Wondrous Love

Wondrous Love
Published: 2012

Reading “Wondrous Love” By David J Harvey is like sitting across the table from a very excited and passionate friend wanting to share so much with you. David’s writing resembles his speaking voice–excited to share bits of wonderful news and thrilled to help people understand.

David discusses the Bible and the reconciliation of homosexuality against the backdrop of his own life. He grew up in very rural Montana, quite a tough place to come to realize that one might be gay. He was shunned by family, even his own mother prayed that her son, a music minister, pastor and founder of a congregation in California, would someday be with her in heaven. So burdened by that level of rejection for others in their families, David is transparent in recounting the journey he needed to travel to come to full affirmation of who he is in God’s eyes. Many will recognize their own circumstances in David’s stories and words. For those especially over fifty, you may see yourselves in many of David’s feelings and trials.

The “clobber verses” are covered in David’s genial style and he will even make you smile many times with the manner in which he writes/speaks. He tackles controversial topics such as the possibility of several “homosexual Bible characters”. I am not in agreement with these suppositions and it could turn some readers off to “hearing” the whole. Don’t let this dissuade you; it is always interesting to read other points of view, especially those so enthusiastically presented.

David has a chapter called “What About the One Person Act?” dealing with masturbation. He writes about it well and many will find grace rather than condemnation.

You should approach this book as a friendly conversation with a friend who wants to assure you that God did indeed create His gay and lesbian children with great care. He will make you smile. As with the goal of any good pastor, you will feel cared for and encouraged.