Stranger at the Gate

Stranger at the Gate
Published: 1995

“Stranger at the Gate” by Mel White An excellent read. Once I started it, I became so involved in the story , I could not stop reading.  This book made it very easy to put myself in Mel’ssituation and try to understand being a gay Christian and a gay person. 

Stranger at the Gate is an excellent read for those who are gay, and have a Christian upbringing. The first person narrative about how a gay man comes out of the closet, and how he reconciles the homophobic stance of the conservative, fundamentalist Christian church is eye-opening. Mel’s struggle will have a familiar ring to the many many gay men and women, who have have to deal with homosexuality and a Christian church that tells then that homosexuality is a sin. Mel uses personal realizations, as well as scholarly data to refute the current stance of the religious right. Many of the struggles that Mel went though, are the some one that countless gay men and women have gone thorough, are going through, and will go though. Many people can identify with Mel, and may even come to their own conclusion at the end of the book as Mel does.