THE REBUTTAL |  A Biblical Response Exposing the Deceptive Logic of Anti-Gay Theology

THE REBUTTAL |  A Biblical Response Exposing the Deceptive Logic of Anti-Gay Theology
Published: 2011

“THE REBUTTAL |  A Biblical Response Exposing the Deceptive Logic of Anti-Gay Theology” by Pastor Romell D. Weekly (2011) As an advocate working in the Christian church for understanding, education and dialogue between the LGBT Christian community and the church, I am often asked for recommendations of books that people can read on their own journey. I recommend BOTH of Romell’s books regularly.

If you are GLB and are trying to reconcile your sexual orientation with your faith, BOTH books “Homosexianity” and “THe Rebuttal”) are a must. Romell is a man who cares deeply about Scripture and was willing to obey God and His Word in the living of his own life as a gay Christian. He recounts his journey to reconciling theology well; his story will resonate with the struggle many endure to find GOD’S truth.

In trying to counter the misinterpretations of the Bible so commonly used to tell gay people they have two choices: stop being gay or be celibate, Romell takes those popular misinterpretations and dismantles them. These arguments are those used by several anti-gay theologians that are well known and well respected by the reparative therapy groups. In churches, it is these very arguments pastors and leaders will often use to keep their LGB congregants in bondage and submission. Point by point, Romell counters the dogma. “The Rebuttal” is then a HANDY tool to have.

For straight people trying to understand this chasm, using both of Romell’s book will give you a clear grasp of the issue. My copies of the books are highlighted and written in and even falling apart from lots of usage.

Either book is great, but in tandem, the reader will gain great understanding of the verses IN CONTEXT and have tools to engage in respectful, intelligent conversation about same-sex attracted Christians and the Bible. “Homosexianity” recounts Romell’s own journey as he researched the Scriptures. We follow his own journey of searching for the truth and the results of those studies. “The Rebuttal” then deconstructs the most popular conservative fundamentalist objections to affirming theology. He does a particular excellent job of dealing with Dr. Robert Gagnon’s verbose anti-gay theology.

Just as a side note, Romell is a black man. There is little written affirming the black Christian gay community. “The Rebuttal” fills that much needed niche.

Get both books; I ensure you you will be marking them up and saying “yes, yes, yes!!” as you read Romell’s words. Get the books, get free of a bondage not from God.

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