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Restrict Marriage & Go Spit in Their Faces

As you consider voting on marriage issues in your state, replace the nameless, faceless people and couples in your voting process with the names and faces of real people.

The vote in all four states (Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota) is an issue of legal rights and has not one thing to do with impacting religious rights or religious freedoms.

If you are non-gay, lesbian or bisexual and are given the opportunity to vote on the civil rights of a minority (yeah, that does sound so wrong, doesn’t it?), try this simple exercise.

These statements address the most prevalent lies and myths being told about same-sex loving people in the campaigning process by all four states where marriage is being voted on.

Ask yourself, as you say these sentences: Are you comfortable making these statements out loud? Do these statements apply to the gay, lesbian or bisexual people you do know? Would you say these things directly to the gay, lesbian or bisexual people in your circles?

Here we go; insert the name of gay, lesbian or bisexual people you do know into these sentences.

  • __________ made a choice to be gay. __________ decided at some point in his/her life that suffering the pain of discrimination might be interesting. Just as I “chose” to be heterosexual (now when was that?), __________ chose to be gay, lesbian or bisexual.
  • __________ has a “lifestyle”. All gay, lesbian and bisexual people live the same way, like the same things and think alike. That is not true for heterosexuals, we are a varied group of people.
  • __________ is gay, lesbian or bisexual because they were sexually abused as a child. __________’s father was never around and __________’s mother was far too involved in parenting. Everyone I know who was abused or had less-than-wonderful parents is gay, lesbian or bisexual.
  • If __________ would just work on their sexual orientation more, they could be straight. They could be attracted to the opposite  sex.
  • If __________ and __________ get married, it will negatively impact my marriage.
  • If __________ is not attracted to the opposite sex, it is because he/she is not trying hard enough. I know I could change my sexual orientation if I tried hard enough.
  • If __________ worked on changing their sexual orientation, it would be good for him/her. After all, who ________ falls in love with is a behavior just like any addiction. My love is good and natural, but __________’s love — that is just like uncontrolled drinking or drug abuse. His/her love is a “behavior”, my love is the greatest blessing in my life.
  • __________ is not able to have a sexual relationship with another member of the same sex. There is only one way to have sexual relationships. I am opposed to people having sexual relationships in anyway that is displeasing to me. It is just icky and I don’t like it.
  • If  __________ and __________  adopt children, it will negatively impact my family.
  • __________ has a psychological disorder because homosexuality is a perversion.
  • __________ and __________’s children are suffering great harm being raised by them. Having two same sex parents is doing damage to their kids. I have not spent any time around these families, but I just know I am right. My family deserves to be protected, but theirs does not.
  • __________ is a pedophile and not to be trusted alone with children. Heterosexual adults are attracted to other adults, but gay, lesbian and bisexual adults are attracted to children. Virtually all pedophiles are heterosexual, yet, I know __________ is attracted to children. Therefore, I need to keep __________ away from my and all children.
  • __________ is not subject to any discrimination under the law. Even though __________ can still be fired from a job in 29 states just for being gay and does not enjoy over 1100 legal rights that heterosexual couples do, if they married someone of the opposite sex, they too could have all the legal rights and protections that I have.
  • __________ is incapable of falling in love and staying committed in a relationship. What __________ experiences is lust, not love.
  • __________ cannot be a Christian. What makes me a Christian is my profession of faith and a desire to follow the ways of God. But __________ can’t possibly be one, because the Bible says you need to be heterosexual to have a relationship with Jesus.

In all states where marriage is up for a vote, the above statements are being used to impact the vote. 

If you vote for the restriction of the legal definition of marriage in your state, at least be responsible enough to call it what it actually is: intentional discrimination against the gay, lesbian and bisexual community.

Then go spit in the faces of the people whose names you inserted, because that is what, in effect,  you are doing.



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