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“I was so incredibly impressed with the entire workshop.

I have studied the Biblical angle of this topic and have even studied 1st century Roman/Greek culture to get a better understanding of Paul’s writings. I’ve compared Bible translations. But it never occurred to me to study the culture in which those translations were written… mind blown!!

Your knowledge of the subject and your ability to convey so much information in such a short period of time is simply incredible. And for you to have invested so much of your life into this when you have no personal interest is something that can only come from God!

Thank you for your service to Him and to/for all of us! I was incredibly moved by the workshop!” Angela Hartleigh, San Francisco, CA

“From toeing the traditional line that homosexuality is a sin, over recent years I’ve felt a growing sense of discomfort at the church’s continued exclusion of GLBTI people. Jesus tells us he is the gate, yet we seem to have set ourselves up as gatekeepers – ecclesiastical bouncers with the right to say who is in and out of God’s grace. This despite the deep and committed sense of relationship that gay and lesbian people are clearly able to enjoy with God.

Kathy’s impassioned and well-researched workshop put intelligent evidence under my discomfort – with a balanced argument showing the psychological, sociological, political and textual influences on how the church has viewed this issue and GLBTI people over relatively recent years.

As Kathy gradually built her timeline of these influences I felt grief at the ‘sinned against’, but also the liberation of knowing there is a way forward.

I’d highly recommend Kathy’s presentation to anyone with an open mind and an open heart to understanding the place of GLBTI people within God’s creation.” Christina Tyson, Wellington, NZ

I have heard Kathy Baldock speak on several occasions in various places! Kathy’s message has always been one to educate and encourage both the LGBT community and the conservative Christian church. Thank God for her! She goes to places that the LGBT person cannot go!

Unclobbering the Tangled MessThe presentation shows how the Bible and History come together. I believe this presentation is perfect for the Straight Christian Community to understand how faith and sexuality go together. It aggravates me how the majority of “Christian” people today only go on what they have been told about homosexuality from the pulpit or other TV Evangelicals. This presentation gives people the opportunity to see something other than what they have been told from the traditional teaching on homosexuality and the Bible. With all of Kathy’s research and study, she has created a timeline of sorts where all the aspects, science, religion, history, etc. are put together to give people a better understanding of who they are, where they came from and who they are in Jesus Christ and Gods plans for them in the future. The enemy has kept people in bondage for far too long in the LGBT community.   This teaching will help you step out of the past and into your future! Find out where she is next and do your best to get in on her teachings!

You’ll be glad you did!” David Harvey, San Jose, CA

“One of the arguments most often heard in opposition to same-sex marriage is that it goes against the traditional and biblical understanding of marriage. But when one is willing to consider the historical context for these notions, as Kathy Baldock so brilliantly does, one has to admit it is impossible to claim things have always been understood the same way.

The challenge for anyone who attempts to harmonize modern with ancient concepts and understandings of diverse subjects—such as human sexuality, family systems, and biblical 14203282_816217965181138_5151234567205542587_nscholarship—is the need to contextualize the evolution of language and how it shapes that understanding. In other words, we use terms today which were not even in existence two hundred years ago. It is intellectually arrogant to apply these terms by superimposing them on other societies and cultures. We need to accept the fact they saw things differently from how we perceive them today, hence, to claim there is a traditional, historical definition of marriage is presumptuous and dishonest.

Using a timeline that stretches back five thousand years, Kathy Baldock helps us see things in their historical context. She plots when different understandings took root, and the surprise is much of our modern understanding—what we think of human sexuality—is relatively new; less than two-hundred years old. What’s more, much of what informs the conservative religious narrative today is a conflation of concepts spawned in the human sciences from the 20th century, begging the question, ‘what are the traditional views of marriage and human sexuality?’

The expression “perfect storm” refers to an event where a combination of circumstances aggravates a situation drastically. Kathy Baldock’s well-researched presentation helps us see how we arrived at our current understanding of same-sex attraction and human sexuality, and how a combination of circumstances combined to create the divisive animus that exists in the church today towards LGBTQ people. She does this by untangling all the streams of thought which converged to create the perfect storm we see today. Lisa Salazar, Vancouver, BC

Untangling the Mess Presentation , Kathy Baldock“Kathy Baldock has single-handedly compiled an exhaustive chronology of human Kathy sexuality and the effects on human relationships and society.

Her book brings long-hoped for understanding of the complicated issues of sexual expression and compatibility in a world grappling with acceptance and understanding.

Kathy often weaves her vast understanding of the Ancient Scriptures, with her educated knowledge of science together to provide a palatable reason for the misunderstandings and misrepresentations within human sexual identity and interaction.

As a voracious reader, I simply wanted more after completing each chapter, only to find my thirst was satisfied within the coming pages! I strongly recommend this incredible exercise in faith for every Christian and “Christian-curious” reader on the planet! Marvin Matthews, Dallas, Texas

“I’ve known Kathy Baldock for several years. Although her passion for people and justice is the first thing that drew me to her, it is her unwavering stance on truth and research that always gets my attention.

There is no other teacher quite like Kathy. In “Walking The Bridgeless Canyon,” Kathy has mastered Untangling the Mess Presentation , Kathy Baldockthe ability to simplify the most detailed information revolving human sexuality into the most understandable of terms.

Kathy’s writing and presentation style is quite unique in that while she’s bold, unapologetic, and commanding, she simultaneously disarms you. Kathy proves constantly that this work is solely a labor of justice and love. Kathy maintains the demeanor of a big sister that’s “been there, done that”, and is simply passing useful information onto you.

Attending several of her in-person seminars was highly informative.

I was unaware that the English translations of the Bible on these same-sex topics have been changed and adapted so many different times and so irresponsibly. Occasionally, the translations involving same-sex behavior were even contradictory to the rest of the Bible. These translations are sloppy, poorly worded, biased, and utterly oppressive. Kathy’s presentation left me even more as an advocate of the Bible, but for its proper due wording. It is tempting to storm the offices of these poor translations and demand a better job; an un-oppressive one, at least.

Kathy’s use of a timeline that spanned across the entire room of her presentation was hyper exciting! This illustration tactic truly enhances the understanding of how much time goes by without any new comprehension of basic human sexuality.

Kathy BaldockThe truth is, when it comes to human sexuality and gender identity, we still have a lot to learn. Thank God for someone like Kathy who leads the way in these issues, and shares her revelation with all of us along on the journey. Gilbert Gonzales, Jr., Los Angeles, CA

“Kathy Baldock has truly done her homework in “Untangling the Mess.”

I have been out as a gay man for thirty-two years, and out as a gay, Christian man for nearly as long. Kathy, using her book, and other sources, pieces together a multi-dimensional puzzle of history, theology, politics and culture that spans thousands of years.

Kathy is not only articulate and easy to track, but her use of the physical timeline help those who require visuals to help them see just how deep and far-reaching this issue has been.

While most damage has been done to the GLBTQIS in the last century, being able to see all the significant periods in time and how cultures and language have changed helps one understand how we had become demonized, or at the very least, marginalized throughout the ages.

Thank you, Kathy, for championing this cause and helping people at all levels of understanding and using REAL information, which is more than can be said for many who dispute your finding. God bless! Devin Buckner, Palm Springs, CA

“Kathy’s book, Walking the Bridgeless Canyon, and workshop are so very powerful.  Her fearless Franklin Graham Decision America Prayer Rallyapproach of uncovering what the Bible teaches stripped away doctrinal misunderstandings used to marginalize and denigrate persons living a non-heterosexual lifestyle.

Years ago, I walked away from the church because most of the leaders and congregation viewed my lesbian lifestyle as an abomination, a sin and perversion.  They used the Bible to justify their opinion.

Kathy’s workshop took me on a journey through time starting in 1610 BCE.  She brought to life the intended meaning of Biblical scripture set within the context of the cultural, political and religious constructs of the day.  It was life changing and powerful!

I recommend this book and workshop for all–especially those who want to understand God’s love.”  Shari Martinez, Reno, Nevada 

“Kathy’s presentation helps bring clarity and context to what has traditionally been a difficult conversation in the church.

Her research into historical, social and political events is thorough and robust, and when scripture is layered on top of the timeline she uses, this becomes an empowering tool for Christians to develop their personal understanding and to be better equipped to have positive conversations with others.

Even if you’re well-read and accepting on the issue of Christianity and LGBTQI inclusion, the seminar brings new information, advice and insight to the debate.

Kathy is highly-skilled at approaching group discussion from a position of grace. 2 Timothy 2:15 reminds us “Make an effort to present yourself to God as a tried-and-true worker, who doesn’t need to be ashamed but is one who interprets the message of truth correctly.” (CEB). Kathy’s seminar will certainly help you do that.

You’ll be positively challenged, enriched and blessed as listen and share with her. Don’t hesitate to attend a seminar or invite her to present to your church or group.” Colin Daley, Wellington, NZ

“I was greatly encouraged and amazed by Kathy’s presentation. No one I have ever heard has such an ability to bring so many complicated strands of knowledge and history together, synthesizing them into a concise, clear and thorough presentation.

But what’s more I didn’t just leave with my mind fed, but also consequently my heart fed, knowing that yes, again it is possible to be gay and Christian.

Kathy is an inspiring and gifted teacher whose presentations are for anyone – the Christian wondering if God accepts them, activists wanting to know the intersection of religion in the political landscape of marriage equality, the parent with a gay child wanting to understand more, anyone!

Thank you Kathy for all your hard work in the cause!”   Liam Webb, Sydney, Australia

“I met Kathy at The Evangelical Network Conference 2016 in California. Her way of teaching made

Yvette Schneider & Kathy Baldock

Yvette & Kathy

me happy because I wanted to find a method that shows I am not trying to change the Bible. The timeline she uses is a perfect way to comprehend the differences in Bible interpretations and its fingerprints in the Scriptures.

I returned to my county talking about this method and fellows in my ministry were amazed by it.

I praise God for you, Kathy.” Eliel, the Dominican Republic

“As an Alumni of Biola University I majored in American Studies with an emphasis on the history and role of the church regarding social issues.

With that background, I was impressed with the expertise displayed by Kathy Baldock’s presentation that I attended in California. Not only is she an informed speaker, but she is respectful of each person’s journey regarding the church and LGBTQ issues. Kathy will open your mind and heart to an engaging historical, social, and Biblical look at one of the most challenging social issues of our day.” Rory Goshorn, Prescott, Arizona

“Kathy’s workshop, “Untangling the Mess” does just that. It’s amazing how she systematically goes through history to prove how we got into the mess of dehumanizing and demoralizing the LGBT community.

Using a time line, understanding her topic thoroughly because of a lot of research, Kathy unfolds the truth. And she waits until she lays out the history to show how the church has bought into the bigotry, prejudice and hate of the LGBT people. It’s enlightening and revealing.

Kathy Baldock

Kathy Baldock

When she’s done you can’t deny the part that we all have played in this! If you’re LGBT this workshop will pick you up, brush you off and set you on your feet again. It’s freeing, liberating and healing.

Bring your family, your friends, your church and your pastor and experience this journey together as Kathy sets the record “straight” and untangles the mess we’ve made.” Pastor Maria Caruana, San Francisco, California

“The timeline which showed how social factors of the day influenced the contemporary translations of the Bible was remarkable.

Kathy is an engaging and well researched presenter. Her warmth and passion for the issues confronting GLBT Christians makes her an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to learn more on the subject.” Kiril G, Manly, Australia













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