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American Extremism: To Russia with Love

[Translate] Tweet The violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Russia is not intrinsic to its history. It is a relatively new poison that has seeped into the Russian culture and church, compliments in no small part to American extremists who have been visiting that country over the past decade. [The situation has […]

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John Paulk, Former Exodus & Love Won Out Leader Apologizes

[Translate] Tweet In  the 1998, at the height of the marriage of Evangelical Christianity and conservative Republican politics, another marriage was being hailed as “proof” that gay people could indeed overcome their homosexuality. John and Anne Paulk, former gay and lesbian people, were displayed on the cover of Newsweek magazine with the header “Gay for […]

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Day of Dialogue | Sacred Bullying from Focus on the Family

[Translate] Tweet Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian ministry, wants high school and college-aged students to join them in their “truth telling” sacred bullying-in-Jesus-Name of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community during Day of Dialogue. Even when words are wrapped in heart-themed paper and tied with a “Jesus-loves-you” ribbon, if there is something […]

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“Traditional Family Values” | Which Traditions? Whose Families? What Values?

[Translate] Tweet   Traditional family values is a packed cliché. The (ab)use of the term “family values” began in 1976 when it was introduced into the Republican Platform. It became a rally cry at the 1992 GOP Convention when Vice President Dan Quayle bemoaned the collapse of the family because the then-popular show, “Murphy Brown,” portrayed the […]

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The Evangelical Network Calls for Tougher Anti-Bullying Legislation and Safer Churches

[Translate] Tweet On July 9, 2011, The Evangelical Network (TEN) held a press conference at its annual conference in Austin, TX to: Todd Ferrell, President of The Evangelical Network call on Evangelicals to stand up for marginalized, oppressed and vulnerable youth, and glbt youth in particular bring attention to the current lack of coordinated efforts […]

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Focus on the Family | You Make Us Look Stupid, Stop Lying

[Translate] Tweet Focus on the Family: Stop Lying About Gays FOTF manipulates information, creates homophobia, uses fear and misinformation against homosexuals and gay youth.

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“Day of Dialogue” from Focus on the Family is Not a Jesus-Action

[Translate] Tweet “Day of Dialogue” from Focus on the Family is not What Jesus Would Do. This is a call to action for Christian youth to target GLBT youth with a “God has a better plan for you” message. I’m all for a God loves you conversation, but not a conversation that directly targets the […]

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“Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do”, Come on, Really?

[Translate] Tweet [A fore note: I decided to headline this post partially with the  exact title  of this highly offensive tract.  I want to hit the top of the search engines and maybe get some readers that are looking to “Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do” as an authoritative piece. I know it is offensive, […]

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The Ten Lies about the GLBT Community Told by Conservative Hate Groups | A Straight Christian Perspective

[Translate] Tweet The Family Research Council was placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center list of Hate Groups. Is it because they are conservatives and the GBLT debate does not like what they say, or are they really hateful and tellers of lies that hurt people?

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