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CanyonWalker Connections has created several teaching videos. We also suggest the work of our fellow LGBTQ affirming presenters. 

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The Bible and Homosexuality: A Biblical Presentation with Matthew Vines

In this one hour video presentation, Matthew Vines, founder of The Reformation Project, discusses reconciling Bible verses used in the discussion of same sex relationships.

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Kathy Baldock: Untangling the Mess | The Reformation Project in Los Angeles

Kathy Baldock unrolls an 18-foot timeline and helps us make sense of political, religious, and social milestones from the Old Testament through 2016. Workshop recorded October 21, 2016 at the Reformation Project Los Angeles Conference.  Film Credit: The Reformation Project


Two Part Video Series | "Untangling the Mess" Workshop | Recorded in Austin, TX

"I hope that in using the framework I've created, I can help viewers escape their boundaries of assumptions and limited information, and see the many layers of faith and sexuality that they may have never considered." -  Kathy Baldock, Author

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An Evening With Rev. David: The Story Behind a Historic Letter About Biblical Translation

Kathy Baldock speaks with Reverend David, the author of a recently-discovered 1959 letter challenging the introduction of the word "homosexual" into the Bible, at The Reformation Project's Reconcile and Reform conference in Seattle on Friday, November 8, 2019.   Read "Forging the Sacred Weapon: How the Bible Became Anti-Gay"

Film Credit: The Reformation Project

In 1959, a young, gay seminary student named David wrote a letter to the head of the Revised Standard Version biblical translation team challenging the RSV’s use of the word “homosexual” in 1 Corinthians 6:9. David wrote: “I write… because of my deep concern for those who are wronged and slandered by the incorrect usage of this word. Since this is a Holy Book of Scripture sacred to the Christian, I am the more deeply concerned because well-meaning and sincere, but misinformed and misguided people may use this Revised Standard Version translation of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 as a sacred weapon, not in fact for the purification of the Church, but in fact for injustice against a defenceless minority group.” Dr. Luther Weigle, the Dean of Yale Divinity School and the head of the translation committee, wrote back to David and admitted that the RSV translation was wrong—leading to a change in a later version of the RSV to the more generic phrase “sexual perverts” rather than a specific condemnation of gay people. The letters between David and Dr. Weigle remained buried in the Yale Archives until Kathy Baldock and her colleague Ed Oxford found them in 2018. Remarkably, Kathy was able to connect with David, who is now over 80 years old and a retired pastor in Canada. Here, he shares his story publicly.

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Through My Eyes | Documentary Film

EXCELLENT conversation starter for church groups. I recommend this video above all others. It is a simple and challenging format. The voices and stories of about twenty young glbt Christians and their journeys of recognition that they were gay, how they dealt with it within their families and churches and the gross errors other Christians made in dialoging with them. You just hear their stories and struggle with the implications of how you would want to treat these young men and women of God. Powerful and HIGHLY recommended.  I personally know many of these young WONDERFUL Christian men and women.  Grab a tissue.  - Kathy Baldock

This film from 2009 features powerful stories of young gay Christians. Watch it with a church group or Christian family members as a way to begin a nuanced dialogue about sexual orientation and Christianity.

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Fish Out of Water | Documentary Film

Fish Out of Water” is available for instant view on Netflix or for purchase online.

“Fish Out of Water” (2009) is a feature documentary with a blend of animation and academic interviews. It showcases the seven verses in the Bible used to support discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (LBFTQ) people both in churches and in marriage equality discussions.  Read Full Review by Kathy Baldock.

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