalker David Jarzabek is a PASTOR!

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David Jarzabek, Dallas- area, TX
Assembly of God Pastor and Cyberstalker

[UPDATE 3/28: David Jarzabek, a cyberbully and assistant pastor in Texas, created a bully in his own child. The District Assemblies of God office and the Senior Pastor of Word of God church have not been able to/ tried/ found it necessary? to encourage Assistant Pastor Jarzabek to take the appropriate actions as a Christian and apologize and make amends. From the A/G district office:  “I have spoken to Pastor Tull and there will be no more contact from Mr. Jarzabek. I hope this clears things up.” Actually, no, it does not.

This is very disappointing; people like this make it difficult to “go and make disciples.” ]

In October, 2011 I got several messages on my Youtube channel from a person who clearly did not like my theology of full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the church. At first, I did not notice the obsessive pattern, but within hours, “RepresentingTruth” had placed comments on all the videos I had created.

As I quickly do with aggressive posters, I blocked him. Not easily deterred, he continued commenting under several other names: “exsposingtheheritic” (sic), “exsposingtheheretic” and two other identities that I can’t recall. One of his alter egos was a gay man and that screen name ended with “666”. That “person” even argued with his other identities. I ignored and blocked each of of them. Except for the gay-man-self, all taunted, were intensely hateful towards gay, lesbian and bisexual people and completely merciless towards transgender people. “Ignore him,” I thought,” he will lose interest.”

I could not have been more wrong.

Over a twenty-six day period from October 26, 2011 until Thanksgiving morning, November 24th, this person under several personas created twenty videos mocking and attacking me. He even devised a video inviting others to join him in attacking me. The obsession did not stop there, he researched people I had blocked or stopped having conversation with and wrote to them directly inviting them to antagonize me too.

Still, I did not respond to him directly; I reported him over and over. Eventually, in late November 2011, all three of his Youtube channels were removed under Youtube policies*[see the Community Guidelines below] concerning: hate speech, copywriter violation and cyberbullying. Because I could track his visits to my blog, I had his IP address and the region in which he lived  in CT. By December 2011, I thought he was gone, frustrated that targeting me was resulting in Youtube channel closures.

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February, 2013

A February 2013 video of my eviction from a church while speaking up for LGBT youth during a several day presentation by “ex-gay” Kent Paris went viral in a just few days.  It seems this was too tempting for “representingtruth” to ignore. He posted my video on one of his still-open pages and onto his daughter’s Youtube page “ApoIogetics”along with another anti-gay video. (After this post went live, he disabled the comments and the voting. The voting was already hundreds of thumbs-down. This will be torture for DJ; the arguing is sport to him. )

He then returned to old patterns and contacted people who had remarked favorably on that video asking his always-present question “Where in the Bible does God ordain sodomy?” One of those people sent me a note immediately. (Thank you RM.)

He was back; after a 14 months hiatus, he had reappeared with a threat on his new “RepresentingTruth Returns” channel wall:

This woman (referring to me in the video) took down my Representing Truth account. She is evil and a liar. I am not done on the matter and she will see soon in a very special way.

and on his “exsposingtheheritics” channel he wrote:

This woman (again me in the video) is a heretic. She cannot answer one simple question. Where in the Bible does God ordain sodomy?

“Representingtruth”/”Representingtruthreturns”/”Exsposingtheheritics” then began commenting on all-things-gay again. He made up yet another identity “ShadowMosesMGS1” and repeated his pattern of  commenting on my videos. I recognized the wording and tone and once again blocked him and reported him to Youtube.

 break in finding “Representingtruth”/”Representingtruthreturns”/”Exsposingtheheritics” came last night.  A poster to my ministry Facebook page named Jessica Kanani wrote:

Sounds like Kathy, Blocks you on youtube if you use the bible, won’t tolerate any opposing views by gathering all her “sheep” to take down people’s youtube channel because it challenges her views.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.33.29 AMI recognized her face and the statement begged to be noticed, it was just too familiar. Daughter too has become the bully her father modeled. She has indeed followed in her father’s footsteps and last year created her own rap attack on LGBT people couched in “Biblical love”. Sadly, she regularly joined in creating mocking anti-gay videos; and, this young woman is only 22. [UPDATE: Jessica’s video has now gone viral since Wonkette featured it. Add to that the religion site Patheos with an article entitled “The adults that taught and encouraged this are guilty of child abuse” and HuffPo, Gawker. This will not be a positive piece of online evidence for a career in drumming.]

From Jessica’s post, within minutes I knew the real name of “representingtruth”; it is David Jarzabek

David Jarzabek lived in Bristol, CT and appears to have been an IT teacher at Waterford Public Schools. The school downsized, he lost his position and moved from CT to the Arlington, Texas area in the fall of 2012. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 7.13.21 AM

David Jarzabek, Dallas-area, TX

From Jarzabek’s Facebook page I could finally see the face of my stalker and noticed he had created yet another Youtube channel “godtruthfortoday” where he uploads his SERMONS.  From this puzzle piece, I found the church he attends and the link on the church website to one of his sermons given to the congregation. Two of the other sermons are on his Youtube page.

So, there it is. David Jarzabek, 49 of the Arlington, TX area who has had a strong fixation about me and all-thing-gay is now known. Jarzabek may still be a teacher and is a pastor and worship leader in a church. I suspect he leads a dual spiritual life — his sermons do not display the same venom of his online skulking life.

When I call Pastor Frank Tull of The Word Church, Grand Prairie today, I anticipate he will be stunned to hear about the dark side of David Jarzabek. I have no reason to believe that they know about Jarzabek’s dark behavior or support it.

UPDATED 2/25/13 after conversation with Pastor Tull: Jarzabek has already contacted the Pastor and told him that I had been bullying and stalking him for a few years. Jarzabek used as evidence that I had gotten his Youtube channels taken down. Jarzabek, according to the Pastor, is apparently a man that only cares about the Word of God and truth and portrayed me as a radical activist after him. The pastor had been lead to believe that I may have made videos or interacted with Jarzabek, none of which is true.

There was more to the conversation, but I am going to trust Pastor Tull to do the right thing and question Jarzabek with the wisdom of God. I told Tull, “I have listened to his sermons and that is not the same man that shows up online. David Jarzabek has a VERY dark side that he is hiding from you.”

I am pursuing accountability and justice in a godly manner. The process has begun with the pastor and the area directors of Assemblies of God. If I do not get satisfaction at that level, [UPDATE: as of March 3rd, NO ONE from the A/G district office has responded.] I will move the complaint up to the next level. I know many people also care that justice reigns and that David Jarzabek is punished; I am trying to do that in an orderly fashion. His pastor is very aware of my intentions and was not part of David Jarzebek’s schemes. I will keep people aware of the process, until then contacting the Pastor is probably not a productive thing.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 2.41.59 AM

as of 2/26, DJ’s name has been removed from the link

Last year, a radio station in the UK tracked down a cyberbully outside his home and confronted him. I recall thinking, I would love to find “representingtruth” and expose his hidden online poisonous persona. And now I have.

While researching Jarzabek last night, I thought how satisfying to my flesh it would be to suit up and train like JLo in “Enough” and go confront this man allowing him to meet and see the human that he tormented. But, by the grace of God, one of us really is indwelled by the Holy Spirit.

February, 2013

February, 2013

In November, 2011, I was on my way to speak at and lobby in Congress for PFLAG for the Safe Schools Act. Very late one night, I was creating my PowerPoint for my presentation and yet another video was posted by Jarzabek. The frequency and meanness of his videos, shielded by his covert cover, finally got to me. I sobbed at my desk for almost three hours until almost 3 am asking myself and God : “Is this worth it?”  The great irony was that I was on my way to DC to lobby for greater protection against bullying for LGBT children in schools and I was experiencing bullying for advocating for equality. I am an adult and I recall feeling completely exposed and stalked by Jarzabek; how do children feel when bullied because of their sexual orientation or gender identity? I had gotten a strong sense of it. To further the irony, Jarzabek was teaching IT in public schools at the time.

On Thanksgiving morning, 2011 “representingtruth” posted what would be his final video in the series of 20. I was sitting with my Mom in my office checking recipes and doing a daily tracking of the activities of my stalker; I had been diligent about reporting his videos about me to Youtube immediately. While other Americans were stuffing turkeys and spiraling hams, Jarzabek had been plotting another attack on me. His videos were quite elaborate; I would wonder, “Who has time to invest in this sort of attack?”

Jarzabek, Stalker

Jarzabek, Stalker and Assembly of God Pastor

What kind of person, especially, what kind of person who claims Jesus as Savior would conduct himself in this manner? Shortly after Thanksgiving, all three of his then-current stations were taken down by Youtube for (see Community Guidelines below): hate speech, cyberbullying and copy write infringements. He stewed over that on his only remaining channel with a new video claiming to be the victim of the “gay agenda”, and declaring he had been bullied by me and strong armed by Youtube. Yes, he was the “victim” in two more videos.

I am not the only one Jarzabek tortured. He made several videos about a young transwoman named “AnnaHxxxx”; the mocking tones in which he addresses her are repulsive.

I have  copies of all twenty videos he created and can now continue a cyberstalking record I filed against him in the Nevada Washoe County Sheriffs Office. His actions carry a  punishment of 5 years and $10,000 maximum in Nevada. If I can duplicate the records in both CT, and now TX, I will.

As Jarzabek produced more and more videos claiming the “radical gay agenda” was persecuting him while undermining America and the Bible, he was crashing into and ignoring every Biblical tenet of the treatment of others to attack LGBT people and intentionally targeting me. His perception of “religious liberty” blinded his greater call as a Christian.

His Ministry Channel

His Sermon Ministry Channel

I am making this discovery public to shame Mr. Jarzabek. The pain he caused me cannot be repaid. My back and shoulders were in knots for over a month as he played hidden tormentor. He consumed some of my time in tracking him, reporting him and worrying about my own well-being. Although he was in CT at the time, he intentionally reached out to others that I had dismissed online (I have made a personal choice to not argue in social media) to join him.

He has exported/”propergated” his malice to at least one adult child, Jessica, whose video is above; you may want to flag it as offensive. She says she created the video out of “love” and to warn, but her “love” role model is her father. Where has wife/mother Arlene been as her family invested time in constructing quite elaborate video menaces?

I am also being public about this to impact Jarzabek’s status at his church home: I hope the leadership at The Word Church, Grand Prairie, TX are willing to discipline and restore him. It is apparent from listening to his sermons online that the Jarzabek that is presented at church is not the same one that emerges from a computer. This man has a dark side .

I intend to find out where Jarzabek is employed. (If someone figures that out, let me know.) If he is still teaching IT to children, his superiors may be interested in what he does in his spare time with his IT talents to attack a minority group. [UPDATE: It appears he may not be teaching children any longer, but working with  a  company in Carrolton, TX.]

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 10.59.56 PM

David Jarzabek, bully with a Bible.

Again, I do not think his church leadership knew anything about Jarzabek’s dark side. [UPDATE: the Senior Pastor now has heard what I have to say.] If one’s theology brings this much pain and destruction to others, how can it possibly be from God?

David Jarzabek needs professional help. Let this be the end of his career as a stalker.


PART TWO: Confronting My Cyberbully in His Texas Church

Update 3/31/19 3/31/19 Jarzabek is back on Facebook and Vimeo “teaching.” His screen name was David P Jarzabek, David Jarzabek“representinggod” now it is “thesentone.” Totally delusional man. How can anything godly come from such a man?

David P Jarzabek, David Jarzabek





David P Jarzabek, David Jarzabek




Youtube community guidelines : 

  • Respect copyright. Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. This means don’t upload videos you didn’t make, or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without necessary authorizations. Read our Copyright Tips for more information.
  • We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age,

    February 2013 “There is a surprise for this witch”

    veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

  • There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other members’ personal information. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube.

David Jarzabek believes he is a “victim” of both me and Youtube because his videos were removed. He broke EVERY one of these guidelines and claims his “religious freedoms” are being taken away. What an interesting viewpoint. 

Most of the sites I reference with links and screenshots were changed once Mr. Jarzabek realized his identity had been discovered.  Accountability brings a bit of sanity and civility into the equation when an identity is known. Even The Word Church website has dropped reference to Mr. Jarzabek’s name on the sermon link. I have a  file with all twenty of the videos taken down and screen captures of all the personal references to me on Youtube. I do however appreciate that the public attack by David Jarzabek may have ended. 


David Jarzabek is not an A/G pastor, just posing as one (?)

To Mr. Jarzabek, you should NEVER bully anyone, but you may have picked on the wrong “fragile flower”; I grew up on the streets of NYC, dated a DEA agent for five years and, the power of God IS in me.
Also, you and your apple daughter are to remove ALL references to me on your video tags –my name, canyonwalkerconnections, 
canyonwalker, canyonwlkr. Thank you for checking in a few times daily; I see your IP. 

PART TWO: Confronting My Cyberbully in His Texas Church



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