If you just want to jump to the links on the five sections of Scripture used in discussing Christianity and homosexuality, go to the links directly below.  You will be linked to long blog posts (it is important to give each  section appropriate study) and an associated video with each section of Scripture. All the links are within this site, CanyonwalkerConnections.  For a bit more background before you go to those individual posts,  please read the copy below.  The posts on the verses are linked again  at the end.

Sodom and Gomorrah, Genesis 19

Leviticus  18 and 20 and Deuteronomy 23

Romans 1

I Corinthians and I Timothy

I have covered  in great detail each of the five sections of the Bible that traditional theology uses to discuss homosexuality/same-sex relationships.  My investigation of each section has a video overview associated with the text.  Both text and video can be useful in understanding the issue from another point of view that perhaps you may not have yet considered.  I fully understand that the translation and interpretation of these verses have been quite destructive to the GLBT community and have, in fact, kept the GLBTQI community at bay and out of many Christian churches.

I know that as recently as 2004, if I had been asked, “will you see gay people in Heaven?”, I would have answered “probably not.”  I was lazy; I let my theology on this issue be dictated by others.  I had never studied the verses in context and never cared to invest the time to take out a concordance while reading any of these verses.  That is really all anyone needs to do to begin to wonder if the translations of the Word of God that we are so comfortable using may actually have biases built into them.  This point is essential to understand:  people will continually counter with, “This is the Word of God, it is constant and does not change!”  I agree.  The Word of God is constant.  When people get their minds, souls and flesh involved, we deviate from the Word of God.

Our individual theology is constructed from our interpretation of a translation and then, we top it off  with personal spin of our individual revelation of Who Jesus is to each of us.  That leaves a lot of room for variation.  Translations do vary, and once you start to dig into these posts, you will also see that  translations of words from the original Greek and Hebrew have changed over time.  Male prostitute does not equal masturbator, nor does it equal  homosexual.  This is translation.  What translation do you trust?   Even words in a single translation of the Bible have changed over time.  The word “homosexual” did not even come into our language until the late 1800’s.  Before that, the word we now read as “homosexual” was a variety of terms.  It is best to go back to the concordance but few of us will rarely do this.  We are so sure we know that the words we see in English are correct.  That is what I always believed.

Relationships changed all that.  When you know people and like them, the rules change. The Word of God does not change, but for me, the way I interpreted it was challenged.  The incentive to investigate these five sections of Scripture become personal.  People and stories associated with the words “gay,” “lesbian,” “bisexual” and “transgender” challenged my theology and my thinking.  When people are involved, I am far slower to make a judgment.  So, I studied and asked and asked the Holy Spirit again and again to help me understand the heart of God on this issue.

What you read in this blog is the result of an almost ten-year journey.  If you struggle with my theology, I understand that.  If I had read much of this ten years ago, I would have been surprised.  Also, I would have continued reading.  At my core, I am intensely curious and a lifelong learner.  I am a question-asker and a reader.  Above all the things that I am, I am a lover of God.  I follow Him according to my revelation of Jesus, His Word and the Holy Spirit working in me.  Secondly, I respect people and value relationships.  Not bad principles to live by–love God and love others.

These posts and videos are what I now hold as my understanding and beliefs.  Please, please, if you are not in agreement, still take a look and a listen.  God encourages us to hear out both sides so as to not be called fools.  I have found that most people have never read these six sections of the Bible for themselves in the context of the chapter.  It’s also rare that I find people who have read them in the context of the time and culture.  I hope you find it all interesting.  I wish someone had taught me some of this stuff sooner.  I know I have mistreated GLBT people with words, nasty looks and unkind disregard.  Never again.

If you are a straight Christian, please invest some time looking around.  About five percent of the population is GLBT and every one of them is important to the God we say we follow.  Every one of them.  None of us was ever given the job of Gatekeeper to the Throne of God.  Our job on this planet is pretty succinctly stated in these words: love God, love others, be merciful.

If you are GLBT and looking for answers to help you reconcile your sexual orientation and faith–WELCOME.  I hope you find encouragement and instruction here.  If you’ve been told that somehow you are defective or broken, read everything you can here.  I love my GLBT brothers and sisters.  This will be a balm to you.  If you need to understand structurally how you can reconcile your orientation and faith, this will be good information for you.  You are not alone and you are not a mistake.  Check out the other sites I link in my BLOGROLL.  Find community. Get support. I list online communities in the US (and Worldwide) , Europe and Australia. There are conferences listed in RESOURCES as well as books of note.

Here it is: a great place to begin if what you are seeking is a look at the five sections of Scripture to start with.  Go to the links on this blog site:

Sodom and Gomorrah, Genesis 19

Leviticus 18 and 20 and Deuteronomy 23

Romans 1

I Corinthians and I Timothy

And when you are done, check around.  Subscribe, come back, and keep reading.  Sometime in 2011, I will release a book.  I definitely have enough stories and observations to fill one.  And thanks,  Kathy




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