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Head of Exodus: Reparative Therapy (Gay to Straight) Does Not Work

For almost forty years, the Christian church has been funneling their members who “struggle with homosexuality”  towards “reparative therapy”. At the core of that  “change” process from homosexuality to heterosexuality is one of three false beliefs about the “causes” of homosexuality: inappropriate parenting that has lead to the need to express sexuality and interests towards the […]

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LGBT Christians at GCN Conference

Mary’s Exit from Exodus and Door to Freedom

Exodus International is a “worldwide network of men and women who have found freedom from homosexuality, and the largest Christian ministry dealing with this topic in the world today.”   At 25, Mary was in absolute despair and believed she was alone as a Christian struggling with lesbianism.  She had been involved in several unhealthy […]

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Alan Chambers’ newly released book—My Exodus: From Fear to Grace—written with his wife, Leslie, is

Alan Chambers and the Message of Exodus at the Gay Christian Network Conference

The single greatest lie the Christian church tells about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is that sexual orientation and gender identity are not innate. Supporting this lie are complexly interwoven systems rooted in churches, faiths, ethnic groups, political parties and social structures. How can this possibly be untangled and deconstructed with Christian integrity […]

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