Canyonwalker Connections | Kathy and Yvette are available to speak, lead or facilitate conversations for your leadership, or even preach at your church.

Canyonwalker Connections has offered help and facilitated with:

  • Non-LGBT people/groups and LGBT people/groups
  • Congregations needing help in becoming more open and welcoming to LGBT members
  • Pastors and LGBT congregants
  • Pastors and LGBT people who seek inclusion in a non-affirming faith community
  • Families and LGBT family members
  • Academic institutions to speak about history, culture and the intersection with faith.
  • Gay Straight Alliances in High Schools and Colleges (GSAs)
  • Youth groups which include or need sensitivity towards LGBT youth

Speaking/Seminars within these environments:

  • Affirming congregations, conferences and seminars
  • In congregations where pastors need assistance with the congregation to “shift”, educate or inform the congregants onTRP_0744-2 issues of: sexual orientation/gender identity as related to the Bible.
  • Lobbying, political action or interest groups so that they understand the glbt demographic, the issues and needs.
  • PFLAG or other groups that would like help navigating the sexual orientation and faith issue.
  • Congregations and groups needing understanding of transgender issues and needs.

If you are a Pastor or Church Leader and would like to have private conversations to ask all those questions about sexual orientation/gender identity that you are not comfortable asking publicly, let me help you.

This is best done via Skype. This is a difficult issue for pastors to investigate in confidence. I will keep your confidence, hearing your concerns and answering your questions as best I can.

If you have a heart/spirit that knows something is amiss in the traditional view of homosexuality in the Church, I may be able to help you understand better or gain clarity. My Skype is:  kathybaldock1

Compensation:Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.19.09 AM

Very flexible. I want to offer my book Walking the Bridgeless Canyon for sale at speaking and teaching engagements.

If you want/need me — send me a note.

kathy at canyonwalkerconnections dot com

I have a team of advisers and helpers throughout the country and work in several organizations on Boards and Advisory Boards.

E mail me at:  kathy at canyonwalkerconnections dot com

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