Creating Families — Historical and Civil Marriage and the Case for Christian Same-Sex Marriage –free audio chapter

Creating-Families Walking the Bridgeless Canyon Canyonwalker Connections’ strong emphasis is on education and respectful engagement between the conservative church and the LGBT community, with particular support for the full inclusion of LGBT Christians in all faith communities.

While marriage equality is a dream come true for many same-sex couples, their friends and families, to many conservative Christians, this may be a frightening or confusing time.

To help LGBT Christians, their allies, and LGBT people in general engage with friends and family who are less delighted with equal civil rights in marriage, I have created a series of easily sharable resources based on the most common objections. After reading or listening, you may be able to more easily engage in civil and productive exchanges.

The discourse could become ugly, angry and hurtful on both sides.

Along with the FREE audio chapter on marriage ( Creating Families), I hope these posts and the audios bring civility, knowledge, and wisdom into the arena as the United States moves forward in including LGBT people in the most sacred of relationships — marriage.

Blessings, Kathy


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