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Help for Conversion Therapy Survivors

Whatever term is being used -- sexual orientation change efforts, reparative therapy, prayer counseling, conversion therapy, ex-gay ministry, freedom from homosexuality, seeking God's best for your life, pursuing wholeness/holiness -- whatever term is used -- ANY attempts to suppress a persons' natural sexual orientation or gender identity is both spiritually abusive and dangerous.

Resources for Conversion Therapy Survivors


Journey Free is dedicated to helping people transition out of harmful religions, recover from trauma, and rebuild their lives.

Religious Trauma Institute

Religious Trauma Institute is committed to bringing a trauma-informed approach to, and expanding the conversation about, religious trauma.

Conversion Therapy Dropout Network

Conversion Therapy Dropout Network is dedicated to serving conversion therapy survivors through community and mental health providers.

Born Perfect

Born Perfect works to end conversion therapy and ensure that every child knows they are born perfect.

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Pray Away Recommended Documentary (2021)

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