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Doug Addison, InLight Connections

The “(Un)comfortable” Spiritual Blessings and Prophecy on Gay and Trans Christians

I hike, think, pray, read and sometimes, I even listen to God on trails.  Some strange thoughts marinate along those many miles.  I have been thinking about this particular post for about six months.  A few days ago, I read a prophetic word and knew it was time to write this. I believe, because of […]

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alan Chambers Exodus

"Pray the Gay Away" | Let’s Talk

[The FULL EPISODE is now online at this link.] So, what did you think about the Lisa Ling’s “Our America” episode “Pray the Gay Away”? Before I give my impressions, I do want to say that I am grateful as a “Repairer of the Breach” (Isaiah 58:6-12) that the topic of homosexuality and the church […]

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Jesus' Table

Watch “Pray the Gay Away” | Really

Lisa Ling’s “Pray the Gay Away” episode airs Tuesday, March 8th at 10 pm/7 pm PST on OWN. Homosexuality is the most polarizing debate in the church today. Ling is a staunch gay rights advocate and both sides will be shown respectfully. Michael Bussee and Ross Murray were also interviewed.

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David Kato

Lies Kill

Lies create homophobia and hatred in the US and now, visibly, in Uganda. The murder of David Kato is a product of the lies. We may never get the truth of his death, but we do need to deal with the lies.

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gay bashing

A Plea for Missionaries in Uganda NOW

Missionaries are needed in Uganda NOW from affirming churches and denominations worldwide to counter the hatred of the LGBTQI community planted by American “pro-family groups” that then took hold in the pulpits and people of Uganda.

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gay hate crimes

A Genocide Brewing in Uganda

Church fueled, media pushed, government sanctioned hatred of the gay and trans community in Uganda is brewing to the point of potential genocide. GLBT people in Uganda need help NOW.

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neat package

I’m a Zero , A Look at Sexual Orientation

To try to quantify, if you could actually do it, sexual orientation and gender identity, there are two different scales that are generally used in the assessment: the Kinsey Scale and the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG). Neither is definitive. Those that feel and need the warm, comfy fuzzies of “knowing” will not like this: […]

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redeeming the rainbow

On Scott Lively of the “Kill the Gays Bill” (In)Fame

UPDATE TO THIS POST ON JANUARY 27, 2010: Yesterday, David Kato, Advocacy Investigations Officer for Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) was murdered in his home when someone attacked him with a hammer to his head. He died on the way to the hospital in Kampala.  Four months ago, David was featured  on the front cover of […]

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