Denominational Resources

Are you looking for affirming organizations within or associated with you faith background, or an expression of faith you are comfortable or familiar with? 

Here are some resources you may find helpful.

Denominational Resources


Affirmation-United Methodist Church -

Affirmation, as an independent voice of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer people, radically reclaims the compassionate and transforming gospel of Jesus Christ by relentlessly pursuing full inclusion in the Church as we journey with the Spirit in creating God's beloved community.


The Alliance of Baptists -

The Alliance of Baptists are a people of faith formed by a long tradition of dissent and historic Baptist freedoms. Celebrating this heritage, The Alliance of Baptists seeks to cultivate beloved community, claiming identity within the body of Christ in the world and solidarity with all creation. They welcome and affirm all persons with full respect to gender, sexual, racial, and ethnic identities. The Alliance of Baptists holds space for all persons with varying abilities, social standing, or economic status.


Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists -

Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists has been supporting churches in being and becoming Welcoming and Affirming of all people regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation since 1993. AWAB works as individuals, congregations, regional groupings and as a national body to advance the Radical Welcome and Love of God in Jesus Christ through being the Ministry of Reconciliation and building up the Beloved Community where all will be one.


Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests -

Brethren Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests cultivates an inclusive church and society, and cares for the Mennonite and Brethren lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied community.


Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance -

Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance are members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), called to join in God’s work of transforming the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) into a just and inclusive church that welcomes persons of all gender expressions and sexual identities into the full life and leadership of the church.


Dignity USA (Catholic Church) -

DignityUSA works for respect and justice for people of all sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities—especially gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons—in the Catholic Church and the world through education, advocacy, and support.


The Fellowship of Reconciling Pentecostals International -

The Fellowship of Reconciling Pentecostals International is a network of Pentecostal ministers, churches, and ministries which seeks by means of the full gospel of Jesus Christ to reconcile all repentant people to God without regard to race, gender, political persuasion, economic or educational status, sexual orientation, nationality, religious affiliation, or any other thing that divides.  RPI provides wounded Apostolics an affirming home among those of "like precious faith," and a safety net for those in personal, family, or religious crisis.  We stand together in love, and for the glory of Jesus' Name, to promote apostolic truth, Pentecostal worship, righteousness, counseling, education, evangelism, ministerial accountability, and fellowship.  We extend our hands and hearts to all Bible believers that together we may be the open arms of the Lord Jesus Christ, reaching all the people, with all the gospel until Jesus returns.


Integrity USA (Episcopal Church) -

Integrity USA inspires and equips the Episcopal Church, its dioceses, congregations, and members to proclaim and embody God’s all-inclusive love for LGBTQ persons and those who love them. Integrity's vision is that The Episcopal Church thrives as a beacon of love, justice, and compassion, where ALL PEOPLE are equally embraced and empowered.


Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) -

Metropolitan Community Churches has been at the vanguard of civil and human rights movements since 1968 by addressing issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, economics, climate change, aging, and global human rights. MCC was the first to perform same-gender marriages and has been on the forefront of the struggle towards marriage equality in the USA and other countries worldwide. MCC recognizes a state of need around the world in the areas of human rights and justice including but not limited to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community. As people of faith, MCC endeavors to build bridges that liberate and unite voices of sacred defiance. MCC leads from the margins and transforms.


More Light Presbyterians (PCUSA) -

More Light Presbyterians follow the risen Christ, seeking to make the Church a true community of hospitality. The mission of More Light Presbyterians is to work for the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) people in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in society.


New Ways Ministry (Catholic Church)

New Ways Ministry educates and advocates for justice and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Catholics, and reconciliation within the larger church and civil communities. Through research, publication and education about sexual orientation and gender identity, we foster dialogue among groups and individuals, identify and combat personal and structural homophobia and transphobia, New Ways Ministry advocates for changes in attitudes and promotes the acceptance of LGBTQ people as full and equal members of church and society.


Open and Affirming (United Church of Christ)

Open and Affirming (ONA) is the United Church of Christ’s (UCC) designation for congregations, campus ministries, and other bodies in the UCC which make a public covenant of welcome into their full life and ministry to persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.


ReconcilingWorks-Lutherans for Full Participation

ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation has advocated since 1974 for the full welcome, inclusion, and equity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual/aromantic (LGBTQIA+) Lutherans in all aspects of the life of their Church, congregations, and community.


Reconciling Ministries Network (United Methodist Church)

Reconciling Ministries Network equips and mobilizes United Methodists of all sexual orientations and gender identities to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.

Vine and Fig (Catholic Church)

Vine and Fig seeks to elevate the lives of queer Catholics as we find beauty and power at the intersection of our faith, gender, and sexuality. With a fully inclusive and affirming view of the LGBTQ+ community, Vine and Fig hopes to inspire other Queer Catholics to more fully embrace the abundant life promised by Jesus, and witnessed in the lives of the saints, through embracing our God-given spirituality and sexuality, that our fruitfulness may be a witness to the worldwide Church.





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