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“The Cross in the Closet” by Tim Kurek Reinforces Transphobia while Dealing with Homophobia

Timothy Kurek is a fine story teller. I read a few chapters from his book The Cross in the Closet a few years ago when I met him at a conference we were both attending. It is admirable that a young straight man would undertake a radical experiment to confront his own homophobia and judgments on a group […]

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Pastor Sean Harris

Pastor Sean Harris Continues the “Apology” on the Day of Prayer

Pastor Sean does not understand  apology. He just does not get it. I taught my children at a very young age how to apologize appropriately . It requires honesty about your actions and the  humility  to accept responsibility. Pastor Sean believes he offered such words after his intensely offensive rant about gay people and gay kids […]

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Chaz Bono on DWTS

Trans-Stonewall | Chaz Opens the Door

Forty years ago, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities tumbled out of the closet at Stonewall, never to go back in again.  Stonewall conveniently produced a replacement for the now-gone communists; after all, nothing unites people like a good ol’ fashioned enemy!  Gay people became the new devil to be protected against.  “Hide your […]

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Trans-mockery in the House of God? Get Educated

Mockery should never come from the House of God. Never.  As the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities find more acceptance in churches and in society, still left in the shadows and in the back corners hidden from  our kind considerations are the transgender people. I am witnessing them become the next target of religious […]

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neat package

I’m a Zero , A Look at Sexual Orientation

To try to quantify, if you could actually do it, sexual orientation and gender identity, there are two different scales that are generally used in the assessment: the Kinsey Scale and the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG). Neither is definitive. Those that feel and need the warm, comfy fuzzies of “knowing” will not like this: […]

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Michael Brown, organizer of "God Has a Better Way" author or "a Queer Thing Happened to America"

Exchange Between Lisa Salazar, Transwoman and Michael Brown, “God Has a Better Way”

There is not much to add to the following exchange. Lisa Salazar is my friend, on the Board of Directors  for Canyonwalker Connections and one of the most gracious people I have ever met. She is the PERFECT person to engage Michael Brown of  “God Has a Better Way”  on transgender issues. I have strong […]

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half man half woman

Can Size 14 Heels Keep You Out of Heaven?

We lump the GLB and T communities together, but are the issues the same? All want equality and freedom to live as they were created to be, but the issues are not the same. For the GL and B people, it is about sexual attraction. For Transgenders, the issue is gender identity. What do you […]

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