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Walking the Bridgeless Canyon

Walking the Bridgeless Canyon is a highly accessible book meticulously researched with almost 500 footnotes which ultimately challenges readers to assess and remove their own flawed or ill-informed lenses through which they view the LGBTQ community.

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Spanish translation, Atravesando el cañón sin puente, available too. 

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Walking the Bridgeless Canyon:  Repairing the Breach between the Church and the LGBTQ Community is such a significant book that many facets of the information have emerged. Below are the various ways that the contents of the book are being used in churches and other places around the country. There are lots of options, so look around and see what seems to be the best fit for you. 

“We each evaluate events, people, and even Bible verses through personal filters fashioned from our life experiences, interactions, education, and even the way we process knowledge. Add to this the societal events that came before us, over which we have no control but which have been layered, one atop another, as the foundation of what we understand today. Then, add to all that a spiritual layer, unique to each of us, shaped by our theology, the biblical teachings we’ve been exposed to, and our personal relationship with and views of God. It is no surprise, then, that we can arrive at diverse assumptions and conclusions in the intersection of faith and sexual orientation and gender identity.”

- Kathy Baldock, Researcher | Author

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