Washed and Waiting

Washed and Waiting
Published: 2016

I think the market for this book will be parents/friends/pastors of GLBT Christians wanting them to change and seeing this book as a hopeful incentive. Hate is too strong a word, but “really disliked’ would be accurate. People who are GLBT are not “broken” and that world is repeated over and over.

I find this a sad, depressing book and not one I would ever recommend. Of course Zondervan would publish this book; it complies with the Evangelical church lines. I have worked for over five years with the GLBT community, especially the Christian part of it.

The study work on the translations if shabby and there is too much emphasis on literature and books for examples. Go talk to real people. Mr. Hill may be comfortable with this life choice, but the underlying “I am broken” message will take it’s toll.

I will check back on him in five years and see how life is going. Check out Daniel Helminiak, “Homosexianity”, “Thou shalt Not Love” by Chapman or Mel White ‘Stranger at the gate rather than spend your money here.
This is one step up, or rather down , from Exodus.

If you are GLBT, stay away from this sad little book unless you enjoy depressing Scandinavian flicks. If you are a friend or family of GLBT, try loving and accepting. It will cost you no money, but it will cost you all your pride and ego.

Unless you are 100% confident that this is the life you should expect from GLBT believers, how about you remain celibate until you research the verses and seek God for yourself?
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