Why My Comment Section is Closed

I write to inform and update.

A few years ago, as my posts were circulating more widely, there was an increase in nastigrams. The writers of these non-love letters often cloaked their identity using holy-nuanced identifiers: Godsmessenger, BibleTruth, HisServant, you get the drift.

Because I had a notification alert system set up for my blog, I got an email each time which allowed me to consent to the post or have it deleted. It was not only time consuming, but it was also distracting. Even on my Facebook pages, I am aware of aggressive, dismissive, slanderous users. I don’t allow incivility on my pages. I warn, I sent private messages, and sometimes I just delete and block. There are plenty of websites and forums that post articles to incite people and create web traffic. I am not one of those places.

Does the process sometimes exclude good input, or even kind comments? Of course, but the “abusers of of me by mankind” (inside joke that I hope you get 😉 ) weighed more than the niceties. Besides, there is a CONTACT tab: I am reachable.

I closed my comment section down in 2015.


Chris and Nate, my Alaska bear friends, were visiting and were we chatting about comment sections. Monitoring them was taking time. They were contributors to an online news source in AK then in discussion about shutting down the comments. They showed me the linked article from Scientific American and that convinced me immediately. Read it, it is fascinating and I was living it out.

Shutting down the comments of course raised other accusations. I was accused of not being open to comment or disagreement. Again, there is a CONTACT tab on this site. All are invited to use it. But here is another forewarning, don’t use a cloaked identity. I do not waste my time in exchanges with people who are not forthright about their identity. I have lots of experience and I know what works for me, for my investment of time, and for productivity. I operate with solid boundaries.

It seems folks don’t really want to give constructive input, they’d rather publicly snark and scratch and I have taken away one forum for it. I just do not have time in my life to play games or do back and forth with people who will not exhibit the basic level of human interaction by using an open identity. You know who I am, I expect the same.

Several years ago one man made it his mission to come after me. He made 20 videos about me in 26 days and invited anyone who had disagreed with me on Youtube to join in his campaign. The stress level he brought to my life was at RED level, extremely high.

It was all fun and games for him until I showed up before services and confronted the pastor on the stage of his Texas church.

Read both parts of that account; the second part one will amaze you and have you cheering for all the people who are bullied and cyberstalked.



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