God’s Gay Agenda

God's Gay Agenda
Published: 2012

“God’s Gay Agenda”by Sandra Trunbull (2012) I have read most of the recommended book on the issue of same sex attracted people and the Bible. Sandy Turnbull does an EXCELLENT job covering the many topics of interest on the issue. Her cultural background information for the time in which the verses associated with homosexuality was so, so well done. Even a person with little understanding of this topic theologically will come away saying “HOW have we as a church missed this so badly?”

I usually read away from my desk, but found that I wanted to take notes on most of the chapters. It was important enough and well done and WORTH recording the notes in my notebook for future references. If you are GLB and YES YES–even T, this book will be an encouragement to you. You will know God has NOT forgotten you and CERTAINLY that you are not a mistake, an afterthought or sexually broken. You will gain a far greater understanding of your specialness to the Father. If you are straight, which I am, you will feel empathy as you read the purer explanation of the verses and context and you will be in awe that your GLBT Christian friends have stayed the course under so much oppression that is NOT the heart of God.Sandy’s life is a reflection of gody integrity as well–she lives what she writes.Read it, give it to your struggling-with-God gay and trans friends; give it to your struggling-with-you straight friends and family. I am now going to RE READ it.