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Disney Gay Days is Magical!

Tweet Last Saturday and Sunday, I was at Disneyworld in Orlando for Disney Gay Days. A group of gay Christians I associated with flew me into town, got me two park tickets and hosted me at the home of one of the members. The group, mostly members of The Gay Christian Network (GCN), intended to treat […]

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Why Does it Take Us So Long to Comprehend Equality?

Tweet In the past few weeks, several high profile people announced their support for Marriage Equality. Three had actively worked against same-sex unions and one had been publicly silent on the issue. Former President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) into law in 1996. Section 3 of DOMA codifies marriage as between […]

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Speaking Up against Ex-Gay Kent Paris at Summit Christian Church then . . .

Tweet Ex-gay speaker, Kent Paris spoke at Summit Christian Church in Sparks, Nevada this week over six sessions.  I attended four of those sessions: one for 12 to 18 year olds and parents, two weekend services and one Q&A session this afternoon. Other than fifteen one-on-one minutes with Paris asking clarifying questions following the youth […]

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Back to the Start | The Real Roots of Exodus | Pt.I

Tweet In September 2012, I attended the inaugural conference for Restored Hope Network (RHN) at Sunrise Community Church   in Sacramento, CA. The forming committee for RHN  had been gathering for several months in response to the belief that Exodus International was straying from its roots. When they concluded that their differences with Exodus were irreparable, several Exodus member […]

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Back to the Closet | Restored Hope Network on Homosexuality | Pt. III

Tweet In September 2012, I attended the inaugural conference for Restored Hope Network (RHN) at Sunrise Community Church  in Sacramento, CA. The forming committee for RHN had been gathering for several months in response to the belief that Exodus International was straying from its roots. When they concluded that their differences with Exodus were irreparable, several […]

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Matthew Vines | Reforming the Gay Christian Debate

Tweet “What does the Bible say about loving, same-sex relationships?” Nothing. Not a thing. And in that absence of Biblical direction of support for or condemnation of these relationships, Christians need to follow the general principles of the Bible: love, justice and kindness. This was the point Matthew Vines wanted to emphasize at his recent presentation […]

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Mary’s Exit from Exodus and Door to Freedom

Tweet Exodus International is a “worldwide network of men and women who have found freedom from homosexuality, and the largest Christian ministry dealing with this topic in the world today.”   At 25, Mary was in absolute despair and believed she was alone as a Christian struggling with lesbianism.  She had been involved in several […]

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Parents at the Gay Christian Network Conference? YES!

Tweet For the past five years, I have conducted a workshop or gathering time for parents , friends and allies of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people at the Gay Christian Network Conference.  Not only has the group size increased, but the stage of acceptance of the group has progressed radically. In 2007, the parents […]

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Alan Chambers and the Message of Exodus at the Gay Christian Network Conference

Tweet The single greatest lie the Christian church tells about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is that sexual orientation and gender identity are not innate. Supporting this lie are complexly interwoven systems rooted in churches, faiths, ethnic groups, political parties and social structures. How can this possibly be untangled and deconstructed with Christian […]

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Come to the Gay Christian Network Conference in Orlando, January 5-8

Tweet The Gay Christian Network (GCN) holds an annual conference each January as part of its mission to share the love and light of Christ.  GCN was started in August 2001 by Justin Lee , recently named one of the 15 most inspiring LGBT religious leaders and author of the upcoming “Torn: Rescuing the Gospel […]

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Ten Things I’ve Learned About Gay People in Ten Years | A Christian Perspective

Tweet In 2001, if you had asked me, “Kathy, can you be gay and Christian?”  I would have hedged a bit and fallen on the side of “No”.  I did not have any close relationships with gay people nor had I ever studied the issue in the Bible.  I did not even know one gay […]

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Str8apology Action | Pride Charlotte

Tweet .   “Hey, ‘str8apology lady’, tell ‘em. Tell her what you told me. Tell her Jesus loves her too.” So, I did, over and over throughout the day at Pride Charlotte on August 27th.  I have gone to pride events for years and the extremes seen in Charlotte that day tell the greater story […]

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Bullies with Bibles | Street Preachers/Screechers at Pride Charlotte

Tweet Preacher Ken talking to Kathy One of the most severe forms of bullying is the misuse of the Word of God — a Book with an intrinsic message of love — to try to coerce people to conform to their theology; or worse, to do harm to people.  At Pride Charlotte on Saturday, August […]

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God Does Have a Better Way | Don’t Stand in the Path of It

Tweet GHABW marches Pride Charlotte On Saturday, August 27th a group of about two hundred Christians marched into Pride Charlotte with “God Has A Better Way” (GHABW), an action formed by The Coalition of Conscience and the Speak the Truth Project. Three quarters of the group, including children, wore red tee shirts bolding declaring the […]

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“Fish Out of Water” | Review of Documentary

Tweet “Fish Out of Water” (2009) is a feature documentary with a blend of animation and academic interviews. It showcases the seven verses in the Bible used to support discrimination  against gay, lesbian, bisexual and trangendered (glbt) people both in churches and in marriage equality discussions. Director Ky Dickens begins with her own journey of […]

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