Depending on venue, audience and needs, Canyonwalker Connections can do several program variations and time lengths of presentation. Kathy Baldock and/or Ed Oxford will be the presenters.
The most recent version of the video presentation is available on the side bar of this blog. The teaching regularly changes depending on new research and writing.  A good video overview is available HERE.

A full presentation with time for Q & R is approximately three hours and up to seven hours.

Here is a sample shortened presentation of about 90 minutes.

Outline and information sheets are available Untangling the Mess Information Sheets for church environments.

Shorter segments are offered in one hour.

 Any or all of these topics can be covered :
  • The history of cultural and religious discrimination of the LGBT community
  • Psychological history of homosexuality, gender identity, and current status
  • Politics and policy
  • Sexuality, gender, and orientation
  • Biblical interpretations of same-sex behavior
  • History of HIV/AIDS
  • Mixed-orientation marriages
  • Reparative therapy
  • History and current status of the LGBT Christian movement
  • Becoming effective allies and advocates
  • LGBT youth
  • LGBT issues in the Asian/black/people of color communities

Yvette and Kathy did a three-hour public presentation in a local library on April 24 and we edited the three hour presentation down to two videos:

16 minute version

26 minute version

Here is radio interview with Kathy on a local show, The Chip Evans Show. It is a good example of how Kathy interacts on questions about the history of cultural and religious discrimination in America. 
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