Netto & Kathy finishing the Tahoe Rim Trail, 165 miles

Walking the Bridgeless Canyon | How I Became an Advocate for LGBT Inclusion

I am on the board of The Reformation Project (TRP), founded by Matthew Vines. The mission of the organization is to: seeks to reform church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Netto & Kathy finishing the Tahoe Rim Trail, 165 miles

Netto & Kathy finishing the Tahoe Rim Trail, 165 miles

This fall, TRP will host our first leadership conference for 50 straight, gay, bisexual, and transgender Christians who are committed to reform. From September 18th-21st at Asbury United Methodist Church in Kansas City, KS, they will be put through a Bible boot camp. There, the Reformers will be equipped with the tools and training they need to go back to their communities and make lasting changes to beliefs and interpretations that marginalize lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

Once they go back, TRP will continue to offer them personal, financial, and infrastructural support for months and years to come.

The 50 people and support team for this project are impressive and gifted people. One of the Reformers, Ana Yelsi Sanchez, is featuring articles written by those involved. Together, we can offer insight into this remarkable group of people that WILL make substantial difference in the churches and communities in which they reside and have influence. The group is amazingly diverse in age, ethnicity, denominational background, orientation, gender identity and geographical residence.

Subscribe to Ana’s blog and follow the team. We are each involved in intensive study for the 12 weeks leading up to the conference. A minimum of ten hours of reading and interacting is going on behind the scenes to prepare the group for a superb experience when we assemble.

As part of the series, a portion of my story is featured this week. Some of the details I have not written about or told. I may appear to have always been “Miss Rainbow Nations”, so loving and inclusive towards the LGBT community.

Ah, but that is NOT so.

Read it HERE on “Brown Eyed Amazon” blog.



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