Canyonwalker Connections | Kathy is available to speak, lead or facilitate conversations or even preach at your church.

Please refer to the Mission Statement of Canyonwalker Connections as well.

Face to Face Project:

  • Non-glbt people/groups and glbt people/groups
  • Pastors and glbt congregants
  • Pastors and glbt people seeking inclusion in a faith community
  • Families and glbt family members
  • Youth groups and glbt youth
  • Ex-gay and glbt Christians who have participated in Reparative Therapy Programs or a counseling program encouraging sexual orientation change.


  • At affirming congregations, conferences and seminars
  • In congregations where pastors need assistance with the congregation to “shift”, educate or inform  the congregants on issues of: sexual orientation/gender identity as related to the Bible.
  • To lobbying, political action or interest groups so that they understand the glbt demographic, the issues and needs.
  • To PFLAG or other groups that would like help navigating the sexual orientation and faith issue.
  • To congregations and groups needing understanding of transgender issues and needs.

If you are a Pastor or Church Leader and would like to have private conversations to ask all those questions about sexual orientation/gender identity that you are not comfortable asking publicly, let me help you. This is best done via Skype; I want to see facial expressions and body language. This is a difficult issue for pastors to investigate in confidence.  I will keep your confidence and hear your concerns ans answer you questions as best I can. I am NOT offering an appointment to argue or have you change my Scriptural view of the verses used to discuss same sex attractions. If you have a heart/spirit that knows something is amiss in the traditional view of homosexuality in the Church, I may be able to help you understand or gain clarity. My Skype is:  kathybaldock1


Very flexible. This is my full time job now and I am compensated through Canyonwalker Connections. Donations to this organization are appreciated.

If you want/need me –just get me there.  I have friends all over the US and Canada that can help me with housing and I prefer that. If you are driving distance to Nevada, within 9 hours, I will drive .  Be consciously generous to compensate for my time and expenses and I will be there to help. That is my desire, to help in this conversation in any environment.  If you need me, ask. We can go from there.

I have a team of advisers and helpers throughout the country.

glbt Youth

YOU are my laser focus.  I am a Mom. I have two grown children, 24 and 25 and both straight.  I have spoken to hundreds of youth via phone and in person. If you are at your end and need someone to listen, to encourage you and connect you with a church home, other glbt Christians and mentors, contact me. We can set a time to talk.

E mail me at:  kathy at canyonwalkerconnections dot com


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