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Are You In or Out? I Corinthians and I Timothy

Two sections of I Corinthians and I Timothy are the two most difficult to interpret when researching what the Bible says about homosexuality. I examine context, original language and culture.The words range from prostitute to masturbator to homosexual thru time. The significant translation shift in the 60’s and 70’s should make us wonder about bias.

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Request to Those Who Have Used Romans as Anti-Gay License

Using sections of Scripture to exclude groups of people from God’s love are abuses of Scripture. We can differ on the interpretation of these Scriptures, but , if your theology in any way subjugates, eliminates, oppresses or lays extra burdens on any group of people, you are missing the message of the Good News. And, […]

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Romans 1: 26 – 32 | To Whom Was This Directed?

A discussion of Romans 1:18-32. In context, culture and original language. Are these verses a condemnation of same sex relationships or is there something else we need to look at in these verses? Paul was writing to the Gentile church in Rome that had fallen back into the familiar patterns of idol worship.

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And Finally, We Get to the Ladies . . .

I had a interesting conversation with an Orthodox Jew at a gay Christian conference in January 2010.  I was quizzing him about  how strict Judaism viewed homosexuality.  His responses were colorful and direct. If you knew my friend Jayson Littman from my hometown of New York City, you would love to be in any conversation […]

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Was Sodom Really Destroyed Because it was a Gay City?

Detailed look at the times, culture and events behind the destruction of the city of Sodom. The verses in Genesis 19 have long been used as a condemnation of the GLBT community. Take a look , see if there may be another way to read these verses.

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