"Unclobbering the Tangled Mess" | Historical Timeline Overview 

Have you wondered how the Bible has been seen to be anti-LGBTQ? People often say things like: it's always been that way; this is God's opinion, not mine, or the Bible clearly says . . .

But is there solid theology to support a Scriptural basis for widespread anti-LGBTQ discrimination in Christian churches?

You may be surprised as to what the passages so commonly used to exclude LGBTQ mean. Together, these two videos are almost five hours of teaching. Unclobbering the tangled mess of what we have come to believe about the Bible and human sexuality is complex. Come dig into history with me. The investment of your time will be worth it!

"Unclobbering the Tangled Mess" | Two Part Video Series Kathy Baldock's Workshop | Overview of Walking the Bridgeless Canyon & a bit of Forging a Sacred Weapon Books

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"I hope that in using the framework I've created, I can help viewers escape their boundaries of assumptions and limited information, and see the many layers of faith and sexuality that they may have never considered."

- Kathy Baldock, CanyonWalker Connections

Foreign Language Translations: "Untangling the Mess" Videos Subtitles in Spanish, German, & Chinese 

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If you have the language skills and desire to translate this 90 minute overview video into another language, please  contact us and let us know. We will host the video on this site. 

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